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Figures. My first day off in 5,000 years and I can't even see the show I saved up to see. He's also breathing so loudly that I can't hear it either. Just the way things are, I guess...

The next poster dreams of electric sheep.

It took me half the day to remove that from my memory drive.

The next poster had a great time watching and listening to this

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Not sure what that «having a great time» thing is, but I watch it anytime my desires of killing start to fade. It works wonders.

The next poster didn't post before because that video was awkward.

I neither confirm nor deny that it's a teapot cozy that is featured in this smutty video.

The next poster understands my deep abiding hatred for Garl Glittergold.

Deep abiding hatred is what keeps us focused and active. I completely approve. Now, if you excuse me, I have to plot the extermination of an entire race.

The next poster thinks daleks are cool (I cannot but think of daleks whenever I hear «exterminate» LOL)

Daleks are cool, yeah, but they only seem to be able to lay eggs!

Next poster has already fulfilled one of his new year resolutions.

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On the first day of this new year of Our Lord, I promised myself I wouldn't held myself accountable to my New Year's resolutions. I feel very fulfilled !

Next poster thinks original Pathfinder rogues are up to the par with god wizards.

We replaced our god wizard for a bard but our rogue still stays. That must mean something. And our rogue knows how to stand up in a fight. The wizard was too squishy and prone to fall from heights making loud noises.

Next poster tries to derail this thread and fails.

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In retrospect, I may have been too literal when I tried blowing up that trestle. Derail can mean more than one thing, who knew?

The next poster doesn't understand synonyms.

Poog brain hurts!!!!!

Next pozter has eaten Quiche of Lisp, and vomited from bad quality.

What? I've gone cannibal again? I thought I had left that phase behind!

The next poster stole a sword from a city guard and then tried to sell it back to them.

You humans all look the same to me !
The next poster has something profound to say.

Bacon is one of mankind's greatest culinary achievements.

The next poster has something that is less than profound to say.

Today it didn't rain. At all.
The next poster is a hard case.

I'm probably more of a lost case.

The next poster is posting on the wrong thread.

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Cute Trans-Kender.

Dammit, this isn't the Nickname thread ?

The next poster has a big one under its coat.

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*removes a comically-large foam "1" from beneath KahnyaGnorc's coat*

The next poster knows where the other digits are hidden.

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That coat is a lot bigger than it looks on the inside!

The next poster knows what awaits humanity on the dark side of the moon.

Of course - it is the location of the most sacred Church of He Who Must Be Blamed.

The next poster wishes to worship He How Must Be Blamed but doesn't know how.

Scarab Sages

As a cleric, if I abandon my old faith to worship He Who Must Be Blamed, should I fall?
Can I worship both and take exclusive feats from He Who Must Be Blamed without losing access to my domains?

Next poster will clear out all my doubts.

Scarab Sages

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You can simplify everything by worshipping ME, certified God-King of the Forum Games!!!

The next poster will perform their Deific Obedience to Me.

*eats IHIYC*



We've got medical waste,
That's just to your taste,
Eat at 'Five Otyughs' todaaaay!'

The next poster will conduct a health inspection of 'Five Otyughs'.

Bad, very bad. Your food doesn't fulfill the quality standards for evil food services. You'll have to make some improvements here. What about adding some «spices» that would turn customers to ravenous cannibals? I can provide them for a price and it would raise the place's health standards.

Next poster didn't get the obscure reference to Price of Courage but fakes that he knows what I'm talking about.

Ah yes.. Courage who can really put a price on courage? who knows maybe ravenous cannibals? >.>

The next poster ignores this post all together and replaces sylvyana's lines "fakes that he knows what I'm talking about." with " Has mistaken it with something else entirely and wishes to share."

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Yes, my queen. Of course I know what you are talking about (wink, wink). Let's spend a bit of quality time together and I will share my courage with you!

Next poster eats the "spiced" Otyugh. And he loves it.

Mmm... Tastes like psycho garbage... with a slight taste of madness. It's the more delightful food poisoning attempt that I've ever tasted. Made me remember my mom's cooking, if it only tasted a bit more like acid and swamp it would have been perfect. I'm definitely coming back for more.

The next poster used to own an eat-all-that-you-can restaurant until he went bankrupt because of a faithful gargantuan dragon customer.

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Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

I sniff, I had enough to feed all of the Abyss for 100 years.
Then that damnable dragon, that Mohrlex the Reborn, showed up with a bad case of the munchies.

Oh sure, I've always had enough to keep even the most ravenous appetite in check but not this way.

The dragon ate everything, even the kitchen staff and building. I lost it all.

The next poster helped me get back on my feet, financially, using legal and moral means and somehow got stinking rich in the process.

I bought a yacht made out of potatoes with my half of the profits!

The next poster loves puns!

I am well known for my mast(ery) of poon.
The next poster is amazing.

Liberty's Edge

Verily! View my virtuosity!

The next poster will help me do virtuous violence against Razmir's vile villains!

We shall strike a blow for justice! and can come to no harm, for Debbie is watching over us.

The next poster slays in the name of Tiffany.

Tiffany to the breach ! Let us impale all the unbelievers ! Gore and pain to the apostates !

The next poster has three hands but only one eye.

It's not actually the worst thing that's happened to me this week. Being able to play a double-necked guitar is kind of neat.

The next poster was the butler this whole time!

That's right ! But what's the deal with the gorilla under the human mask ?

The next poster is not a number, but a free... entity.

Or, to be precise, I have n free titties, where n = (number of wives x 3)

The next poster is philosophically opposed to free titties.

Titties want to be free... And they also want to be expensive.

The next poster just can't agree!

I don't agree with you.
Wait, yes I do.
No, wait, I don't.
Wait, I do.
No, I don't.
Yes I do.

Oh, my aching head.

The next poster will help me with my confusion and come to a decision.

Drink that. Yes, very good. Now sign that piece of paper which makes me your only heir.
The next poster is very bouncy.


The next poster is wearing a wrist icicle and riding a dick bicycle. Or is it the other way around?


The next poster am winning again and must leave for no raisin!

I was told I would be given a cinnamon raisin bun if I came here! No raisin? I'm out of here!

Next poster has some sweets for me.

I hath returned from a very successful raid of Candy Land!

The next poster raided Chutes and Ladders, but returned with neither chute nor ladder...

All I got were snakes! What am I supposed to do with snakes!?

The next poster knows what to do with snakes.

I know not to let them anywhere near GoatToucher, for certain.

The next poster, having got bored with snake-handling, is now hand-snakeling.

Yeah... Don't ever trade your hands for snakes. Medusa hair maybe, but not hands.

The next poster believes in the extermination of all arcane spellcasting.

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I said exfoliation of arcane spellcasters, not extermination - all that arcane spellcasting is bad for the skin.

The next poster has an irrational hatred and fear of spontaneous divine casters.

Yes, the fear of not knowing how many of those pervs scry on me while i'm taking a bath, i know they do it. I overhear them regularly boasting while working at the tavern.

I hate them for it, and would love to make sure they won't do it again...ever.

The next poster will help me exact my revenge.

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