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With the Feat: "Throw Anything" Can my character literally throw any object without taking the -4 penalty. That is to say... Can I throw a great axes, hand axes, or battle axes without incurring a -4 penalty? There is an argument between my gaming group that currently has ended with the concept that throw anything only applies to objects not intended to be used as weapons at all (like bottles, chairs and end-tables).

If so, what is their critical threat range? Does it default down to X2 on a natural 20.

This all stems from the definition of Improvised weapons... the book actually says on p. 144. "Sometimes objects not crafted to be weapons..." but the feat "Throw Anything" says: "You do not suffer any penalties for using improvised thrown weapons."

I suppose I mean to ask: "What is the difference between an improvised weapon and an improvised thrown weapon."

In my opinion you can throw anything, including weapons. However weapons become improvised weapons, loose their magic abilities and get x2 on a natural 20 and their damage changes towards their size appropriate for improvised weapons (altough there might be expeptions). The thing that doesn't change is the damage type, but I would add bludgeoning for bigger weapons.

The difference between an inprovised weapons and impr. thrown weapon is probably flavour, a big bolder could be thrown, but I can't imagine someone swinging it in melee very effectivly.

This interpretation however is my personal opinion, I doubt there are clear rules on this.

There is an issue of exploitation with including weapons amongst the things that you are allowed to throw. Basically, if the Throw Anything feat overrides normal weapon rules (such as not being able to throw them), one could easily decide that since you are using the items in questions as 'improvised weapons', any weapon, including exotics, becomes viable. Sure, your crit range drops to 20, but it's otherwise just throwing a weapon not intended for throwing. This makes 'Throw Anything' a feat that is as powerful as all the Weapon Proficiency feats combined.

Further complicating that issue is the Improvised Weapon Mastery feat. Using the Throw Anything prerequisite, you can now throw any weapon, take no penalty, increase the damage dice by a step (up to 1d8, 2d6 for two-handed), and enjoy a 19-20 critical range.

With a strict reading of the rules, weapons that are not intended to be thrown don't qualify as 'improvised weapons'. They follow all the same rules - 20 crit range, 10 ft. range increment - except for qualifying for the Throw Anything feat and other improvised weapon feats. You can still throw them, but you'll take that -4 penalty.

If you want to houserule it, a simple fix is to interpret the feat's benefit as allowing a character to negate the penalty on throwing improvised weapons, or non-throwing weapons with which he is proficient. Leave Improvised Weapon Mastery as it is - only applying to objects that are strictly improvised.

I suppose the question could be stated: Is the pathfinder Throw anything feat (pcr 135) meant to be used in the same spirit as the 3.5 Throw anyting feat (complete warrior 105.)


was is it's different wording meant to FIX the feat.

However if there is no way of negating the -4 penalty for melee weapons that weren't meant to be thrown... that begs for a feat similar to the one found in the complete warrior. If a player for instance wanted to throw he Sai (like the character Electra) she would have to take a -4 penalty.

Even thought she could throw a dagger or a candelabra (with the throw anything feat.)

Mind you probably shouldn't be able to use a Sai to disarm form a distance... eha

Let's ignore the fact that a Sai does bludgeoning damage for the moment.

The way I understand the rules a greatsword is not an improvised thrown weapon. It is a two-handed weapon that can only be thrown taking a -4 and a full round action. An imporvised thrown weapon is something that can be naturally thrown but is not initially designed to deal damage and be used as a weapon. For example a rock, a bottle of beer, a vase, etc...

This feat only allows you to throw such things and it is a DM's call to decide if something is a legal improvised thrown weapon. I agree that an another kind of feat, that hasn't yet appeared in Pathfinder, whould be neccessary in order to throw a Greatsword(for example) without taking a -4 penalty. Everything that appears as a weapon in the equipment section and doesn't have a range increment is in my opinion by definition non thrown so it could never benefit from throw anything feat. For thing that are not in the book it is up to the DM to judge if they are thrown or not. For example if it was my call a vase or plate would be while a cooking pot might not.

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