Small creatures - 2 in a square?

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Just checking, am i right in saying that only 1 small creature can fit in one 5ft. square, right?

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Without using the squuezing rules, yes.

You can fit several in a 5' space in non-combat situations.

Takamonk wrote:
You can fit several in a 5' space in non-combat situations.

How would this be adjudicated if combat suddenly broke out? Squeezing rules only allow you to fit in a space half your face.

Agreed, it's very problematic - like my face lol

thanks for the responses. i thought i was going crazy for a while there.

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The combat rules are used as a simple abstraction of reality, not a substitution nor an all encompassing representation of reality.

When combat spontaneously combusts it is an opportunity for common sense and and judgment to be made.

There should not be rules for everything. If there were, it would be no better than playing a simple computer game.


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If the creatures are noncombatants treat them as squares of crowds.

Crowds: Urban streets are often full of people going about their daily lives. In most cases, it isn't necessary to put every 1st-level commoner on the map when a fight breaks out on the city's main thoroughfare. Instead, just indicate which squares on the map contain crowds. If crowds see something obviously dangerous, they'll move away at 30 feet per round at initiative count 0. It takes 2 squares of movement to enter a square with crowds. The crowds provide cover for anyone who does so, enabling a Stealth check and providing a bonus to Armor Class and on Reflex saves.

Directing Crowds: It takes a DC 15 Diplomacy check or DC 20 Intimidate check to convince a crowd to move in a particular direction, and the crowd must be able to hear or see the character making the attempt. It takes a full-round action to make the Diplomacy check, but only a free action to make the Intimidate check.

If two or more characters are trying to direct a crowd in different directions, they make opposed Diplomacy or Intimidate checks to determine to whom the crowd listens. The crowd ignores everyone if none of the characters' check results beat the DCs given above.

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I would probably apply squeezing rules and prohibit attacking or spell casting with somatic components until they moved such that they were legally positioned.

There's a feat in the Complete Warrior called "Swarm Fighting" that allows 2 (possibly more, unsure) small creatures to fight while in the same 5' square. What I do remember is that it functioned like an APG 'Teamwork' feat, meaning in order to get benefit all creatures had to have the feat.

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