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Silver Crusade

I am confused by the wording "...as a bonus feat" and what it implies for the Pathfinder system.

I will use a specific example, as its the primary reason that's befuddled me.

Rogue talent > Finesse Rogue
A rogue that selects his talent gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

Condition: My current CL is 3, thus my 2nd Feat can be taken. I am about to use this CL for my 2nd level in Rogue.

My question is in relation to this specific instance and abroad, as I've seen the phrase elsewhere, so here goes:

Upon taking this talent, does Weapon Finesse become my CL3 Feat or is it a a selected feat in addition to my CL3 Feat (thus gaining two feats this level)?


Liberty's Edge

"Bonus feat" translates into "free feat" or "feat gained in addition to those gained through normal leveling." Gaining a bonus feat in no way affects your ability to gain your feat from leveling.
If you got a bonus feat on an odd level, it's in addition to the feat you normally gain for leveling. So yes, you get two feats (counting weapon finesse) if you select Finesse Rogue.

Bonus simply means you get it on top of what you would normally get for level progression. So... the answer is in addition. :)

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