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I began marking my Golarion community use map with information on where different races and tribes are located within the Mwangi Expanse based on the information from the Sargava book and Heart of the Jungle. I recently read a post about someone asking for a similar idea with location of races marked throughout the world. Can I post an edited version of the community use map if it uses information from another source? Thanks

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Community Use Policy wrote:
You may use only those versions of the Paizo Materials from the Community Use Package.


Community Use Policy wrote: may create your own interpretations of material presented in our artwork and maps, provided that your interpretations don't look substantially similar to our materials.

So if you make a new version of the map that doesn't look utilize our cartography (other than as a reference), you can post that.

For a specific example, you could take our map into Photoshop, put it on a background layer, draw your own version of the map over top of it, add all the tags you want, then delete the layer with our map, and be good to go.

OK, Thanks Vic for helping me understand how that works!

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