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MD is banned for leaving out half a tuna sandwich, no cat worth his salt will turn that down, classic case of a self fulfilling kitchen counter incident if I have ever seen one.

GM_Beernog is banned for neglecting fridays tea serving service in the local elderly home.

Banned for being the only person to ban yesterday.

Beplhegor is banned for suggesting that's a bad thing.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for assuming Belphegor was just a sarcophagus and not a full fledged linen wrapped undead god king.

Banned because I have a tooth ache and it is your fault.

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Midgard Serpent is banned because GM_Beernorg is NOT Cosmo.

Midgard Serpent is banned for not realizing the dangerous consequences of gingivitis. If you brushed more, I would not have been able to knock loose one of those giant fangs of yours.

GM_Beernorg is banned for getting ninja'd by I'm Hiding In Your Closet.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned for what he does while in the closet.

Snow White's Mother is banned for not sueing her plastic surgeon. Yikes!

Molten Dragon is banned for eating the cow before the ceremony was done.

Ol' Fiendy is banned because it's what all the cool kids are doing now.

MD is banned for wearing overly pumped up kicks.

GM_B is banned because he better run, better run, run from my bullet.

GoatToucher is banned for smoking cowboy killers.

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GM_Beernorg is banned for discriminating against GoatToucher for one of his least pervy behaviors.

IHIYC is banned for knowing that cowboy killer smoking is one of his least pervy behaviors, no one should ever have to see horrors like that, and from a closet least of all.

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GM_Beernorg is banned so he can finally wash some of his damned socks - they've started forming a primitive society in here, and definitely not the enlightened kind.

Of course I smoke cowboy killers: It captures that rich mesquite flavor in the meat.

What do you expect me to do: pickle them!?! HAhahaha!

IHIYC is banned because his rich mesquite flavor has a most unwholesome origin.

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GoatToucher is banned because when I say "unwholesome" in the mirror three times, he appears. Alas doing it again does not un-summon him.

GMB is banned because my coffee is now cold and I'm pretty sure he is to blame.

MD is banned for letting the coffee sit for 5 days.

Belphegor is banned for impersonating Bela Lugosi.

GM-B is banned for impersonating the GM's order of beernuggets.

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GoatToucher is banned for that 5-o'clock peach fuzz he's got there.

IHIYC is banned for shaving the peach and gluing the fuzz to GT.

Dr G House MD, DDS, DVM is banned for not checking from which tree he shook that peach.

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GM_Beernorg is banned for suppressing others' freedom of peach.

IHIYC is banned because I've had enough and I'm tired of his shenanigans.

Dark Archive

Molten Dragon is banned because you really ought to see mine.

Skiron is banned for showing his.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

GT is banned because he is in no place to judge the shenanigans of others.

Equinoxmaster is banned for not attacking the darkness when he had the chance.

Molten Dragon has been banned due to lizard breath.

Mahare is banned for having glowy eyes.

Silver Crusade

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for sun burn.

CraigShaw is banned for stealing his hair style from Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen.

GMB is banned for being half the orc he used to be.

MD is banned because of this feeling as the dawn it fades to gray.

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GoatToucher is banned for dubious poetry.

TAK is banned toy warfare.

Schism is banned because too many people get caught up on -isms.

GoatToucher is banned for trying to launch his own version of playboy.
Something the world is not meant to see.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for banning any version of Playboy. For shame!

Uri Meca is banned for banning me, as i did that for public safety.

Average playboy is fine, but GoatToucher's take on not.

The Fiend is banned for clarifying his earlier post.

Schism is banned for crimes against furniture.

GoatToucher shouldn't be banned but is. Sometimes bad things happen to horrible people.

Scarab Sages

Uri Meca is banned for fraudulent sword-bending.

IHIYC is banned in the place where you live.

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