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89. Sand Trap
Description: Endless sand broken by stone platforms. The door they came through is on top of one platform. There are other platforms with doors, a mysterious small crate, one with any monster, discovery, clutter, and some empty ones . There is also a crashed shuttle that contains a trap, a crowbar, and other emergency supplies. The crate contains 9 bottles of some sort of wine packed in straw. In the sky there are 2 suns, the red dwarf revolving around the yellow.
GM notes: Most of the platforms stretch down to the top of a broken mountain. When someone touches on the sand, the Bullet will come and charge anyone still on the sand. Otherwise the fin will be seen cutting through the sand. The wine is Chateau de Landshark. It's a charming Infusion of Demon Ichor. If it can make an armadillo look good to a snapping turtle, it can help you create that 3 way hybrid you have nightmares about. It’s actually a tincture as the 80 proof alcohol is mixed with the demon ichor and aged for a month at least.:)
Dimensions: Wide open. The platforms are about 30 feet apart, irregular 10 foot wide circles.

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We are so close to finishing the Rooms Deck I can Taste It...

90. The Maelstrom

Description: This huge, poorly lit chamber seems to have been polished from a single crystaline object. The Chamber almost looks like it has been 'digested'. It is flooded with water that seems to be in a slow spiral toward the whirlpool in the distant centre of the chamber.

Dimensions: 500' diameter, 15' high ceiling

91. The hall of memories:

This long hallway is unnaturally quite and lit by several low burning torches. The floor is covered by a thick carpet that muffles all foot prints. All along the walls are elaborately framed paintings of the party and their adventures in the various rooms they have previously entered. as you pass it appears as if the eyes of the creatures and party members of the paintings are watching you. At the end of the hallway is a simple wooden door. The last painting in the room has a heavy tarp covering it...

Pulling the tarp back revels a mirror. Immediately you notice that the images are slightly off. Seconds later the mirror begins to crack and out of the frame emerge soulless doppelgangers of your party members.

Gm note: The dopplegangers do not have the same magical items as your party and are equipped with nothing better than masterwork weapons and armor.

Dimensions: 1000'ft long, 20 ft wide.

92. The Stomach

The walls and ground of this round chamber are pink and flesh-like, pulsating as though they were alive. Excessive movement (such as running or charging) or any attacks that might strike them (area of effect, explosives) cause these pulsations to intensify greatly, potentially knocking anything inside of the room to the ground. Further provocation causes the walls and ground to secrete acid, inflicting 1d6 acid damage per round.

Dimensions: 200 ft. horizontal radius, 30 ft. high

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93. Fallon's Tap Room

Description: A welcoming sight take you by surprize. This is a tap room filled with wayward adventurers, a barkeep and lots of Alcohol that seems to be comming from a spigot in the Wall. The Barkeep also has a selection of Ales brewed from yellow mold. With a Bar at one end, rickety tables and benches made from doors on old barrels occupying the middle of the room, and a partially obscured Jakes at the far end.
Fallon seems to be the name of the barkeep.

Dimensions: 15' high ceiling, 20' wide, 100' long room.

yellowdingo wrote:

93. Fallon's Tap Room

Description: A welcoming sight take you by surprize. This is a tap room filled with wayward adventurers, a barkeep and lots of Alcohol that seems to be comming from a spigot in the Wall. The Barkeep also has a selection of Ales brewed from yellow mold. With a Bar at one end, rickety tables and benches made from doors on old barrels occupying the middle of the room, and a partially obscured Jakes at the far end.
Fallon seems to be the name of the barkeep.

Dimensions: 15' high ceiling, 20' wide, 100' long room.

The brewing killed the yellow mold and got rid of the original dangerous qualities. Now it's strong beer.

94. The gauntlet
This long corridor has arrow slits all along it at various heights. Arrows come out of the walls constantly (2D4 per person, per round, shot by kobolds with short bows). At the end of the corridor is a room, where any additional doors, monsters, and other stuff will be (Put a trap in the corridor if you think that’s clever). When someone reaches the room they have access to the two secret doors that lead to the shooting galleries where the 50 kobolds are shooting from.
Dimensions: 100 foot corridor 10 feet wide and 15 feet high. The shooting galleries are 7 feet wide with 3 foot platforms built to allow kobolds to shoot higher into the room. The room at the end is a standard 30 foot inside of a cube of stonework.

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95. The Leatherworks

Description: There are three huge vats filled with dark liquids. In the vats are an assortment of Leather hides (Demons). They are being dyed one of three colours: Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Dimensions: 50' wide, 100' long, 25; high; Vats are 10' diameter and sunken into the floor 10' deep

96. Kaos chamber
When first entered, the ceiling is 3+3D6 high. The walls are 30 feet long and there are 3D6 walls. The floor is made of 1-Raw stone, 2-tiled stone, 3-Yellow brick, 4-Ice, 5-Beach sand, 6-A thick metal grating above a sewer. The walls are made of 1-Unworked stone, 2-Stone blocks, 3-Red Bricks, or 4-mural painted plaster. The ceiling is made of 1-Stone, 2-Mosaic tiled, 3-Painted to look like an alien night sky, or 4-Domed stained glass. There is a monster with a treasure, a discovery. There is an item from each dungeon clutter deck. There is a trap that when triggered the room description resets(after the characters suffer the consequences). Add new stuff instead of replacing it.

Bumped. There are only 4 more rooms possible in this deck.

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97. Hall of Mirrors

Description: This long dark chamber is filled with hundreds of free standing mirrors. Each seems to be filled with mist and is cold to the touch. At each end of the hall great iron doors scriven with scenes of cruelty and horrors beyond your rational mind deny your escape. The Mirrors are each permanent Gates to one of the 999 Lower Planes.

Dimensions: 50' wide, 150' long, 30' ceiling.

A reflection of...
76. (Quantum) Hall of Mirrors.
This looks like a hall of mirrors, but there is something wrong with the left one at the far end. It has a jagged edge and it shows 2 knights in armor and some device on a tripod. The knights are wearing some sort of cat themed armor. They hold out some sort of staff at anyone who approaches. The end seems to open up.

GM Notes: They are Goa'uld warriors of Bastet and the quantum mirror is a doorway. If someone gets ahold of the device on the tripod have it burn out irreparably when someone starts pushing buttons. To switch alternate Prime Material Planes takes a concentration check of 25. It also takes that to turn it off or on. When turned off it seems to be a normal mirror. The other mirrors may be normal, or you can throw in a mirror of opposition or something. Some mirrors hide a door behind them. You can have some attuned mirrors. You step into one and climb out the other.

Dimensions: 100 feet long, 10 feet wide and tall. Each mirror is about 9'10" by 4'11"

You can substitute any world taken over by symbiotic aberrations.

98. The Sewer
This long tunnel has walkways along the side. Along the middle of the floor is a deep(30 feet) stream of dirty water. Upstream is the well room. Downstream is the cesspit.
GM notes: If you search the floor of the foul stream for 1D6 rounds you will find...
1-A bone, 2-T**d(it's not a candy bar), 3-a copper piece, 4-a silver piece, 5-a canadian quarter, 6-a dead rat, 7-A pistol(used in a murder and requiring a Make Whole spell to ever function again), 8-The mostly rotted corpse of a human fetus, 9-Aligator skull(from a full grown aligator), 10-The Nixon commemorative gold coin, 11-A Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and 12-The 20 sided die that rolled me 1 for 2 consecutive true strikes at a convention!

Dimensions: 500 feet long, 40 feet wide, 25 foot high ceiling. The walkways are 10 feet wide so the stream is 20 feet wide.

PS: Leaky steam pipes, exposed electric cables, water mains, sewage mains, Ninja Turtles(perferably adapted from the role playing game), and other modern features are personal touches and will vary from game to game.

99. A River of Lava Flows Through It
The wall on your right has a huge crack in it from which flows lava. It flows across the room and out through the far wall. There is a bridge made of basalt or something that goes over the river of lava. Guarding the middle of the bridge is a troll, sweating like an orc. He will ask anybody who tries to cross, "What's the password?". The rest of the doors and probably a treasure chest are on the other side.
GM Notes:It should always be something stupid funny. Here is a partial list to get you started.
1:"What" is the password.
2:"I don't know"
3:"My Mom."
4:"The password is a multi letter code"
After The Troll and his big weapon are defeated, killed, or whatever, a paper with the password written on it will be found in his vest pocket.

Dimensions: It's 200 feet long, wide, and high.

Shadow Lodge

100. The Bridge

When the door opens into this room, it opens directly onto a wooden arch-bridge. The door to leave is right on the other side of the bridge. The walls and ceiling are all very close to the bridge, encasing it in a small box. The walls are so close, it is impossible to see past them to what, if anything, is underneath this bridge.

DM: Their is nothing underneath the bridge. Literally nothing. If you fall, you will fall forever in a self-contained void where even time does not exist.

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0. Room zero
This is a weird zone where time and space are not. Things that are thrown outside the game entirely land here. Whats at the bottom of a bottomless pit? This place. Certain powerful creatures can fish people out of here to use them as slaves. If characters want to pull anything out of here they will need to juryrig a pole out of minor artifacts, or pieces of artifacts. Anything else will be frozen in the null time and stuck.

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Another Full Deck!

How do we turn this one into a deck? any suggestions?

I will be submitting maps of my rooms starting with the L shaped room.
Probably not today, but soon. I will put them up on Photo Bucket and post links here.


L Shaped Room

Squishies will love the brew made from yellow mold.
The decks were originally intended to be 100. Additional cards could be used as substitutes for stuff that does not fit certain playing styles. Remember, rule 1 is fun.

The furnace room is in here. I may bump all the Cleaves files.


14, 15, and 16 have to be renumbered as 14A, 14B, and 14C so they can occur in sequence. With my luck, when I try to play test this, they will come up in reverse order. Feel free to submit a new 15 or 16.

15. Half pipe.
This 20 feet wide, 200 feet long has scooters, skateboards, and bikes littered on either side. Normally it’s a 10 dex check to cross, but there are monsters trying to make the character wipe out. You have to make opposed dex checks to make the monsters wipe out. There are 2 doors on each side. One of the doors leads to a closet full of roller skates. Either end of the half pipe terminates in a solid stone wall.

16 A small village. There is a farm, blacksmith, small manor turned boarding house, Curio shop, possibly a bakery, and a wayside chapel. Just beyond the village limits are wandering ghouls. The village is affected by 1D6 positive energy channeling. Most of the doors to and from the Cleaves are in the village. There's one in the back of the barn, one in back of a large wardrobe in the manor, and a side door in an outhouse(extra points if characters open it while it's in use). The village folk will all try to convince the characters to stay. They will say the Cleaves is lethal, it's too hard to get home, and they know people who went back out into the Cleaves and never returned.

GM notes: The town elder is actually a Fen who has evolved into a living god. The village was originally made in a world overrun with undead as a place to study other races. It's a terrarium of sorts. Most of the Fen have ascended beyond mortal comprehension. It's by The Elder's force of will that the planet doesn't crumble from negative energy. The villagers should be based on whiny babies who think their class is underpowered, or the Cleaves is too lethal. If characters want to help out with the farm work, get a good night's sleep, recover from their injuries, and then set back off into the Cleaves, this is a good place to make their temporary base. They can also go hunt ghouls and raid abandoned buildings out beyond the limits.

For extra messing with characters, you can bring in someone who wants to play Alice or Mad Max. The other characters will wonder if they are a PC or an NPC plant.

yellowdingo wrote:

75. The Crystal chamber

Description: This large cave seems to be the heart of a large geode cavity with giant crystals growing inwards toward the centre. Its Awe inspiring. Unfortunatly it is also a deathtrap. The instant the PCs entered, their core body temperature began to slowly rise. within a half hour (3 Turns) they will experience dehydration. Within an Hour they will be dead. Cooked alive.

Dimensions: The cave is about fifty feet in diameter and sort of spherical if it were not for the unusual crystal growths.

All metal objects are affected with heat metal. The description sounds like a microwave.

Sphen86 wrote:

18. The Exit.

A long tunnel streatches undefended before you. A light shines at the end, beckoning you on-ward. As you race towards it, you find yourself never gaining ground on it. The faster you run, the further from you it gets. When you turn around, you find that you have gotten no further than 10ft. from the entrance to the room. When you step back through the way you came, you find yourself back in the original room in which you entered the dungeon. This room appears at random, a 1% chance everytime a PC walks through a door or doorway.

So is it a corridor, 100feet long. If one member of the party stands in front of the entry door, can the rest of the party reach the exit home? Is this what the big stone head was talking about?

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I'm still looking for a pathfinder version of the Goa'uld.

Storybookland is an alternate prime with fundamental differences in their natural laws. Each different retelling of the stories creates a separate timeline. There is the world from Grim's fairy tales, Fractured Fairy tales, Disney(which recently split between the one that led to the TV cartoons, and Decedents), The Tenth Kingdom, ect...

I would like to take the Grim's version as expanded by Ever After High and have the evil queen's daughter cast a blood curse on the book. As long as her line survives, every generation of a storybook character will have one child who will inherit the story, ironically. Thus Apple White will find 7 dwarfs(the biggest goof ups ever) have been resurrected to try to serve her. Also apples in any form including juice will knock her out till any royalty kisses her. Pinnocio's daughter will turn into an animated puppet till she performs a selfless act. Aladdin's son will find a lamp, with Jafar as the genie. Jafar will go back to Hades's realm anytime he balks at granting a wish, only returning when he is ready to grant. The Hatter's daughter will be followed around by Wonderland characters, bringing her tea trays and generally being annoying.

Have you seen We Bare Bears? I think Cloe is descended from Goldilocks. She keeps having to visit 3 bears. :)

Liberty's Edge

Chamber of the <Plot McGuffin or important NPC>

This chamber is very spacious, with waterfalls and glowing crystalline walls (emitting blacklight, so anything that is lightly colored will glow a purplish hue) outlining the room, a ceiling that extends into blackness (actual height is unknowns, and a marble floor of three alternating colors in a hexagonal pattern*; Red, Green and Blue. In the center of the room sits a pedestal surrounded by a recessed floor.

*Read; this floor would use a Hex grid instead of a Square grid.

Goth Guru wrote:
I'm still looking for a pathfinder version of the Goa'uld.

*The kitsune's eyes flash yellow, and his voice becomes low-pitched and distorted.*

Jaffa, why are you not guarding the Chappa'ai?!

The booster pack would be titled "Room for Expansion". The picture on the front would show the inside of a dungeon room.

1:Chamber of the <Plot McGuffin or important NPC> very rare.
I recommend at least 3 traps and either the lich's phylactery or part of the font on the pedestal.

2:Storeroom. Common. It contains 1 of each crate. They are stacked on top of each other. They are labeled with complex, ten digit, alpha numeric codes. One crate is already on a metal crate cart, there are 3 more. There are 4 normal zombies, 1 hill giant zombie, and one ghoul with a clipboard. The clipboard simply lists some crate codes and the rooms they should be delivered to.

DM notes: If living creatures enter the room, all the undead leave their tasks and attack.

3:Closet. Common. 5 by 10 with random contents.

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