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I've a few queries re the evolutions, as I'm building several to test if certain concepts can be workable.

Can anyone confirm if it's been stated whether;

  • the default bipedal claw limbs are capable of holding objects, like hands? (if not, it seems the only way to get the ability would be to somehow lose the arms, and re-grow them with hands, which isn't an option)
  • the wings evolution implies that they are an additional pair of limbs, rather than replacements, which then implies the only way to build a bird-like eidolon, is to start with a snake, but that effectively uses up most of its free evolutions on irrelevancies, such as tail, tailslap and constrict. Should the wings be reworded, to replace an existing pair of limbs?
  • the bite evolution states 'If the eidolon already has a bite attack, this evolution allows it to deal 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier on damage rolls made with its bite.'. Does this mean that a creature without a default bite attack (ie a biped) can take the evolution twice (once to gain a bite attack, and again to improve it)?
  • taking the Climb evolution grants the eidolon a climb speed. Does this also grant the +8 bonus to Climb checks, mentioned in the Skills entry?

Of course, if any of the above have been addressed in the upcoming APG, feel free to let me know!

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The Climb bonus is a function of having a Climb speed, so if you have a natural climb speed, you automatically get that +8.

I would assume the clawed hands can hold items, but if not, then you can take the limbs (arms) evolution again and get a second pair.

For wings, I might allow a reduced cost if it removed existing limbs, so 1 evolution point, but that would definitely be in houserule territory.

I'd also allow the double bite, but that's gain very much an 'in my campaign' decision.

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