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Shadow Lodge

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"Sure, we can take a joke! Where do you want it sent?"

"We'll deliver anywhere but the bear's dressing room!"


"The next poster..."" the long-lost 6th Planeteer!"

........with the power of sarcasm.

Next poster is sarcastic Captain Planet.

Silver Crusade

Yeah...the power is yours. Sure."

The next poster is the seventh musketeer.

Should have been a higher number, but those male chauvinistic sons of... excuse me, I get carried away sometimes.

The next poster has a reason for cause.

Yes, actually a do have a reason for "a" cause.
My reason for blowing up, arson, destruction, mayhem and whatnot, is for the cause of balance. There is so much good in Golarion, someone has to cause enough negative to balance it out.

yes it was treason, treason, the gunpowder treason...

The next poster could not remember the fifth of november.

Can't even remember what I had for supper last night.

The next poster has blotchy skin that is not really blotchy.

Scarab Sages

This is just what happens every time I fall asleep on my giant chessboard.

The next poster was strolling through the park one day, in the very merry month of May, and was taken by surprise....

By a savage beating from a mime with a croquet mallet.

The next poster has a taste for the finer things.

Little pixies, the finer in size, the better. I love to rip their liddle cuty wings ! Mwahahahaha !

The next poster likes scorpions.

I am also fond of mangonels, onangers and arbalests, etc, or as I like to sing to myself,

"Trebuchets, fling my troubles oh, so far away..."

The next poster would like to invite us all into his yellow submarine.

We just gave 'er a fresh paint job!

The next poster knows what the fnord is going on.

Sadly i do and it is too inappropriate to describe.

The next poster has found a way to remove The Black Sovereign.

Shadow Lodge

*passes card* Just have him read this, I'll take care of the rest, hoo hoo hoo!

The next poster is all tied up at the moment. I'm going to need more rope.

but he only tied up The Fiend Fantastic, I'm getting outta here.

The next poster accidentally stuck his/or hand in a bag of devouring.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Um yes, I "accidentally" placed my right hand man into a bag of devouring after he failed me one time too many. I'm really regretting it now - the pour bag got sick. Oh wait, you're referring to the appendage at the end of my arm. Nope, I didn't do that.

The next poster is a rabid fan of something nobody should be a fan of.

There is nothing wrong with a quarterly prostate exam.

The next post thinks Dragon Ball Z is real.


Next poster has much fury!


The next poster finishes the DBZ power up.


The next poster is at risk of being disintegrated.

I should never have got that Governor Wallace implant.

The next poster made a mess in Texas

Sure enough, i torched down the Bush residences.
Those ranchers never knew what hit them.

The next poster has recently been poledancing at a church to Calistria.

Silver Crusade

*Fine Animal Gorilla Look Nipple*

*Give New Face Now Want Meet Blind Yellow Man Eat Fruit*


You, next servile! Translate! TRANSLATE!

I am no servile, but i will indulge you with the translation:
Give new face now= The next poster
Want meet blind yellow man eat fruit= wishes to meet an anthropomorphic, blindfolded, fruit eating canary.

The next poster will surgically implant a translator into Earl of Lemongrab's head so he will understand the next thing Koko says.

I went to the translator's guild and found the smallest one I could, but I'm near sure that even if I scooped out all of the insides of the Earl's head, the translator still wouldn't fit in. Sewing the translator's lips to the Earl's ear is the best I can do.

The next poster has rolled a critical failure on their Oratory roll while attempting to eulogize a much-beloved fallen comrade.

....he was a weird guy, he ran around throwing bean bags at people screaming "lightning bolt, lightning bolt". He will be missed.

The next poster is the person who kill the much-beloved fallen comrade.

He had negative things to say about buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies, so I did what anyone else would do in my place.

The next poster collects posters.

Why wouldn't i have a few posters of sexy succubi at the office?

The next poster has improved the handle animal to an art, having trained a frog into a combat amphibian with a 1d2-4 pounce attack.

Eh, we all have hobbies.

The next poster got suckered into an appearance on live television.

...according to Jerry Springer the baby is not mine.

The next poster has been summoned by the Jedi Counsel.


As usual, the Jedi counsel summons us to do their dirty work.

The next poster is the lacky who does the summoning.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Next time could you ask your lackeys to not kill the messenger? I had to kill 20 of them just to deliver the message and another 15 when I left. My armor is a mess! Do you know how hard it is to clean lackey stains out of one's armor?

The next poster will reveal the identity of the next Sith Lord and apprentice.

Well the lord is some 80+ year old fat dude with owl glasses and the apprentice is a very thin 35 year old woman with an appitite.

They should return from their sci-fi con in 5 hours or so.

The next poster swore eternal servittude to a crazy old wizard in exchange for milk & cookies

Milk and Cookies are also 35 year old women with appetites.

The next poster doesn't know what he's getting into.

I am in a maze of twisting passages, all alike.

The next poster loves to dance.

I've been known to entertain a waltz or tango from time to time.

The next poster is just a pawn in the game of life.

Eranex the Runemarked wrote:

I've been known to entertain a waltz or tango from time to time.

The next poster is just a pawn in the game of life.

That horse had it coming.

The next poster doesn't need no stinking badges.

Scarab Sages

It's true - I actually need many Boy/Girl Scout merit badges, sheriff's stars, and Star Trek combadges, and I need them all as whiffy as you can make them, pronto!

The next poster is this evening's house special, and comes recommended with an appletini and a side of rice pilaf.

I am nothing if not a gustatory delight.

The next poster shot a man in Reno. Their motives are unclear at this point.

He got in the way, i was at an archery contest and he ran by when i released the arrow.

The next poster knows what is in "that special little box".

Scarab Sages

Pain. Don't worry, though, it only kills animals....

The next poster is on a grand quest to save Sissyl from that...thing!

I'm trying, but it's still attached to her head.

The next poster knows of the right tool to remove the thing from Sissyl's head

if by tool you mean some Barry White and Jager.

The next poster has the perfect place for that thing on Sissyl's head.

Under a microscope.

The next poster is an incurable disease.


The next poster puts his pants on one leg at a time, but what does he do next?

Cartwheels mate, cartwheels.

The next poster got in a fight with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and three Transformers.

And they all lost miserably, details best left unknown.

The next poster cleaned up any copyright issues with those two franchises colliding with the paizo board.


The next poster, however, was caught up in the... cleanup effort. Yeeessss.

I got a mop!

The next poster has to tell us what it's like on a new page.

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