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The Ulfen Death Squad.

The next poster wants us to return to Godhood.



Dark Archive


The next poster is too tired to think







The next poster loves drow, driders, and succubi as much as we do.

They are sufficient minions. I've had worse.

The next poster is a prospective minion. Let's see that resume.

I used to work as the back end of a pantomime horse. Is this sufficient to earn a place in your dark army?

The next poster was the front of the horse. A******!

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Ikka tak unk ug bak nakka?

Tak rakka nik trik bunka trak.

No. No no no no no. Just... no. Don't even think about such things.

The next poster does, of course.

In my defense, I know I need psychological help.

The next poster is not a psychologist, but plays one in Pathfinder.

Scarab Sages

As a matter of fact, I did contemplate it...thus far, however, I've mostly just been playing psychos.

The next poster has seen kingdoms blow like ashes in the Winds of Change, but knows the power of Truth is the fuel for the Flame.

Dark Archive

I am matter, I am antimatter. I have seen the past, and I see the future.

The next poster is here to prove themselves a knight worthy of challenge.

Dark Archive

One hit KO. Where was the challenge again?

The next poster is power levelling to try to get on my level


We would have to power level 1 trillion billion trillion levels downward just to be within a trillion levels higher than you. Sorry but we do no such thing. Here is a few power leveling succubi as a consolation prize.

The next poster is enjoying the show of what the succubi are doing to the purple cricket


Splendid, they drain his spirit to CR 1/10th cricket.

The next poster is miss Sissyl's personal lackey.

What can I say? Sissyl is better than Shepherd. Less running into imminent doom or galaxy-ending apocalypse all of the time.

The next poster will defend Shepherd.

Ooooooh personal lackey! Come, have cookies. While I appreciate service, it may be that Shepard needs help with those pesky reapers. And, you know, it would be... problematic... if the galaxy ended.

The next poster has a suggestion involving large numbers of elcor infantry.

Scarab Sages

Elcor? The great High Elven Healer referenced in Warlords: Battlecry III? The High Elves already have the best basic infantry in the game, if they could personally teach them all the healing arts of the great Elcor...boy, that is a good suggestion.

While the next poster sheds no tears for Kyrandia, they cannot deny you yours.


Here are some tears you can enjoy while watching some drow and succubi fight over who gets to nuke the closet the clown is hiding in

The next poster is the color commentator for this event

Dark Archive

Red! Red! Red! Red!

The next poster is a Communist


The next poster would like to give us a tour around the sausage factory.

Here! *Shoves H.A. into mincer* you'll see the entire process... from the inside.

The next poster is a figment of their own imagination.

Am I a man dreaming I'm a butterfly, or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi?

The next poster assumes too much of what they see is real!

*Fails will save against illusions*

The next poster will attempt to save HA by following him.

Silver Crusade

I use high school level annoyance tactics so I'm not seen.

The next poster got a job at Apple.

My job is to see how many viruses one computer can handle. I'm not sure what they expect me to do, but on a sidenote, I just won a free iPhone!

The next poster has been sitting in my chair.

Silver Crusade

It's the built in toilet that seals the deal.

The next poster lost the key to something REALLY important.

I can't seem to find the key to this briefcase full of nuclear secrets!

The next poster steals the briefcase.

Silver Crusade

It was delicious.

The next poster read a blog about it.


We wonder exactly how delicious the briefcase actually was with being filled with driders

The next poster is a drider kobold hybrid

Scarab Sages

No kobold in this drider but I certainly have a few on my webroll.

The next poster is caught up in the strands.

Silver Crusade

I'm not even sure what this stuff is MADE of.

The next poster is too clever for their own good.

I seem to be caught in some strands and... Wait, they're flammable!

Next poster tries to free myself and Lucky7 using the above information.

Sovereign Court

Hold on guys, backup's coming. *launches bombs*

Next poster is cackling maniacally!

Dark Archive


The next poster will attempt to save MagusJanus and Lucky7 from a fiery death.

Dark Archive

Me and my car are immune to fire. *revs through, tosses MJ and L7 into the back seat, cranks up the Queen as he drives off for the freeway*

Next poster thinks nothing really matters.


Yep, we care little about nothing

The next poster is afraid of the clown hiding in the closet

I'm afraid of everything, man.

The next poster will show me some mercy and explain why I shouldn't be afraid. Please?

Don't worry! Cosmo has your back!

Cosmo, stop doing that with Red Shirt #4's back.

The next poster is hand-wash only

Stop looking at me that way! I know what you're thinking! Stop it!

The next person wishes they were Commander Shepherd.

You got me.

I bought it a while back and played both sides.
Playing a badass femshep i went for Liara.

The genuine one, not the one above.

The next poster is preparing an assault on The Tech League.
(go look up in pathfinder wiki)

Silver Crusade

I plan to bury their peaks. (Say it fast)

The next poster gets it, only not really.

Yeah, that's a good one... um, yeah.

The next poster really gets it.


We got it a long time ago, whatever it is.

The next poster is in leagues to undermine the purple cricket


The Charlotte Bronte League for the Suppression of Cement
The Royal Tank Regiment All-Ranks Nudist Tapdancing League
The Worker's Revolutionary Orc Squeezing League
The League of Bra Eating Squirrels
All front organisations, naturally.

The next poster is President for Life.

Wernk wernk wernk! Wernk wernk! Wernk wernk wernk!

Wernk wernk.

Yes, you're welcome of course.

The next poster has the unfortunate job of being the personal butler of IHIYC.

Banning people doesn't exactly pay the bills.

The next person wants to use me to ban someone.

There's always someone who needs to go!

The next poster is tired of all the fighting, by jove.

Shadow Lodge

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"Yeah! We've had it with the pointless back-and-forth! When will it ever end???"

"For mercy's sake, stop fighting each other..."

"...and start actually KILLING EACH OTHER!"


"The next poster took a long walk off a short pier...and was quite surprised by where they found themselves."

Dark Archive

I never went down, I guess that's what flapping these wings does.

The next poster is the Bride of Government Folly.

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