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No, no, kind of, yes, kind of, no, no (it's not exactly irrational), and I happen to love those words; I use them all the time.

The next poster is an ally of... justice. And good. And other such things.

LG god of Humanity, My night job is being Batman
The next poster is a fantastic fiend of some sort

Thanks for confirming that, i take pride in my work.
You are a great one you know that? I rarely give compliments to Gods or humanity.

The next poster will not disconfirm or ridicule what Aroden, God of Humanity just said.


Exactly. Even if you were there, are you really sure you heard what you think you heard him say.

The next poster is infatuated with hating me

I love to hate you, only you (and maybe Babaji)
The next poster hides in closets


I have found the closets of some very attractive women and so I love hiding in these closets.

The next poster hides in men's closets.

Silver Crusade

*No Be Scared Foot Koko Love Find Lipstick Play Dinosaurs*

*Give New Face Now Let You Borrow Tickle-Stick*

*Stares blankly*

The next poster understands what Koko is saying.

Indeed, i've had servants behaving like apes, so let me translate:
The charitable makeup-artist will now lend you the ticklish lipstick.

The next poster has once attempted to create a golem bunny.

It worked too, kind of
The next poster made a chocolate golem, and proceded to try to eat it "alive"

I tried, but the Nasty Orc beat me to it.

The next poster has a special fondness for golems.

Absolutely not. I definitely don't have one in my bed, and don't cuddle with it at night. That would be crazy! And I'm not crazy. That is something I am not.

The next poster has played evil PCs in an RPG before.

Hell yes, if you tire of being the goody 2 shoes, come to the dark or evil side and unleash your sadistic urges and frustration. No mercy, no surrender.

Ahem, the next poster has experience with the forementioned profile in RPG and will receive a free dinner on me.


Yes and thank you. I quite enjoyed the surf and turf dinner with the bisexuals playboy playmates; and we did afterwards.

The next poster will describe the post dinner events

Orgy, quite simple
The next poster was hired to take part in said orgy

Liberty's Edge



Is that even legal?

The next poster did it anyway.

And it was gorram fun :P
The next poster understands that reference


I am putting together enough stuff for suing fox for the outright abomination they did in missmanaging that show.

They next poster misses it as well and is a leaf on the wind.

Until they killed Wash in the movie. Still haven't forgiven Joss for that.
The next poster is a browncoat
Oh yes rockin' the Firefly on this thread

Yeah. You'll find me in an alliance bar on unification day...

The next poster was blacklisted by the companions, but not for the reason you'd think.

Turning into an animal at inopportune moments will do that to you.

The following poster is a part of the alliance and a traitor that will be taken away.

Sigh, another disguise seen through, Another maximum security prison annihilated.
The next poster has my ride out.


Yes but it is very painful for you and very funny for us to watch. Something about you dressing up as a baby and having a babau demon ride you, bare back all the way to the exits.

The next poster was the babau demon.

You aren't the only one who can be multiple beings
The next poster destroys the UDS for getting us off the Firefly track

Indeed. Firing the death star! (Note: I'm pretty certain that IS made a starwars reference, not a firefly one. Since it's a reference to the GOOD trilogy, that's fine).

The next poster is annoyed that I just destroyed a peaceful planet with military.


Yes and no. That it was destroyed via military might, pleased. But it should have been a slow and agonizingly painful death.

The next poster will kill us in a slow and agonizingly painful way and get this thread back to where it belongs, firefly.

Wuhahahah, excellent, just how i like it.
The entire UDS (often refers to self as "us") are chained 1 ft above a fiery lavapit that occasionally blobs up a sparkle, while only in a loincloth. The chains themselves are barbed and burning hot. Succubi whip them with a spiked chain over and over, changed by leeches over the wounds. No food, no drink, no mercy.

The one U named firefly who requested this demise is thanked for the joy us devils are having.

The next poster stood by watching this unfold with a bag of popcorn and a get-out-of-hell freecard. (Impossible for UDS mind you.)

*munches on popcorn* Hey TFF, want some? *Proffers bag*
Hell of a show you guys are putting on down here, pardon the pun.

The next poster was once a Count, but then job stress got too much for them.

Running was always my thing, I'll take some popcorn though
The next poster is a succubus whipping UDS


Having a bit of an out of body experience but I will beat myself.

The next poster is watching this all unfold.

Yep, with pleasure
The next poster is behind it all


Dang it. Someone has found me out that this is our guilty pleasure.

The next poster will try and cover it all up with political lies.

Scarab Sages

Theyhateusforourfreedomthere'spsychokillingArabseverywhereourmilitaryistheo nlythingkeepingusaliveungratefulhippiesspitonthemallRonaldReaganendedtheCol dWarbybeingthebiggerbullywhoweneedtokeepussafetheeconomyismoreimportantthan thenvironmentrichpeopleshouldn'tpaytaxesthericharesuperiorbeingstherearetwo sidestoeverystoryandthey'realwaysandforeverequallyvalidAmerica'sthefreestco untryintheworldtheGoodOl'BoyNetworkisdeadtheterm"liberalbias"isnotablatanta buseoftheEnglishlanguage"liberal"and"conservative"arenecessarilyoppositesFD RwasasocialistcapitalismworkseconomicsisalegitimatescienceGeorgeW.Bushwasal egitimatePresidentAmericaisaChristiannationwe'rebrokeifyou'repoorit'sbecaus eyoudeserveitgunsequalfreedomBarackObama'saforeignbornsocialistMuslimcactus scienceisjustanotherreligionglobalwarmingiseitherahoaxornobigdealSocialSecu rityisanunsustainablePonzischemetheeconomycantotallygrowforevertheworldexis tstobeHumanity'sbuffettablethereisnoalternativetherearenoconspiracies!!!

The next poster thinks 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming's Voyageur class is totally overpowered, and will propose some fixes.

OMG that class is so broken! It starts with like two bonus feats and better skills than fighters and everything! NERF NERF NERF!

The next poster lives only to destroy all who oppose them at chess.


We agree and it will be deleted in the next rounds of ill-timed updates.

The next poster thinks bad things about us.

Scarab Sages

I think the "Ulfen Death Squad" is actually how you refer to your collection of cheap Chinese knock-off Power Rangers action figures, vintage ventriloquist's dummies, and pornographic novelty chess pieces when you play with them.

The next poster can confirm this - they walked in on them in the middle of playtime, and were, at the very least, confused by what they saw.

No, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again sir!

The next poster is combing the desert.

It's dessert, not desert, and I'm not combing it, I'm com -

Please look away now, and I'd skip the sweet course if I were you.

The next poster has an unusual style icon.

Well, what can I say? I was there when Alf finally caught that cat. The carnage was on a scale I had no idea any life-form was capable of. Some things can not be forgotten... some things touch your soul.

The next poster will tell us about something that changed their life.

Well, some time ago i was stalked by some blonde girl with ponytails.

After some researching magic i cast a spell on her. She now wears red and black leather, has batwings and long beautiful hair. She is my enforcer.

It was amazing......

The next poster was whipped and subdued once by said enforcer.


Oh and how we SO enjoyed enjoying it.

The next poster wants to be my minion so badly.

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Next poster once ate a police car.

Went down in one bite, but one of the tires was stuck between my teeth for a week.

The next poster has a strange phobia they tell everyone about.

Scarab Sages

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The next poster dreams of piezoelectric sheep.

It comes with being a cyborg collective.

The next poster is absolutely perfect in every way imaginable, is always right, and will not hesitate to tell everyone this at the slightest provocation...



Mmmmmg, mmmmg, mg mmmmmg, mmmmmmmmmmmg mmmg mmmmmmmmmmg mg.

Scarab Sages

Ah, there you are, my friend! To think, I almost thought myself lost and *he glances downward at his clockwork companion* mostly alone against the marching tide of iconoclastic zealots!

The next poster will kindle the flame anew, and join us in our struggle!

*Refuels and relights the BBQ*
Ok, ok, i'll aid you in your struggle to finish the steak eating competition.

The next poster "accidentally" bumped into Justin Bieber with a humvee.

I resent that allegation. I ran him down with the biggest vehicle I could 'jack, and I'm very disappointed that there weren't any monster trucks in the area. Got three mimes too, for the bonus points!

The next poster owned the Humbee I stole. (sorry, but it was for the greater good.)

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