Gary Rocks!

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Seriously, man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

You're welcome!

Remember, if it's still red tomorrow, see a doctor.

Yeah, Gary! Go, man, go!

P.S. When was my first post?

Not really. I need no reminders of how old I'm getting.

Yeah, Gary! Go, man, go !

P.S. When was my first post?

Not really. i need no reminders about how old I'm getting.

Dark Archive Bella Sara Charter Superscriber

You spelled Sebastian wrong in the title of the thread, but I forgive you.

The Exchange

Man, how could spellcheck have missed that?

…except for that one time when he went back in time and killed the inventor of sliced bread. I am glad we worked that all out though. It would have been ugly.

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