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Basically, we held a chili cookoff, had everyone in the audience eat the chili, then fart to generate the wind required to windsurf in the pool

The next poster doesn't play Pathfinder RPG's

I ain't got time for that!

Next poster's a namby cultist! Where'ya done wit me li'l men?!

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They are in the Old Man Henderson Memorial Museum and Distillery: Come see our unidentifiable chunk of Hastur!

The next poster know what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

Mine! And I shall live for all eternity so long as it remains! For evil is evolution at its purest!

The next poster is doomed to wander the Lunar Subterrain for all eternity!

Liberty's Edge



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*flurbledurp hinklefilzzle sizzoo fizzzzzzzzx*

The next poster is a inside-out crazy weirdo

Sovereign Court

Guilty, as charged! :-) hehehe!

The next poster is really Demogorgon in disguise.

Scarab Sages

Sort of, but not quite - Demogorgon is me in disguise.

The next poster suspects they're being stalked by Odin.

He's allied with Wargl Whatsisname?, the f#+#ing god of sissy gnomes. The Allfather was bribed with a promise of nordic ale, snow women and calliflowers (don't ask !), and now they're both after my ass !

The next poster knows a way out of my dire predicament.

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do you think i'd tell you

the next poster eats too much mayo



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put 1 meat in big bowl, add mayo, set on fire

the next poster is Illuminati (or they just like triangles)

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Illuminati, um no, never heard of them, I swear. I just like triangles, yeah that's it, triangles. Illuminati (laughs nervously), I've never heard anything so ridiculous.

The next poster really is a poster hanging on some kid's wall. They will tell us what they are a poster of.

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the next poster is a pizza topping

Sovereign Court

Only so I could eat someone fatty!

The next poster knew who it was.

That would be Quiche Lisp.
Marlon Brando was chuby, as quiche lisp is the marlon brando of quiche....there you have it.

The next poster has assisted the local coroner with an autopsy of someone famous.

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I didn't know he was still alive, OK!!!!

The next poster is the walrus koo koo kchoo

I hate baleful Polymorph.

The next poster will reverse this effect.

Shadow Lodge

If I wanted to

The next poster is not a crook

I am not, nor have I ever been, an implement for herding sheep!

The next poster is no longer allowed in churches of Erastil.

I like elk and I ain't gotten to go huntin' fer years on account o' namby cultists stealin' mah crap. So sue me.

Next poster is a fan of point-blank annihilation.


What was that, your brains? Ah, sure i am.

The next poster is a big AKB48 fan.

Is that a fat joke?

The next poster has been selected to participate in the Quantum Leap project.

Sovereign Court

Indeed I have, but I don't know if I should accept to participate.

The next poster is going to feint.....from happiness!

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the next poster is not falling for reverse psycology

Quite, all those worthless shrinks are underneath my boots to start with.

The next poster was caught being a peeping tom/trixie at the VIP dressing room.

I wasn't peeping anything ! I was after I Hide In Your Closet because he snatched away my blue pantaloon...which I had hidden in my closet so no one would try to steal it !

The next poster is very gullible.

I am? Uhhh... okay, if you say so...

The next poster won't fall for that again.

'That' being Baldur McMorencey, the billionaire cowboy brain surgeon, with his delicate, sensitive flippers, his long, muscular ears, his bright purple bottom... My heart is in pieces and I shall never be the same again.

The next poster would like to tell us about the love of their life.

Sovereign Court

Like to, but won't!

The next poster died but got rejected from all the outer planes, so had to come back to life.

There is no afterlife for an existence like me!

The next poster had tried to hide from me, but failed!!

I owed him about $3.50.

The next poster's life is a Shakespearean tragedy.

Shadow Lodge

Tragedy, comedy, it's all the same just from different angles, you see.

The next poster is on the run.

About to set a new olympic record on this track.

The next poster has written a review on the last Star Trek movie.

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the review: I NEVER WATCHED IT!!!

the next poster will pull the sword from the stone

Sovereign Court

I needed a back scratcher, the cold makes me itchy!

The next poster welcomes you to Jurassic park!

Welcome people, let me give you directions.

People who wish to see tomorrow turn right back.
Greedy businessmen, inspectors, douches and hunters go over there. (Byebye)

The next poster is opening a gym.

Scarab Sages

I am in dire need of stout warriors, nimble rogues, driven martial artists, and the like after my previous party was apparently incinerated by cultists of Rovagug, so it would seem that this is a sensible way to attract some.

Most esteemed, the next poster will sing for us the anthem of the Bleached Otyugh Fan Club.

Mighty otyugh
He bathed in the bleach one day
He smells lemony

The next poster set up the bleach trap.

I knocked over dozens and dozens of Manga books starring Ichigo Kurosaki on top of you!

The next poster attacked Titan.

Some bad-name-picked lightweight wrestler who claimed he was the best.
Best= nope
Was=certainly, ask the coroner.

The next poster was an option for the casting of The pacifier instead of Vin Diesel, but didn't make the pick.



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i like it it shaken... not stirred

the next person is a connoisseur of the gloffy food too

Scarab Sages

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Yes, I'll be having the mound of boiled goldfish in rose-honey remoulade on a chalupa shell this evening.

Nobody bothers to ask...the question. The next poster finally will.


And the question is: Why did it take the Ulfen Death Squad so long to post again?

We may never know.

The next post is wondering how long will it be again before they post again.

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HOW LONG (add sarcasm in please when you think it)

the next poster is YO MAMA

and she is currently preparing to "serve' me.....

The next poster remembers when Mtv struggled to go 24 hours without repeating the same video.

Yeah. It was horrible. Mmm-bop for eight days straight. AND I JUST COULDN'T STOP WATCHING!!!

The next poster remembers Alphaville.

It was later renamed Smallville after the writers had finally came up with a proper(?) name.

The next poster was a fan of MtV's Celebrity Deathmatch

Sovereign Court

I was, until I found out that they didn't actually kill each other.

The next poster knows just how to remedy that.

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