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I'm currently running a pathfinder campaign and one of the new players really want to play a Half-Efreet, this blend would actually fit quite well into my campaign but it seems a little challenging to create such a race and still try to keep it on a level adjustment +0.
The nature of the Efreeti themselves could even be too alien to produce any living half-human offspring, on the other hand an efreets magical nature might be the key. It could also be the result of horrible magical experimentation. Well I need a few ideas so if you have any ideas as to how and why it is possible to mix efreeti and humans please feel free to comment :)

I was thinking of giving the Half-efreet some fire resistance and vulnerability to cold. I also think giving it a +2 to a random stat like most crossbreeds with human blood. Maybe a few insignificant spell like abilities like the Gnomes ''Gnome Magic'' with a fire twist if possible.

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how about fire resistance 5, vulnerability to cold, +2 to one stat, the pyromaniac gnome trait, +1 caster level to all fire spells and combat training (+1 to combat rolls) against dijin?

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It's really hard to produce a hybrid when the act of mating is likely to set one part of the couple on fire.

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LazarX wrote:
It's really hard to produce a hybrid when the act of mating is likely to set one part of the couple on fire.

Cast Energy Resistance Fire?

Presuming they're both consenting, the non-efreet can wish that the female is pregnant with their child, and the efreet won't misconstrue the wish.

As for the race, I know the Qadira book has a half-Jann race, which would be a good starting point for you.

Thanks all I'm going to look into the Qadira book for sure, but I also like your feedback and will most definately try to incoporate some of it.

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Fire Genasi are the descendants of Efreeti

In most D&D ish worlds anyway.

You can find stats for them in a number of places, including the 3.5 Forgotten Realms setting (I believe they first showed up in AD&D Planescape).

Someone attempted a Pathfinder version here. I agree with a commenter about raising the fire resistance and dropping the boost to saves.

If you don't like that precisely, it should be at least a good starting point.

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what I am going to suggest is expensive but Necromancer games put out a boxed called "City of Brass" about 3 years ago. It has 3.5 stats for a Half-efreeti or just use the efreeti bloodline from d20srd.org and just make it cheaper.

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