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100 Special Discoveries

A Special Discovery will come with an adventure hook...

1. The Guild Masters Chest

You find a leather bound wooden chest.

DM Briefing: The Chest is empty and is trapped by Poison Gas. It can be disarmed at DC20? and the Components are worth (2000gp salvaged/10000gp intact).

Adventure Hook: There is a guildmaster's mark on the trap workings.

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2. Grafitti on the Wall

There is a scrawl scratched into the wall here.

DM Briefing: This is a spell designed to tie an actual door in the real world to the interdimensional Megadungeon - The Cleaves. It is a variant of the Door spell.

Adventure Hook: The Spell is signed by a Well known Wizard.

Scarab Sages

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3. An exact double of the PC, dead of no discernable cause.

You turn over the slumped form, to find your own lifeless features facing up at you.

DM Briefing: The body is devoid of equipment except for simple clothing.

All attempts to restore the person back to life fail.
This is because it actually is the PC, but from a future time, and their simultaneous existence is a paradox.

Adventure Hook: On the plus side, assuming the corpse can be kept fresh, if the PC in question is subsequently killed by an effect that would prevent raising, or would result in permanent maiming, the spell can instead be cast on this new corpse, which will provide a replacement healthy body, though the PC will only remember events up to their in-game death, all later memories having been lost.

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4.The Bloated Corpse

You finds a fat bloated and naked corpse with a belly and mouth stuffed full of eyeballs...

DM Briefing: THis is a denizin of these parts - 'The Cannibal'. He has been killed by a bad meal. The Cannibal is a Wizard who became trapped in the Cleaves.

Adventure Hook: Interrogating the corpse will avail the PCs of the location of his stash (Located somewhere in the Cleaves). Unfortunatly others have questioned him first.

5. World Book Shelf
A book shelf full of volumes on all of the different planes and the worlds contained there-in. Those detailing the realm of the PC's are book-marked or highlighted in some way.

6. The Composer's Last Message

This simple stone room has the markings of a pitched battle, with scores from blades and crumbled stone masses that were once tiles or bricks being visible all over the room. Suddenly, a haunting melody springs from the corner of the room, behind a curtain. Moving the curtain reveals a fine violin playing by itself, floating in front of a spotless stand where a set of rough sheet music lies. In the back of the sheet music is scribbled the following:









Hook: The song is actually a code, revealing a message that could lead to just about anything, from treasure to the place where the composer was taken, or warn of a dire danger ahead. In addition, the violin may be taken, and will play the tune of any sheet music set in front of it when there are people nearby to hear it.

The Exchange

7. The Bone Flail

This consists of a dozen bone barbs connected to a bone handle by twine woven from hair.

Briefing: This is a Flail once owned by a Lich Pharoh in Quadira. It was his symbol of Authority.

Hook: The Lich is looking for it. The Thief escaped using Dimension door and became trapped here in the Cleaves.

8. The Ooze drip.
A slow steady drip of ooze plops down into a slowly increasing puddle. Once this puddle reaches a certain size, it becomes an ooze of appropriate CR. A heavily rusted crank nearby controls how fast the drips come.

HOOK: These oozes are the cleaning system of the Cleaves and have been set to this rate since it's creation. Turning the crank all the way up would unleash a vertible flood of oozes that would wipe out anything still living in the dungeon, including the PC's.

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9. DPW
This 30' x 60' with a 20' height room is located behind a Secret Stone Door that opens upward on a counterbalance. Counterbalance can be secured opened if so desired. Within the room, are a variety of dungeon creating tools and supplies all neatly organized along the walls including a portable forge.
A small staircase midway (30' inward) leads 10' up to a 60' balcony along the length of the lower room and a door. This door is unlocked and opens into a 20'x 20' home/office space. A plethera of paperwork remains undisturbed upon the desk facing you and a Dwarven skeleton sitting in chair watching you and waiting. As you approach, it pushed a yellowed parchment towards you written in old dialect of Dwarf and Common "Requisition/Repair Work Order"

HOOK: If no tools are stolen, if the form is filled out, if the skeleton is not harmed, it will guide you to the item or location requested within its jurisdiction of the Megadungeon.

10. The Sanctuary
This room is 60 feet across and a perfect circle, down to the last inch. 1/3 of the walls are jet black onyx, 1/3 are red marble, and the last third is brilliant white quartz. Dotting the walls are small shrines to various gods and goddesses, evil/chaotic along the black portion, good/lawful in the white, and neutral in red. Looking up, the PC's see more balconies, each dotted with more shrines. These balconies streatch up into the distance, eventually becoming lost in the un-lighted reaches. A body lies in front of each shrine, all dead and in various stages of decay. Some are barely decompossing and still maintain their priestly robes, others are skeletons. All lie in state and none seem to have died violently. One shrine, however, remains empty. The shrine of the wanderer has no corpse, as the priest has, of course, wandered. Any effort to speak with the corpse reveals that they can find no rest until his body is returned, alive or dead, and that he left many centuries ago. His body cannot be destroyed as it would simply reform until such time as it is brought back to it's right full place before his shrine.

Hook: If the body is found and returned, the whole room lights up and the walls begin to shift. The shrines on the lowest level begin to rise into the air and now form the lowest level of balconies. On the ground floor are new shrines, unattended by priests as of yet. If the original bottom row were shrines to older gods, than these new ones are to the current gods. If the bottom row was to the current gods, these new ones are to un-known gods. Un-beknownst to the PC's, the next request they make while in this room in this room will be instantly granted as per the miracle spell, but with out the components.

The Exchange

11. The Hanging Cage

Suspended from the ceiling by a chain is a large cage about 2&1/2 feet in Diameter. Except for the collection of rags and bones on the bottom of the cage - it is empty.

Hook: one of the Bones is a flute designed to summon undead to the musician (and not in a good way).

12. The Mirror?
This ornate, gold trimmed mirror is roughly circular (10 inches across), and shows no reflections other than smoke when looked upon. The person holding it must have some light behind him/her to be able to see anything through it. If they have a source of light directly behind them, they see themselves at the exact age at which they will die. Note: This mirror also reflects vampires and invisible creatures.

13. The Teleportation Circle

In this room, a stone, perfectly circular but flat on both ends, lie upon the ground. The sides are etched with runic engravings, and the magic is so thick you can almost smell it.

This is a teleportation circle. Due to natural magic residing in the room, teleportation magic is "drawn" to it. Anyone familiar with the stone trying to teleport to it automatically succeeds. Furthermore, anyone casting a Conjuration [teleportation] spell while casting on the stone is treated as having a caster level 4 higher for the purposes of the spell.
The stone is extremely heavy, weighing over 5000 lbs. Should it be moved even an inch, the powers become unaccessible until it's returned.

Hook: Should the players linger here, no-one knows who'll show up, probably to trade with Pernzibar since few others know about this place.

14. The Fiendish Trader

The entrance to this area is a door with a magic mouth on. When you reach the door, it utters "Be greeted, trader! Do you come in peace?" If the players answers "yes", the door turns transparent yet is obviously still there.

Beyond the door lies a 50ft. by 60ft. room with a high roof, stocked full with bookshelves, crates, and chests. On tables are tenths of items on display, and weapons are hanging from the ceiling in cords. This is clearly some kind of shop.

You are greeted by an attractive young man, seemingly elven though with a somewhat vicious look to him. He moves forward towards the door, and speaks. "Welcome to Pernzibar's Exotic Goods! How can I help you today?"

This is a store owned by Pernzibar, a half-demonic elf (CE Ari 6). He's set up shop here since he also has a small gold-mining operation behind his shop, where four enslaved duergar work relentlessly. Most of his customers are drow, duergar and other subterranean humanoids, though he also has several powerful customers that use the teleportation stone to travel to and from him.

Excactly what his stock is varies, but he always have top-notch nonmagical goods of all kinds as well as his more rare magical items. He especially like to trade in odd magical items and trinkets - the weapons and armor are mostly just because they sell well. Apart from being a trader he's also a master goldsmith and can make beautiful jewelry. He's in no way ill-willed to people in general; he's less malevolent than most other fiends, though he still only cares for himself and wouldn't care hurting other people if it furthened his goal.

If someone wants to enter his shop he has a few precautions - spellcasters must allow him to tie together their three middle fingers on both hands, and non-spellcasters must give their weapons to him. Non-humanoid creatures aren't usually allowed in the store, and he may disallow anyone he doesn't like.

The Exchange

15. The Last Remnants of a forgotton People

Scribed on the stone Wall is a history of the Fen. They were some Magic Wielding People who created the Megadungeon now known as the Cleaves. Although most of the Dungeon had some purpose other than what they have become - mostly to provide a 'panic room' where their wizards might retreat from the barbarity of the world. Unfortunatly Barbarity caught up with them.

Hook: There are parts of some Artefact described on the Wall. When found - and assembled they allow the wielder to move the location of a Room.

The Exchange

16. Surati's Scarf

This fifty feet long woven Scarf is weighted at one end allowing it to be used to tangle on some outcroping allowing it to be used as a climbing rope.

Hook: This Scarf once belonged to a well known assassin and any assassin with knowledge of assassins or guilds will recognize the scarf and covet it on a DC15.

17. The Jeweled Bottle Stopper
This ornate, sapphire bottle stopper will re-size to fit any bottle opening less than 1 foot across.
Hook: It can be used to close up the genie bottle found else-where in the dungeon, forcing the genie back inside.

The Exchange

18. The Madrigals

This Trio of Ghostly Musicians seem intent on doing nothing more than following the Party about playing awesome classical Music about their Heroic (and not so heroic) deeds.

Hook: If the PCs ever bother to ask, the Madrigals need their corpses buried. They will never ask directly.

19. Message in a bottle

This simple glass bottle rolls slowly through the dungeon. Inside is a note with the words "SOS to the world. Cast-away feeling alone" written in every known language upon it. The bottle itself is un-breakable, but doesn't stay in one place for long unless it is empty. If anything is place inside, it attempts to resume it's journey.

Hook: If the PC's can find the one who sent the bottle out, he grants them a +2 Rapier or other piercing weapon.....anything with a Sting.

20.The Tablet

A tablet covered with hieroglyphics. If translated it tells how to make bandages that cast the aid spell when applied. It is non-magical and thus easy to translate with magic. It is signed by Cleopatra the 3rd. The edge looks jagged.

Hook: It was stolen from her tomb and she is now a greater mummy. She wants this returned to her tomb along with many more items.

The Exchange

21. Voodoo Doll with a vengence.
This small burlap humanoid doll is currently dressed in scraps of cloth pinned together looking similiar to thier last escaped and soon to be nemesis. Stabbing the doll does indeed have the appropriate effect with a red fluid disappearing coating the pins. Any victim (who fails a Will Save as per Scrying spell modifiers) whose clothes adorn this doll is affected with staggered condition during the torture+1d6 rounds.

Hook: Unbeknownst to the holder, the doll provides Greater Scrying centered on itself for the victim during the torture process plus 1d6 hours afterward.

22. The Cake
Is a lie. First, it's actually a flan with frosting. Second, the sugar is a sugar like drug that causes delusions. 10 minutes per bite. Everything they spot and search is wrong. They misidentify monsters. They should start meta gaming badly, calling PCs by their player names. Seeing things in the room the gamers are playing in. Everyone who does not eat the cake should start telling them to shut up or something.

Hook: They will start claiming that the Cleaves actually exist in the world they come from and the only way to get out is to cross the great rift. The rift is just part of the space maze that is the Cleaves. Their constant being wrong is like a reverse augury.

The Exchange

23. The Common-Dragon Dictionary

This is a large book teeming with Dragon pictograms and their meaning.

Hook: It belonged to the Linguist and Scribe Fal Randal. It is of some value despite the 'Dragon Language' being one of several dialects developed by Humans as a functional and convenient lingual code. Basically the Words dont always mean what they say and have meaning related to the participants in the conversation.

24. Flyer for JuJu Bee's House of Wonderment and Traveling Carnival

A paper pamphlet for this attraction is pasted onto on of the walls as the party passes by. If ignored, it detaches itself and re-attaches to one of the party (a shield or some such).

Hook: Presenting the flyer at JuJu Bee's (once you find it), gets you in for free and 3 discounted tickets into the House of Wonderment.

25.Dipple's Formulary
In among the tips for creating Flesh Golems(+2 strength and dice) and failed immortality experiments, there is the recipe for Spell Restoration.

Hook:This potion restores one first level spell slot per dose and is about 1/5 normal potion volume. You could drink multiple doses at once to restore higher level spell slots. It costs 1,000 Gp per dose to make and takes an hour per batch to brew. It can be made by any alchemist or arcane caster, but it works for all spellcasters. The potion is clear blue and tastes weird.

The Exchange

26. All your Marbles

This is a sack of Marbles which affords the owner some notoriety. It Each marble protects the posessor from Mental attacks or influences. If they fail a save the Marble takes the hit and is destroyed in return. Of Course there is a down side. Each Marble is also a Prison to some fiend that will then appear within 24 hours and attack the Recipient of the Marble's destruction.

Hook: Anyone hearing of the Marbles will come for them - though they hold risk in use, they are of benifit to the very powerful.

27. A Bird in your Hand

Small figurine of a bird of pray. On the bottom are the initials RR. Not only are these the initials of the sculptor, Richard Rowell, but also of the type of bird, Roc Raptor.

Hook: This small figurine will guide you to Rocs, but also draws hostility from them and any other raptor within 100 yards.

28. Sword of the Destroyer

The Great sword makes the owner immune to fear. It has no bonuses but as a magic weapon, such can be added. (As soon as the owner fails a will save, the sword makes them think they are the destroyer. They believe they are the human champion sworn to destroy all monsters. This is an obsession curse. A monster who tries to use this sword often slays themselves. It is found this time in the ribcage of a hobgoblin skeleton.
Hook: These swords are usually made by human settlements to help destroy their monstrous enemies. True or not, the legend is that the destroyer was the first hero. When the first human civilization rose, they were attacked by giants, Dragons, and a great goblin army. The destroyer led the human army, allied with the dwarves and elves, and drove the monsters into the badlands. All monsters want to destroy the sword. All nobles want to carry the sword. It can be removed with a remove curse, but there may be a scramble afterwards to claim it.

29. Pandora’s Box
This ornate box looks like ivory set with mosaics of mythological monsters. It radiates magic and identifies as a mega-bag of tricks. So much for the box text. When opened, the first person or creature that looks in is attacked by a random monster. After the initial melee, if the monster survives, it will become free willed and typical of it’s species. The item requires it be closed and 10min. recharge. Functions only 3 times a day. I mean, it creates permanent monsters.
01: Basilisk
02: Boar (Dire), Max hits.
03: Centaur
04: Cerberus Hell Hound: 3 headed, fire breathing, dire wolf.
05: Chimera
06: Cockatrice
07: Cyclops
08: Gorgon
09: Griffon
10: Harpy
11: Hydra
12: Lamia (Serpentine, add 3 cleric levels with D10s)
13: Lion(Dire) Max hits.
14: Manticore
15: Medusa
16: Minotaur
17: Nymph
18: Pegasus
19: Satyr
20: Sphinx
Hook: This is where all these monsters come from, the gods. There are no female Minotaurs or Satyrs. No male Medusas, Harpies, Nymphs, or Lamias. Even though this is not the original box, it is not made by mortals. If a cleric wants one they should start praying.

30. The Magic Compass
It looks like a normal compass, but it says along the side, "Think of what you want, then look north." If the holder concentrates on something, the needle will point to it. If the thing does not exist in the area, it will spin wildly.
Hook: This thing can find pieces of the artifact. Note that it will only point to an item the holder has if there is no item unattended around. As The Cleaves is a space dungeon, it will not point to another room.

31. The Resting Place

This room is elegantly made, ancient, and made of all pure-white marble. On stone platforms lay what appear to be the PCs, appearing to be of opposite alignments to the real thing. They're not corpses: they seem to be suspended in magical stasis.

Hook: there's a tragic mistake a world very similar to *this one* made... and these antiheroes may just know how to avoid it, if they can be awoken and made to cooperate.

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32. Das Book
This smallish black book has a silver musical note on its cover and a fountain pen tucked into the binding. Whoever holds the book will see and hear a young man with blood red hair named Light. He will say and it is also written on the first page, “This book gives you the power of death. Just write a person’s name on a page and they will die in about a day. You can add the time of death and the way they die, otherwise, their heart will stop….”
Hook: There is a lot more, but you should stick close to the Anime. One of the death spirits is a Marute. When the person who claims the book by writing in it dies unrecoverable, they become a death spirit and can give a mortal a book. A death spirit can only touch the book owner and anyone who’s name is written in the book. The death spirits have death touch like a death Slaad. The Death Spirits continue to gain experience and the save versus their touch is DC their level+10. It is important to the book owner’s survival that they keep this book a secret.

33. Black Hole

A worn piece of parchment with a large black-filled circle covering the majority of its surface.

When placed against a solid surface, no more than one foot thick, it acts as a darkened porthole into the chamber beyond. Users can reach through the obstruction to the other side. Small beings can crawl through into the chamber beyond if someone else holds the parchment in place.

Hook: The PCs discover the parchment on the floor next to solid wall and if they discover its use they can use the parchment to gain access to a hidden chamber on the other side of the wall where they will find the corpse of a halfling, essentially bones at that point, along with some fantastic treasures.

**Note: If the parchment is folded it gets sucked inside itself and disappeares. If it is rolled, nothing happens. This is not a portable hole and does not create its own extradimensional space. If placed on a surface thicker than one foot it has no effect.

34.Vending machine table. Things bought will persist.
01: Drinks. Takes silver piece. Gives bottle of Tea, chilled coffee, Pure water, or sparkling lemon lime drink.
02: Food. Takes silver piece. Gives 1 iron ration, chocolate bar, honey & trail mix bar, corn dodger, carrot sticks, or beef jerky.
03: Necessities. Takes one gold piece. Gives flask of oil, 10 tinder twigs, 4 candles, bar of soap, or one dose antitoxin.
04: Various spell components. Takes 1 gold piece. Gives mercury, gum Arabic, 3 colors of sand, rose petals, 1 cocoon, ect.
05: Herbs: Takes 1 silver. Gives sprig of belladonna, Mustard poultice, Garlic bulb, Powdered wolves bane, ect.
06: Oddities: Takes one platinum piece. Gives stone elder sign, 5 dose bottle of milk of amnesia, 1 dose sleep poison, ect.
Hook: The elder sign acts as a holy symbol to turn aberrations, effectively giving them the feats. It can be used to seal a door to The Far Realm. A Society against The Far Realm will try to recruit the holder of a sign. There are only 5 signs in the machine. The Milk of Amnesia will cure charm, fear, and most event based insanity.

35. Tool from Beyond
The handle looks like some strange wood, but the end is fading in and out depending how it’s held. The tip seems to keep changing shape too. A 30 DC Knowledge the planes will tell you it was made by an aberration race. Knowledge the planes can be used with this tool to try to make a surgical heal check or disable device. They only need to get a 10 to help a rogue pick a lock.
Hook: Aberrations will pay top GPs for this device, and they will pay the owner to help them with dissections. Also, the tool has a haunt. There is a Primordial One attached to it. Whoever uses the tool is afflicted with curiosity about how sentient creatures have evolved. DC20 to resist an opportunity to dissect or vivisect a creature. The need to torture a captive is such an opportunity. “I could show him his liver. I want to see it too…”

36. The Book of Mourning
This is like a traveling spellbook in construction. It has the spells Mending, Make Whole, Repair 1,2,and 3, Greater Speak With Dead, and the sixth level spell Symbol of Soul Binding. The rest is a diary how the wizard Allestran Boyton created a body for his dead son Allan and bound his soul into it. It descends into his lament how his country began manufacturing soldiers they called War Forged and further perverted his dream by trying to create a bomb that would slay an entire country. His son who then called himself AstralBoy went to try to stop that evil project, but apparently the bomb went off before it was finished. Allestran fills several more pages bemoaning how he rigged his lab to plane shift if threatened, and now he must spend his twilight years wondering what became of his precious son.
Hook: This book will teach the reader how to put the symbol, and a spirit, into a golem as it's being built. Note that a golem with an elemental spirit in it will have morphic qualities and will have a much higher DC. Also, golems with a Soul Symbol will not go mad, but will develop free will when they break control. Greater Speak with Dead allows you to summon the spirit of a dead person. You can ask it questions, or trap it in a symbol. AstralBoy still exists and is still trying to find his father.

The Exchange

37. Pandora's Doll House

THis little ceramic box comes with a lid with a square cut hole. It looks very much like a primitive House with roof access. When the lid is removed, the contents are revealed to be made from scraps of rare materials.

Hook: This bugger devours all valuables in a 1 mile radius and builds a small wooden shanty (1 domicile per thousand gold pieces) in its place. It also makes anyone who looks at its contents vain to the point where they need to waste money on a fine manor or residence. This is a veritable plague that inspires jealousy and greed.

38. The ancient crown
This crown is made of an unfamiliar metal and set with precious gems, some of which are unfamiliar. When worn, the wearer will recognize it as a relic that the user or their deity can keep in touch with. Anyone can access Guidance, once a round. If your character can use divine magic or have the True Believer feat, you can also access Augury, Divination, and Commune each daily.

Hook: This was used by a deity to guide the original kings in the first empire. Every royal in the game world will want the crown. A character who tries to keep it will have armies after them.

The Exchange

39. Judur's Book of Poetry

This small tome of 120 pages is filled with compelling, emotional poetry that takes the reader from a primitive, childish beginning to a dark and deep emotional hatred.

Hook: THe book is designed to manipulate the emotions of the reader so that they will feel a hatred for women with blond hair. DC20 or physically strike out at the next blond female the PC encounters.

The Exchange

40. The Electrostatic Lamp

THis is a Strange Iron Staff with a series of Ceramic Discs Seperating the Iron Staff from a Quartz Crystal caught between two metal springs, a tangle of metal wires wrapped in waxed paper and topped in a colection of Paper thin metal discs.

Hook: THis is some Technological Device using Electrostatic Charge to Power a Lightsource with the intensity of a Candle. It might draw the Attention of wizards intrested in that sort of thing.

yellowdingo wrote:

40. The Electrostatic Lamp

THis is a Strange Iron Staff with a series of Ceramic Discs Seperating the Iron Staff from a Quartz Crystal caught between two metal springs, a tangle of metal wires wrapped in waxed paper and topped in a colection of Paper thin metal discs.

Hook: THis is some Technological Device using Electrostatic Charge to Power a Lightsource with the intensity of a Candle. It might draw the Attention of wizards intrested in that sort of thing.

You win the science fair!

Here's your prize. :)
41. The Geek Card
This card displays the name and picture of whoever claims it. It adds +4 to the owners most useless skill(baking or a fighters knowledge the planes). This +4 applies to any personal trivia or repairing gear or electricity driven devices.
Hook: You can bribe a Sphinx with it, or get in to a place claiming you can fix a contraption. It allows you into a fan, chess, or other club.

The Exchange

42. The Toolkit

THis box of masterwork tools can be used by anyone with the appropriate skills to craft any lock or trap mechanism at a +5 bonus to any success roll.

Hook: Every Thief in the world will covet these the instant anyone sees them.


43. Broken Stool

This sturdy wooden stool is missing a leg and is riddled with tiny holes.

Hook: The stool is infested with the dormant eggs of a magical wood grub. If any wooden object (wooden shield, staff, club, spear etc) is brought near the stool the eggs are react violently and are expelled in a small cloud of gas. Wooden items caught in the gas become infected. After two days the object begins to loose 1 point of hardness/day as the tiny words begin to feed. Sign of worm activity include the appearance of tiny holes along the surface of the object. Submerging an object in vinegar for an hour kills any worms infesting the object.


44. Animated Glyph

This strange glyph glows when approached by living creatures.

Hook: Upon closer examination, the glyph seems to wriggle and move making attempts to read it impossible. Attempts to touch the glyph cause it to flee across the surface of whatever object it is marked up (wall, floor, table etc). Characters skilled in Diplomacy can attempt to calm the Glyph long. While calm the glyph remains still, allowing it to be read.


45. An embalmed goblin foot.

This withered foot once belonged to a small goblinoid. It has been carefully wrapped in red leather straps and a small copper bracelet encircles the remnants of the foot's ankle.

Hook: The goblin foot is a lucky charm belonging to the infamous hang-queen Malgor. Upon her supposed death a Dwarf named Galboston claimed the foot as a grizzly prize. Gablboston was last seen in the employ of a beautiful half-elf sorcerer. A Detect Magic spell reveals the wizard mark of Malgor upon the copper bracelet.

BenignFacist wrote:



43. Broken Stool

This sturdy wooden stool is missing a leg and is riddled with tiny holes.

Hook: The stool is infested with the dormant eggs of a magical wood grub. If any wooden object (wooden shield, staff, club, spear etc) is brought near the stool the eggs are react violently and are expelled in a small cloud of gas. Wooden items caught in the gas become infected. After two days the object begins to loose 1 point of hardness/day as the tiny words begin to feed. Sign of worm activity include the appearance of tiny holes along the surface of the object. Submerging an object in vinegar for an hour kills any worms infesting the object.
the infamous hang-queen Malgor.

What was her hang time?

I'm very bad with spelling, so I shouldn't laugh.
I wish the foot would give a character hang time.

Goth Guru wrote:
*cruel mocking*

*runs crying to his throne room*



We need a room: The Half Pipe!

*shakes fist*

I'm sorry, you meant worms instead of words and Hag instead of hang.
I've been watching too much Conan and Leno.

46. The Gavel
This small wooden gavel is attached to a wooden plaque by a steel chain. It’s magic, conjuration, and lawful.
Hook: This is a gateway item. When the gavel is banged on the plaque, they are transported to a courtroom on the astral plane. There is a judge, a jury, a bailiff, and a recorder. The person who banged the gavel is the plaintiff. They can call anyone as their prosecuting attorney. They can call anyone or thing as the accused. The accused can call anyone as their defense. The Judge can send anyone to an outer plane or even do a character rebuild as long as the jury find that person guilty. Note that otherwise indestructible undead can be put to rest. A character with less hit points than levels can be corrected. The judge, jury, and bailiff can all be later identified as famous deceased persons. All persons not otherwise sentenced will be returned after the trial.

The Exchange

Attention All: THE CLEAVES - 101 Unusual Treasures is now available as a PDF Card Deck with Artwork
Contact: reddeerrun@hotmail.com

The Exchange

47. The Box of Glass Etchings

Amongst this collection of Glass Etchings is a beautiful scene of young ladies in a Gazeebo.

DM: Looking at the image requires a Will check (DC15) The Victim is drawn into the trap. The Women are Harpies and the Gazeebo a large Aviary Cage. All will be released when the Glass etchings are smashed.

Hook: This isnt so much a trap as a means by which the occupants - trapped in the cleaves decided they could escape as the property of some capable Adventurer. If all the PCs get trapped in an Etchings roll 1d20 (20= They are released outside the Cleaves 1d100 years in the future; 18-19= They are released in the Cleaves 1d100 years in the Future in a Random Room; 1-17= The Etchings are smashed and the trapped PCs are released with everyone currently trapped in the cleaves).

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