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Darksmokepuncher is banned for being a McNinja!

Also, Nobody's Home is banned preemptively for having not yet posted on this thread!

Now someone make like a Vietnamese sandwich shop and banh mi!

GothBard is banned for misspelling my name, and preemptively banning me from a thread I have no interest in following!

Schism is banned for an icon that frightens and confuses me. And for being banned before I could ban her. Him? It! Darn it! BANNED for having an uncertain gender!

DJEternalDarkness is banned for having been banned the most times of anyone on this thread, and still posting!


Dark Archive

NH is banned for excessive banning on their first ban. No one likes a show off. And whistling while you are doing it? Come on a little much.

NobodysHome is banned for missing an apostrophe.

Gruumash is banned for assuming that one CAN use too much eyeliner.

Dark Archive

GothBard is banned for being too slow and banning the wrong person.

Gruumash is banned for ninjaing and having intimidating posting skillz.

Dark Archive

GothBard is banned for making the fatal mistake of saying I ninjaed anyone. I am a pirate I don't ninja, I pirate.

Sovereign Court

Gruumash . is banned for having pirated posts.

Gruumash is banned for being a Boy Banned.

In fact, I'm betting he's a 1980's Boy Banned.

Sovereign Court

There is only one rule as lain down by the Poodle Master, Courtfool, in the first post of the thread. It don't get no simpler than that. Except maybe if there were no rules, but then there would be anarchy and no basis upon which one could legitimately ban the poster above them.

So, in order to keep the thread from falling into anarchy, I must ban NobodysHome for violating Rule 1 (and only 1, as there are no others).

zylphrx is banned for being a rule stickler Awful Lawful. Come, embrace the freedom of Chaos!

Ambrosia Slaad is banned because Chaos is not freedom. It's just playing by a different set of rules that no one else knows.

Dark Archive

Gray rey de los Mono is banned for not knowing the rules.

Gruumash is banned for pretending he does know the rules.

Midnight is banned for caring about what pirates pretend.

The eye is banned.

Sovereign Court

Kat's Eye, if your eye offends, do you ban it? Of course not.

However, an anthropomorphized cat is always subject to banning. You are hereby banned. And stop sharpening your claws on the furniture.

Dark Archive

zylphryx you are hereby banned going forth from using this site due to the lack of sympathy for cats and their need to keep their claws sharp. Your furniture I have it on good report is some of the best to sharpen ones claws on and you should not keep that boon to yourself you greedy squid.

Sovereign Court

Gruumash . is banned for mistaking the desire to preserve furniture for a little longer with a lack of sympathy for cats. The dogs are harsher on the furniture than the cat is...

seriously, I have a pack of dogs and one cat. The dogs are sofa and chair killers ... I think they consider them prey...

zylphryx is banned for not playing with his dogs enough so they get bored and eat the furniture.

He is doubly banned for owning more dogs than cats.

Sovereign Court

Kat's Eye is banned because I should have been quintupletly banned for having a 5:1 ratio of dogs to cats.

I pity anyone who breaks into my house ... they will be bitten and/or licked without mercy depending on which dog gets to them first ...

Starfinder Superscriber

Zylphryx is still banned for threatening to lick people WITH NO TONGUE!

And gothbard is banned because I've never met them, but us goth DJs just like to do things like that.

DJEternalDarkness is banned because he's never met me.

GothBard is banned because I HAVE met her!

NobodysHome is banned for whistling, I hate it when people whistle in public.

DJ Bogie is banned to the cornfield for reminding me of the Twilight Zone with Billy Mumy as that little kid.

Starfinder Superscriber

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned due to his on going affair with Talking Tina.

Dark Archive

DJ Eternal Darkness is banned for getting involved in others affairs.

Gruumash . is banned for his facial expression.

Sovereign Court

gran rey de los mono is banned for his lack of face.

Starfinder Superscriber

zylphryx is banned for inapprorpriate brain touching and fondling.

Sovereign Court

DJEternalDarkness is banned for encouraging poor zylphryx to do so I mean look at what you are wearing accenting your enormous brain how could any illithid resist.

Sovereign Court

Dr. Sigmund is banned for having a large head himself. A large, brain filled, hairless head ... <searches for a straw>

zylphryx is banned for not keeping a brainstraw handy at all times.

Sovereign Court

Gran rey de los mono is banned for encouraging zylphryx's bad behavior.

Siggy is banned for being delusional and thinking he could change anyone's behavior.

Flumph is banned for being against brainwashing, Zylphryx always washes them before dinner.

Sovereign Court

It's true. You never know exactly where they have been after all.

And DJ-Bogie is banned for eyeballing my dinner.

Grand Lodge

Zylphryx is banned for reminding me of that creepy .Gif of the dead squid that dances when you pour soy sauce on it. blech.

CrankyRWMage is banned for not using Black-Blue.

Geistlinger is banned because I think he needs white out.

Spanky is banned for using white out on his eyes.
You know that is just wrong.

DJ-Bogie is banned for being a Visine corporate shill.

Geistlinger is Banned for Heresy! Visine is the enemy.

DJ-Bogie is banned for being eye candy.

Sovereign Court

gran rey de los mono is banned for mistaking DJ-Bogie for a gobstopper.

Starfinder Superscriber

zylphryx is again banned for bringing candy into the argument.

DJEternalDarkness is banned for implying that there is any time that's a bad time to bring in candy.

Jelly Beans for Everyone!
G is banned for being right!

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