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Age of Worms Adventure Path


I started DMing AoW sunday, party is:

The two dwarves are brother/sister and their father is Mr Dourstone, the wizard is apprentice for Allustan.

1st level dwarf female fighter
1st level dwarf male cleric
1st level human female wizard
1st level human male rogue
1st level 1/2 elf female bard

To make a better background and save lives at low levels each had to choose one level of NPC class to start with, this level is free and doesn't count for xp, save, BaB, only for skills (not x4)it gives 6hp+con bonus.

They entered the Whispering cairn and killed the wolves.....

I'm still running SCAP, they are on Occipitus.

Cool have fun. Having Dourstone be the dad of some of the characters should be pretty interesting.

very cool. AoW is awesome, deadly, and awesomely deadly.

Yeah, have fun! I'm playing it with the Pathfinder rules right now and we're having a blast.

We did the first 2 adventures using 4E but we got bored of that real fast and went to Pathfinder.

WOOOOT! With these boards, you have all the power and inspiration a DM can ever dream about. Welcome!

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