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talking about werewolf as a race why do you take the gnoll (only 6 points) and up it with bite (1 rp) claws (2 rp), and sent (4 rp) ect. and make a werewolf race thats what i did.

not changing form werewolf or other half races this it was kill me

half orc - human/orc
half elf - human/elf
thats ok how about
half ?? - orc/elf
half elf or full elf - drow/elf

Actually for the Racial Heritage feat...Lycanthropes can be chosen as they are a Humanoid. I have carefully read this feat several times and looked at the listing of Humanoids and Lycanthropes like the werewolf can be chosen. Aside from the seven core races, featured races or uncommon races from the Advanced Race Guide; any of the races that actually say 'Humanoid' in their typing can be chosen; like for the werewolf...they are Humanoid with the Human & Shapechanger subtypes so Werewolves can be chosen as a racial heritage if the person wants to choose it.

Here is the link to the listing of Humanoids that can be chosen as the target of the Racial Heritage feat:


the site for this link has all the information from all the books and companions, etc from paizo pathfinder.

brreitz wrote:
IMG, I allow this feat to be used to gain access to race-specific prestige classes, such as Arcane Archer (which I actually allow to any race anyway, but could not think of another race-specific prestige class).

All the argument over werewolf doesn't really matter if you just want aspect of the beast. There's a catfolk feat that would become available with this called "catfolk exemplar" which grants "aspect of the beast". I don't think there's an argument that catfolk aren't a race.

But it does raise the argument of whether it's only core races or if uncommon ones are allowed.

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