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The most glorious pie ever to be had.

The next poster has caught them all.

Oh yes. Incidentally, were you aware that a mere seven cubes of rooms that are a thousand rooms on a side can hold every human around? Amazing what information you figure out when devoting yourself to mega-projects!

The next poster has to share a cube room, and isn't pleased about it.

Sovereign Court

Normally, I would be fine. A coffin for me and one each for my brides. But I have to also accommodate my goody good brother, Siegfried Heydrich (who is a ghost, not a vampire, so why he needs a coffin is anyone's guess) and my traitorous little sister, Katarina Heydrich, so yes I'm not happy!

When someone calls the next poster a stingy skinflint they always reply with "I'm stingy, sure, but I'm too old to be a skinflint."

"I'm a skinflint, sure, but I'm too old to be stingy"

The next poster is deathly afraid of kittens.

The cute, the fluff . . . it is DEADLY!

The next poster plans to kill me with many, many kittens . . .

Open wide, and be careful - they tend to stick in your thr... Whoops.

The next poster has updated the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

Grand Lodge

It's simple, really...*Punishing Kicks Pulg in the chest, expelling all contents of his esophagus and stomach, possibly including his esophagus and stomach itself*...You're welcome.

I saved the next poster's life, once.

I tried to join an Orca pod. Things got tense. Thanks to Kali Altzairu for scaring them away with that hairdoo. It gave me time to get back on the boat.

The next poster cannot sleep.

Haunting memories, traumatic events, what am I doing with my life...

The next poster sleeps too much.

Scarab Sages

I go to bed early; my favorite dream comes on at 9:00.

The next poster is covered in live barnacles.

It's strictly a symbiotic relationship.

The next poster has a short attention span.

I do n...

Oh look, a ball!

*kicks ball*

The next poster wishes she didn't.

If only she hadn't! We could have done such wonderful things!

The next poster wants to come do wonderful things with me!

Tell me more about these "wonderful things"


The next poster is the leader of a robot gang.

They will divide YOU by zero!

The next poster is an intelligence with no artificial sweeteners.

Oh yes. Always been. You know me.

The next poster found a shoe in their mailbox. The final piece needed!

Sovereign Court

Finally, Doktor Verruckte's patchwork monstrosity, shall be completed!

*Looks around at the confused faces.*

What? A hybridised golem needs clothes too. It may be a monster of pure evil and destruction, but even then, there's limits!

Like yours truly, the next poster is a member of GoatToucher's yoga class.

And that's how I learnt the true meaning of 'Reverse Dog'.

The next poster is a member of the elite Acupuncture Commandos.

When we needle you, it is for your own good.

The next poster is never late, nor are the early. They are also never on time.


Scarab Sages

The Streisand effect?

The next poster's mount is a giant starfish.

Yep. And a terrifying sight it is!

The next poster breaks the sound barrier when they talk.

*echoes for eternity*

The next poster has a brother named Luigi.


:scribbles on notepad:

"The next poster knows what evil lurks within the hearts of Men."

It tends to be red, all though some of it looks blue.

The next poster has no heart.

I do not...beep...boop...

The next poster is planning a heist.

Yes! We intend to steal away with the giant [redacted] that throbs at the heart of GoatToucher Island and use it to bore a hole to the centre of the earth. Courtney Love might want it afterwards.

The next poster has the Lard That Time Forgot.

And it is a weighty subject.

The next poster likes to chew the fat a little TOO much...

I'm like a Great White. Mmmmmmmm. Chewy.

The next poster purports to have had an encounter with Sasquatch.

Oh yes.

Have you ever heard the howls of the mighty Skunk-Ape? Have you heard its tortuous grunts as he tries to shape words in the human tongue, pleading for sweet release?

Do you know why the Yeti avoids human (or near enough) contact?

These are all interesting things.

The next poster has earned the monicker "BigFoot".

12 inches are so yesterday. 18 inches is where it is at.

The next poster sells something by the yard that is rarely sold that way...

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Soup, by Pulg.

The next poster has discovered a new form of renewable energy.

Count's spin wheel see you put the evil count on the spin wheel and he runs around generatoring energy
The next poster has never joined a PVP in their life.

Sovereign Court

I'm not someone who enjoys competition, going up against other vampires in giant wheels does not appeal to me. That's why I turned the sport into a renewable energy source (but told no-one, which is why ADM had to discover it).

Anybody remember the Avatar of Zon-Kuthon? Well, the next poster does and realised that they have the exact same schedule plan as him.

Trying to get into a Pathfinder game. Every spare moment.

The next poster has seen the movie "Ninjago" also.

..and I didn't see ONE jago, let alone NINE!

The next poster is also confused about the meaning of a movie title...

When I was a child, my dentist told me Jaws was a coming of age story about a boy with braces. I'm still confused because I don't remember the kid or his journey into young adulthood, but there sure as hell was a terrifying shark in that movie! To this day I make sure there are no dentists in the water before I go swimming.

The next poster plays an interesting team sport!

Scarab Sages

Legends of the Hidden Temple!!!

The next poster can be found In the Shriiine of the Silver Monkey!

It is a hidden shrine!

The next poster just hit puberty...

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The Erty Pub, or as it's known in parts of Golarion, Pub Erty, is a fine establishment stocked with the most avant-garde libations. I hit it just before dawn, working with a necromancer, her minions, and an ex-Druid, robbing the Erty Pub of both drink and coin.

The next poster is hunting us down.

I will find you, you gave us all we needed by leaving your calling card. You can run, or gallop, but you can't hide.

The next poster is my deputy.

Hot diggety dog, goblin pardner sheriff.

The next poster would like to thank the masked gobbo.

Just go "Trick or Treat"-ing after a masked gobbo. The folks are almost as unnerved as if GoatToucher visited them, except, you know, not irreversibly insane and much more willing to give out candy. Thank-you, Masked Gobbo!

The next poster was scheduled to be the 8th Samurai, but hijinks!

Not sure about that reference...

The next poster understands all references

I understand EVERYTHING, but I suffer from not caring (G0F).

The next poster has too much of the feels!

If anything, my only flaw is that I care too much!

The next poster likes Firefly.

He was a decent merc working with Cobra.

The next poster sued Cobra for back pay.

You can’t sue Cobras. They are snakes!!!

The next poster has originality

You can't sue Kobra! They're fictional!

The next poster has won a lawsuit against their imaginary friend.

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