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Hi everyone, I'm looking to join a group or run a game in the montreal area. If your interested please email me at richard_pickman at

Hi Richard!

I m from Montreal too! :-)
I ll send u an email!

Big Kiss


Jenny Poussin wrote:

Hi Richard!

I m from Montreal too! :-)
I ll send u an email!

Big Kiss



I shot an email back thanks!


I DM and have 2 players...

Are you still looking for a game??? I will send an email to Richard later (probably today).

Here is a little something I was gonna post...

Looking for a couple of players for my Ravenloft / Zobeck campaign... There’s me (DM) and two PCs. We are looking for another two PCs I guess.

It’s a great jumping on moment since the only remaining character from all the way back some 25 plus sessions has died. Alone. Away from his friends. In the snow. :) Actually, he wanted a new PC so I obliged him.

So it’ll be a new storyline. Using Open Design and some Paizo adventures!

François is playing a cleric of the divinity of mankind. Not sure what Patrice will do yet. Whoever you are, whatever (core – otherwise let’s discuss it) class you want to play, go ahead!

Look for Miranda's Journal on this site to get an idea of the kind of game we play... There is action, characters, investigation. Mostly urban with dungeon crawls dressed up as sewers, windmills, etc. (And I use the terms dungeon crawls rather loosely…) I try to go for a mix of character-driven and pulp action!

We're still somewhat in the process of wrapping our brains around the Pathfinder rules that just came out! It's pretty laid back and we just want to have fun!

And we're playing in French.

PS: We play in Montreal. A couple of times a year on the South shore…

Hi Patrick,

Sorry for the late reply. I dont check these boards to often. Yes still looking for a game. The only problem I have is that my french is really weak. But I,d be willing to try my best and with a bit of luck I could hopefully improve my franglais. Shoot me an email and let me know if you still have room.

Wild bump.

Are you guys still looking for players?

I'm looking for a gaming group that plays Pathfinder in Mtl.


Hi everyone,

Looking for players in Laval (Métro Cartier) for a KingMaker adventure path.

kaladhan [at] gmail dot com

If you're looking for Pathfinder Society games in and around Montreal:

Shadow Lodge

Hey there,

I just moved to Montreal and I am pretty eager to play with some other pathfinder folks. So far I haven't found anyone willing to respond.

I have about ten years of DMing experience, and the burden of books to back it up.

Shoot me an email xdahnx at if you are interested.

Hey, I'm also fairly new to Montreal and would really love to get back to gaming again. Pathfinder is fine but I'm quite book heavy on 3.5 and have years of exp. Give me a holler at arctunn at gmail.

Hey everyone,

I'm also looking for any Pathfinder folks around Montreal.

I've been both a player and a GM for 9-10 years or so and I'd be interested in finding a group to either GM or play with.

You can also shoot me an email at cinematt at or PM me.

I don't live on the island though so we'd need to find some places to game other than my house on south shore.

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