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Tirq is banned cause Lucius looks creepy and Perdita looks hot.

DJ-Bogie is banned because his visual assessment is spot on.

Signore di Fortuna is banned for thinking the eye would be unable to see the obvious.

Gran is banned for not arguing with Tirq; Perdita is way better than Lucius. Just look at the size of

Mark Hoover is banned because there is are more important things than the size of a woman'

gran rey de los nekkid is banned for not knowing what is best in life.

The Exchange

All Y'all are banned for lookin' at the pictures only. Sure, boots help for one thing, and she has just about the biggest, I mean the biggest, I mean just the sheer size of her hair...

Don't even get me started on her hat.

Tirq is banned for making me have bad thoughts about a drawing. Years of therapy wasted!

DJ-Bogie is banned for being unable to lie on the couch.

I, on the other hand, can lie (or lie) anywhere.

I'm ruining the order of things, and banning Tirq because clearly, I am more interested in her big large... tracts of land. (also, I'm ducking for cover)

Screw it, gran is banned just because.

Marthian is banned for trying to [redacted].

The Exchange

grdls is banned fo making me type funny. serilusly

Tirq is banned because his typing wasn't funny, just wrong.

The Exchange

grdls is banned for not realizing that funny and wrong can be syllabuls at times.

Tirq is banned for still typing incorrectly. Fingers on the home keys, pal, and don't hunt and peck.

Anyone who hasn't contributed to this is extra special double banned. Anyone who has contributed has my thanks. Anyone who contributes now or in the near future, also has my thanks.

Gran is banned for critiquing Tirq's Typing.

DJ-Bogie is banned for unneeded capitals.

The Exchange

gran is banned for critiquing DJ's typing.

Also, Why are you nekkid?

Tirq is banned because the question isn't "Why is gran rey nekkid?" The question is "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY IS GRAN REY NEKKID!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The answer is that as long as I can't see him, feel him, or smell him, I don't care if he is Nekkid. BUT he is banned because I just can't take the chance on any of those.

DJ-Bogie is banned for enjoying sensory deprivation. Wait a minute...

The Exchange

EDDLAP is banned for banning the flying eye ball, with wings, and a halo, and a bazooka.

<Brownie points for knowing you internet and knowing where that came from.>

Tirq is banned because I don't like brownies. The dessert or the girl scouts.

gran rey de los 8 track is banned for either being misogynistic or preferring cookies. Either one is pretty bad. banned for giving me a backache.

Gran is banned because it is my turn to do it and I have no choice.

DJ-Bogie is banned for being a predeterminationalist.

Gran is banned because,,,,,Am not!

Sovereign Court

DJ-Bogie is banned for ARE TOO!

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Tofukeyio is banned because for being an imitation.

Liberty's Edge

Zathras bans Charles Scholz for having the poorest Red Hood cosplay that Zathras has ever seen.

Old Zathras is banned because anyone older than Betty White shouldn't be on here.

The False One is banned because Old Zathras is Betty White. Can't you tell? I thought the mustache was a dead giveaway.

grdls is banned for giving away the dead

The Exchange

Mark Hoover is banned because *Raspberry* *Runs off*.

Tirq is banned because he accidentally tripped on me during his daring escape. ):

Lupi is banned for being too cheerful.

Schism is banned for pretending to gaze thoughtfully into thin air while in truth she's obviously blind as a mole.

The Exchange

Quice Lisp is banned for being prejudice against moles.

Tirq is banned for having a mole.

Zedda the Crass is banned for being tactful.

gran rey de los talk radio is banned for passing up a Legend of Zedda ban.

The Ghost of Jerry Lewis is banned because that was too obvious a ban.

gran sonic rey is banned because he obviously has a problem with being obvious

Mark Hoover is banned for the sake of cross-thread completion.

The Exchange

Quiche Lisp is banned for crossing the beams.

Tirq is banned for standing too close to Quiche Lisp at the urinal.

The Exchange

gran Bose surround sound system is banned for mistaking me for some other handsome devil.

Tirq is banned for getting gran rey de los surround sound's name wrong, intentionally or otherwise.

The Exchange

The Elusive Trout is banned for not having a fish icon.

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