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OK, one more time. My last two play-by-post
Second Darkness games started out very well, but either died out or imploded.
So since I can't seem to find a Second Darkness game to play in one,
I might as well run it.

1. I need six players.

2. I need people that will check in probably at least once every two days so that we make sure to keep everything moving.

If you think the above is acceptable, phase two are the campaign standards
(click to view):

Character Creation:

All characters will be created with the “high fantasy” (20 point) purchase method (page 16 of the Core Rulebook).

All of the races and classes in the core rulebook and the advanced player's guide are allowed for play.

There can be no more than two characters of the same class in the party.

We will start at second level.

Max hp at first level. Roll for it at higher levels; but if you roll less than the average die you can take average +1 instead.

Characters will start with the average starting gold for their character class (according to the chart on page 140 of the Core Rulebook) plus 1000gp for being second level.

Players may purchase equipment from any Pathfinder source, with the approval of the GM (for example, some items may be rare in the Varisia region, and thus restricted initially).

No characters can start the campaign with an evil alignment.

Characters start at the maximum starting age for the class and race.

Characters can have up to 2 Traits.
Characters are encouraged to take a campaign trait; but since they were geared towards the very first level, it's not an absolute requirement.

Third Party Sources
I have the Tome of Secrets as well, material from that will be considered on a case by case basis.

Table Rules:

If a character has not taken an action in two day's time, and the character is in a situation where all characters need to take an action for the story to progress (for example, combat, though not limited to combat), that character reverts to the GM's control until the player's next post.

In combat a GM controlled PC is invulnerable to damage, though they die if the rest of the party dies. The only actions a GM controlled character will take will be to move and to provide an "aid another" check for other characters.

The GM rolls all initiative rolls.

If you need to "pass a note," either to the GM or another character, use the spoiler tag, addressed to the party you want to read it. For example:

Try to keep in character comments and descriptions of actions in normal font, and use the [ ooc ] brackets for "game" actions.

Finally, if you don't already have one, you need to make up a separate message board alias with the name of your character, and fill out the profile with all of the information that you would normally have on a standard Pathfinder RPG character sheet.

Before you make up your character, however, post in this thread, and give me a character concept.
I don't need pages, but I would like to have a character and not just a build to work with. Once the character sounds good, I'll give you the OK, and once the character is made up and has its own profile, you're good to go.

I'm going to be interested in this game. I'll dot it just now and then post up a character concept in a few hours once I've had a think about it.

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Interested... and with a day off work too! I'll go and read the Second Darkness player's guide to get to ideas...

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Zane Argentus, an intellectual wizard with intersting views on magic and reality. He sees the effects of magic as simply the manifestation of superior will by those capable of understanding the code of reality. To him, the blot is either the manifestation of an extraorninarily strong will or a symptom of mass hysteria, and either way worthy of study.

He's cerebral in a Chris Nolan type way, as such considered either visionary or insane by his wizard school peers.

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Hmmm... Cyphermages look interesting. Would I be correct in thinking that, for Pathfinder, the Cypher Script Feat has prerequisites of Int 12 and Linguistics 1 rank?

I'm definitely interested. I started Second Darkness as a wizard once, but since there are already two proposals for wizards, I'd like to submit Tristan the ranger. He was created for RotRL but I think I'll be able to tweak him for Second Darkness.

I'm definitely interested. I have a dwarven rogue I rolled up for another 2nd Darkness game that fell through. He is first level. The character concept is fairly simple, he was a miner, until the mines flooded, had to make a living off of grave robbing, thieving, trapping, etc...falling on a bit of hard times he has come to Riddleport to try his luck at the "Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold" tornament.

Pathfinder Adventure Subscriber

I've had trouble keeping a Second Darkness running as well. Thinking the new Urban Druid class might be worth a run...Maybe a Dwarven Urban Druid.

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm interested, but need to take a look at the 2nd Darkness Player's Guide first to get so ideas.

A new RotRL game popped up, so I think I'll reserve Tristan for that and submit a tiefling (if acceptable, else human) Inquisitor of Calistria instead.

Character Submission for Deepdweller

I know you didn't want character sheets yet..but the character has been finished for some time...just needed to advance to 2nd level. Background is at the bottom of the sheet. Thanks for the consideration

The Exchange

Ack! I didn't take long enough reading the Zane Argentus character proposal before I asked about cyphermages! That's what he is, right?

So - wizard, rogue, druid, inquisitor (whatever that is, sounds 'paladiny')... maybe I'll try a swashbuckler bard type: looking for work at the Gold Goblin. Need to go and think some more...

The Exchange

So, how about:

Darcy DeWinter (not his real name...), swashbuckling half-elven bard! Ever willing to woo the ladies, sing rousing and ribald songs, and tell outrageous lies!

[lie]His mother was an elven princess, his father a knight errant lost and near death in the enchanted forest which was her home. She found him, nursed him back to health, and their love (to their mutual joy) resulted in the birth of Darcy DeWinter![/lie]

[truth]His mother was a human harlot, his father a random passing elf she earned a few coins off one dark, drunken, night in a Riddleport back alley - their trist resulted (to her horror) in George Snodgrass... who now goes by Darcy DeWinter![/truth]

With flashing blade and ripping yarns Darcy buckles his swash across the town... although lately he's been a bit short of cash, and that gambling event at the Gold Goblin looks like a good place to find a few suckers... ahem... 'to earn an honest crust' as an entertainer...

Sovereign Court

Eros Tristil is a half-elf Ranger. He was previously an archer in the military, but he was dishonorably discharcharged. The unofficial reason was because he slept with his commanding officer's wife. The official reason was because he was disruptive to morale due to the fact that he resents authority and often disobeys orders.

He turned to rangering after the military because he had to survive off the land seeing as how he was discharged with no money and no friends.

Mark Thomas 66 submitted Zane Argentus-Wizard

Deepdweller submitted Bor-Rogue

ProfPotts (Alexander Scott) submitted Darcy Dewinter-Bard

Pelican submitted Eros Tristil-Ranger

All you guys are accepted, come to the Discussion thread and flesh them out!

Scranford and Black Tom, I'd like to hear more before deciding.

Hi, I would be interested in taking part in this adventure with you. Below is my concept with a small writing sample included for Borden Alhurst, Half-elven Rogue:

Borden in a rogue, through and through. Born in the poorest section of the city, he learned how to say anything he needed to in order to get what he wants. As such, he made his living when he was younger as a street beggar. As he grew older, he went from begging to performing acrobatic shows on the streets to earn his coin. Whenever he got in trouble with the corrupt officials of the city, he always fell back on his sliver tongue to get him out of a bind. Having been raised in the streets, there are not many whom Borden trusts, but those who have his trust, have an ally they can always rely on to help them out.

And an afternoon in the life of Borden:

The streets of Riddleport never changed, thought Borden as he set up his area for his act. Then, stopping to admire the Calistrian "priestesses" as they passed by, he quickly turns back to his work as he noticed one of their guard giving him a nasty look. Always protective of their Abbess' that bunch, he adds to himself as he does a few quick stretches, limbering his body up for the act to come. Then, stepping up onto a slightly raised platform, he takes his floppy hat of his head as he leaps forward with an explosion of movement, rolling forward as he did, to hit the ground and spring up in one quick movement. Then, landing on his feet, he tips his upturned hat to a startled woman, dressed in a fine dress, who had happened to be passing by. Flashing a charming smile, he saw the woman blush as she reached for her pouch strings. Almost certain he would get a few coins, his smile turned to a frown as he saw a man of equally fine wear, grab the woman's hand and pull her along after him, sparing enough time to glower at Borden. The woman was looking as well, though with a cute smile instead of a mean frown. Shrugging his shoulders at his lost coin, Borden simply goes back to his place as he sets up once more to start his show.

dathom submitted Borden Alhurst-Rogue
Accepted! Come on down to the Discussion thread and flesh out your character.

Maelorn, Human Cleric of Torag. Lawful Good (but not a prig about it). Artifice and Good Domains. Ease of Faith Trait (not sure about the other one)


Maelorn grew up in Riddleport, the child of the streets, his mother a prostitute, his father most likely a sailor. Unlike many in that life, he grew up cared for and basically happy. His early years were spent running errands at the House of the Silken Veil, and he would has likely ended up as part of the seamier side of the hospitality industry were it not for a chance meeting with a Dwarven priest of Torag who had come to consecrate a recently-repaired Gas Forge. Within minutes of hearing him ramble about the "Joy of Creation", Maelorn heard his calling...he joined the priesthood and never regretted it.

While Maelorn did leave for a few years to pursue training, he returned as soon as possible to 'give something back' to the city that had given him birth. He sincerely believes that people are better served when there are Just laws applied with compassion, but feels that people must be convinced by example, not coercion. He loves the town, for all its flaws, and still maintains a cordial relationship with those at the Silken Veil, including his mother, now well past her 'on her back' years, and working in support services at the Veil. The church hierarchy (if there were one local) would likely be scandalized by his lack of disdain for the machinations of Calistria's Temple, but he can't bring himself to dislike the place he grew up.

He's known in the poorer sections of town as 'Fixit' or 'The Water Man' due to his custom of taking a walk through parts of town in the early morning and casting the Create Water orison for anyone who brings him a bucket, as well as his willingness to use Mending at will to fix small items that the residents can not afford to replace or repair.

Room for one more? If so I'll try and throw something together tonight. :)

Alexandu has had a rough time of it. If you allow tieflings his mother was raped by a fiend and abandonedhim at birth. Growing up as an orphan, as he came of age he took employment as a porter only to see the entire expedition slaughtered by orcs, himself being left for dead. He found refuge and a purpose in the temple of Calistria.

As of now Alex is a severe misanthropist, even if he's easygoing enough (he's CG). He's longing to unleash his seething fury on someone deserving. As an inquisitor hopefully he can provide some buffing and do some rogue duties.

Ramarren submits Raelorn-Cleric

I'm going to stretch the roster a little and accept Black Tom's Alexandru as well. You're going to need the muscle with all the skillmonkeys on your team.

Come on down to the Discussion thread and get your character together.

With this, I'm going to call the roster closed; I want to thank everyone for their interest and I hope to see you again another game.

Have fun, everybody. :)

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