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Nearly - I'm making a new Bladderunner movie. GoatToucher's in it.

The next poster's just got the green light for her/his Cathy the Berberian TV series. GoatToucher's in it.

Liberty's Edge

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And I'll be hiring through Paizo's messageboards for antagonists - I can count on you all to audition, correct?

The next poster regrets what he posted about 1 second after doing so.

*hastily edited post*

The next poster saw this post pre-edit and will regret it for the rest of the next poster's days.

OMGosh KahnyaGnorc, I almost never posted anything ever again! Great job on self-moderating though.

The next poster is also a moderator of a special site.

Of yes. I'll leave the nature of the site to your imagination.

One hint: Roast Turkey.

The next poster is about to celebrate their favorite holiday.

Oh Yes! Tomorrow is Mt. Vesuvius Day. What can I say? I like to watch the world burn. *Evil grin...wait, that's just my normal grin...actually, I'm not even smiling...I'm just standing here waiting for Mt. Vesuvius Day...evil grin!*

The next poster can put the biggest smiles on everybody they meet!

Dark Archive

My signature shriveling spell will do that as it blasts, blackens, and withers the flesh around my victims' mouths. Everyone should indeed be HAPPY to be sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth! Ia! Ia!

The next poster just beheld a phosphorescent flying Basset Hound with a hundred deep-sea tube-worms for tails, and haunted turnips for eyes!

Yeah. He's been hanging around me for days. I can't figure out what he wants.

The next poster has a suggestion, and a way to test it.

A Deck of Many Things, a Blackjack Dealer, and some blueberry jam.

Testing will be due to being stuck in a Groundhog Day scenario.

The next post is stuck in such a scenario WITH a Blackjack Dealer but strawberry jelly.

We are playing for toast, of course.

The next poster will stat. the above Googie thing.

Well, the Bestiaries haven't given me the god stats yet, so I can only get as close as a Kaiju.

The next poster will advance Elven kind to new levels

Sovereign Court

My plant spores, if correctly inhaled, will boost the inhaler by six levels! Please note, this only works for elves and races with the elf subtype (anyone else tries it, they'll just be sick). Also, of an elf does correctly inhale the spores, they will be stalked by many a love struck Leshy for all eternity.

The next poster knows I'm telling the truth, because it has happened to them.

I certainly do. Everything is my type.

And those Leshy... Mmm...

The next poster is going to try some of this nice salad that has nothing to do with the previous conversation whatsoever.

It is . . . deleshy-ous!

The next poster will choose my PUN-ishment.

Liberty's Edge

You must run behind a car until you're EXHAUSTED, and run in front of a car until you get TIRED! *SQUAWK!*

The next poster will tell us what happened to Uncle Teddy!

Uncle Teddy? Um, I wasn't there, you didn't see it, you can't prove anything!

The next poster will also obfuscate the truth.

What no I would never do that?, of course i will do that?

The next poster will explain what that is?

Whatever it was, Meatloaf wouldn't do it, but GoatToucher would, with alarming enthusiasm.

The next poster's Enthusiasm Alarm has just gone off.

Sovereign Court

And now I'm annoyed by it, I can't find the snooze button!

The next poster violates their standards quicker than they can lower them.

I'm not the next poster!!!
The next poster has to answer to the flytrap for not playing the game right.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure, Card Game, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

My answer: I'm not insectoid, don't eat me.

The next poster is insectoid, but wanting to be human, and certainly not wanting to be caught by a flytrap.

Grand Lodge

I don't Want to be human!

The next poster is Ancient dragon master.

Damnit! Who keeps messing up this thread? Oh, that would be me, Dagnabit!

The next poster has a list of alternate cuss words (don't forget the forum policy on actually cussing).

Fudge, stuff, arse, Johannesburg, gad, gosh, jeeze, Archie Bunker, darn . . .

The next poster is the most foul-mouthed G-Rated poster in the world . . .

What, never!!

The next poster can do whatever they please whenever they please.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure, Card Game, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

And whoever, but most importantly...wherever I please. However, however is left up to the...

Next Poster.

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If it doesn't move and it should, WD40.

If it does move, and it shouldn't, duct tape.

And that's why I no longer work as a surgeon.

The next poster has their own unique response to medical emergencies.

It's not my fault that when I see someone on a stretcher with an oxygen tent, I steal the tent so I can sound like Darth Vader!

The next poster came here to talk about how cool space is and chew bubblegum… and they're all out of facts about space.

Chews bubblegum. Tries to blow a bubble but it can't get past all those teeth.

The next poster is in love with the next poster after them.

Its true, I love everyone equal. Even when I shouldn't. An elf is as an elf does.

How mature and wise of you!

The next poster has traveled to pluto before it was excluded.

In my mind!

The next poster has an even more impressive fantasy life.

Pluto, ha! How pedestrian. I traveled to Uranus!

The next poster will try not to make an immature joke about that.

i would never do such a thing

I'm sorry I really couldn't stop myself
I'm a failure:
your Anus

The next poster never laughs

True. It's more of a low, slow chuckle from deep in my chest.

The next poster and I spent a long weekend together that game me many occasions to chuckle.

We played two-person Baldurdash - a combination of (pay attention to the spellings) Baldur's Gate and the Balderdash board game. I kept guess the wrong definition which caused me to get waylaid.

The next poster, fortunately, has a clean mind and won't misinterpret that.

I always thought it was like pebbledashing, except that you coated the outside of the building with chunks of Norse god.

The next poster has run out of Deodinant.

And I've got an Allfather Infestation in a sensitive area.

The next poster has Thors all over the place, but has a plan!

I am currently group leader and am very surprised you know about my undercover Thors...We will take over the world! Just you watch!

The next poster is deathly afraid of grass

Don't be fooled! It's just the millions of stalks of an evil underground fungus!

The next poster is madly in love with Pulg, much to the chagrin of his to brick-wives.

Indeed, and soon Pulg will be mine. Forever.

The next poster is part of my plan to procure Pulg.

Sure thing. I brought a scroll of Procure Light Wounds.

Stands hand-in-hand with GoatToucher and begins to read the cursed scroll..."Те, що маємо тут is...failure спілкуватися..."

The next poster rescues Pulg, or us. Your choice.

Sovereign Court

*Flies in, obviously in bat form, snatches the scroll and drops it into a large fire that serves as the sole source of light to the room.*

Quick, get out of here, now!

The next poster is in charge of the evacuation procedure.

*Pulls the escape ship up and drops the ramp*

Get in!

The next poster is the villain trying to stop us

:appears on the deck of the ship:

Oh my. I am a tremendous fan of naval tradition.

The next poster will be my first mate.

Aha! I am secretly working for you and nobody suspects a thing...

The next poster is a swab on the Black Pearl

Just happy to be part of the team, although I don't see why it's necessary to insert the handle there.

The next poster has the job of putting the balls back on the brass monkey, once it's warmed up.

I...I don't understand
The next poster is me

I am, and I submit entirely to serve on the good ship "Unnatural Caresses" until released from service by her good captain.

The next poster wants to help "Swab the Porthole".

With lots of corpse worms. Welcome to my undead army!

The next poster doesn't fear the reaper.

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