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Ninjaotic is banned for sculpting his eyebrows.

Shadow Lodge

Ninja II is banned for insulting my neighbors dog.

Ninjaotic is banned for confusing me, granted it doesn't take much.

DJ-Bogie is banned because it's completely okay to be confused by Ninjaotic's statement.

The guy with the fake name is banned for encouraging Bogie to be confused. If he accepts his confusion, how will he learn?

I prefer to learn while nekkid.

Gran is banned for his preferences. Nekkid Bad, Avatar Good.

The Exchange

DJ is banned for blinkin too loudly.

Tirq is banned for being unkind to (his) king.

Quiche is banned because he never quite succeeded in removing the marker ink from under his nostrils.

The Exchange

Lupi is banned for marking Quiche's upper lip.

Tirq is banned for accusing me falsely. The Vicious Chicken of Bristol did it whilst disguised as me.

Lupi Rhatwell is banned for slandering the Vicious Chicken Of Bristol. Better cook it !

Quiche Lisp is banned for declaring my innocence while condemning me to death. Texas law does not apply here.

Chicken man is banned, because in Texas we don't need an excuse to fry a chicken.

Spanky is banned because chicken =/= bacon.

Chicken is banned because them bacon strips all over him make him edible.

Spanky's banned...Yer seeing things.

Chicken is banned because I eat what I see.

Spanky is banned for eating inappropriate things.

DJ-Bogie is banned because he sees what he eats.

GoatToucher is banned because he never eats everything on his plate. Like Bogie, his eye is bigger than his stomach.

Gran is banned because, because, oh just because.

DJ-Bogie is banned for that.


gran rey de los surround sound because he has no picture and I do like pictures.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Ravagwen is banned for peeping at the pictures.

Notsonoble is banned for staring at her own cleavage. ( I'm sure it's nice )

The Exchange

DJ is banned for staring at Notsonoble's fine, fine breasts.

Tirq is banned for paying too much attention to Bogie's habits.

gran rey de los enchuritos is banned for thinking that Tirq could afford to pay attention.

The Bristol Chicken of Vicious is banned for monitoring Tirq's bank accounts.

Gran is banned for mixing up the chicken, he's already mixed up enough.

DJ-Bogie is now banned for the other thing.

The Exchange

gran is banned for forgeting that he's been forgiven for the other thing.

Tirq is banned because I have not been forgiven for it.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

gran is banned for having no remorse.

Charles is banned for having no regrets.

The Exchange

TVCoB is banned for making several TV apperences without telling anyone. Thats right, I saw you as "The Black Bird" in Friends and as "The Raven" in Pinky and the Brain.

Sovereign Court

Tirq is banned for mentioning Friends while talking about Pinky and the Brain. Have you no morals man?!?!!?

zylphryx is banned for not realizing that Tirq is not only monetarily bankrupt but morally bankrupt, as well.

Sovereign Court

El Dios De Los Almas Perdidas is banned for having a scary avatar while talking about bankruptcy. It's like a vampiric banker. Or an IRS auditor.

zylphryx is banned because his avatar isn't scary enough.

I'm more like an IRS auditor that deals with souls.

Strange One is banned for being a soulless minion of the gubbermint.

gran rey de los fez is banned for being an avatar-less poster of the forums.

The Faker is banned because fezzes are cool. Especially mine. It has a little propeller on top.

17 Aliases is banned for trying to violate the Thomas theorem.

Thing is banned for theorizing.

Werepoodle is banned for studying schoolbooks from the 1800's.

Sovereign Court

El Dios De Los Almas Perdidas is banned for relying on Cliff's Notes.

The Exchange

zylphryx is banned for banning the use of Cliff's Notes. Cliff spent all night working on those, and you have to ruin his fun.

Tirq is banned; I don't know why.......TL/DNR.....there should be some Cliff's Notes for his post.

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