Greater Globe of Invulnerability - Typo?

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I was just curious as in the APG Witch class the owl grants greater globe of invulnerability at level 6. Is this supposed to be globe of invulnerability or is there going to be a new spell? My searchfu is not helping today.

Pretty sure thats just a typo.

Witch gets that as a 6th level spell. Globe of Invulnerability is a lvl 6 Wiz/Sorc spell, and there is no 'Greater' version of the spell.

I think its pretty clear that they meant for it to be the regular Globe of Invulnerability, but somebody got confused and named it Greater, because the lvl 4 version is named Lesser.

Thanks for the 2 cents. This is what I thought, but I figured I'd ask in case it existed in a splatbook or was in development.

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