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Hey, what are you doing ? Annoying mi amico Quiche Lisp ?

It's a dangerous thing to do to a man with connections. You got my meaning, hu ? Si capisce ?

Romulan Don Frakkin Rickles is banned for not outright banning anyone but mostly for speaking in strange foreign tongues.

Dark Archive

rashly5 is banned for not being bilingual.

Z-bomb is banned for not spelling the hyphen

Mark Hoover is banned for not using punctuation, period.

The Nevada Gaming Commission is banned for thinking I need some ink spill to tell me when to stop

Only if you want your gaming license.

You are banned for improperly filling forms.

YAAR, Tha_Palladium_o'_Nevarder be banned fer bein' too lawful.

YAAR! I BE A PIRATE! is banned for being a pirate.

Rashtag feverino is banned for improperly tied headgear

Scarab Sages

Mark Hoover is banned for blocking out the darkness.

IHIYC is banned for not immediately attacking the darkness with magic missiles

Hoover is banned because England doesn't have any Superbowl wins, no matter how much they like Football.

Scarab Sages

♣♠Magic♦♥ for being an ugly American.

IHiYC is banned for being ugly under all that make-up.

Scarab Sages

Namora Traufaut is banned for taking my FACE off. While. I'm. WORKING! DAMN YOU, you little lying Delilah!

Banned for taking this game too far...

I am what I am and I can not be banned!

Namora Traufaut is banned for failing to ban, and for thinking herself unbannable.

gran rey de los banned is banned so he can exist in the hypothetical state of banned-banning duality.

Scarab Sages

rashly5 is banned, banned, banned, sausage, eggs, banned, banned, toast, and banned with a side of banned.

I'm Hiding In My Closet is rashly banned, in the name of dubious simplicity.

Quiche Lisp is banned for failing to use cortisone cream.

EggPie SpeechImpediment is banned for the same reason he banned Quiche Lisp.

Rashly5 is banned because by now he should be Rashly6 !

Evolve (again) or suffer the wrath of Dar-Win, god of evolootion, you provolved fiend !

Quiche is banned because I'm awake now

Mark Hoover is banned so he can have his sorely needed beauty sleep.

Lispy McEarring is banned for my SECOND cup of coffee!

Mark Hoover is banned for drinking unspecified "coffee" !

Quiche Lisp is banned fot eating the mystery meat.

Dietary Restriction is banned for not meeting the mandatory 13 meter horn length requirement

Mark Hoover is banned for a reason totally unrelated to what he previously posted.

QL is banned for unnatural relations with this thread

Mark Hoover is banned because...I'm Batman.

I'm is banned because he is not Michael Keaton

Hoover is banned because I wanted IHIYC to ban him...

Magic Mike is banned for not meeting the requisite 37 inch ear length

The vacuum is banned for being a height elitist.

Ranger Alissa is banned because she looks constipated.

Rashly5 is banned because he didn't look himself in the mirror before talking.

Baron Von Bluecollar is banned for waxing his dome with the #4 polish

Mark Hoover is banned for mixing the "Ban thread" with the "Find a Nickname thread" on the sly.

Sir bacon face is banned for his theory of Hooverism.

Burning Straw man is banned for not providing warmth to those in need.

Schism is banned for opening an unauthorized rift

Hoover is banned for being The Man and keeping people down.

♣♠Magic♦♥ is banned for wanting people up.

Scarab Sages

rashly5 is banned so he can attend the Up With People rally. Smile 'Til It Hurts, Citizen!

IHiYC is banned for not letting citizens frown and groan.

Scarab Sages

Ashara Gyvadoux is banned for accusing me an offense I wouldn't know how to commit if I tried, as I do not know how to "noth."

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