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Ok here the discussion chat

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Red five standing by!

Male Half-Orc Barbarian

Huh, what do you want?

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i thought we could use this as timing thing thought with my ramdom scudule i'll probaby just post every day or so.

Male Goblin Ranger 1

I'm withdrawing myself from this PbP game. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere and honestly, the quality of posts from our GM (see above) does not give me great confidence should the game actually take off.

Nothing personal and I hope it works out for the rest of you.

Grand Lodge

i'm sorry to see you go... this is my first so please be nice anyway thursday will be out first post... around 1pm most likely

Male Half-Orc Barbarian

This game appears to have died already, but I thought I would at least give my notice. I am withdrawing as well.

I'm not harboring any ill will as there could be many good reasons for the lack of communication and information (losing a book is not a good reason for not posting though). But I've ignored other games that I could have taken part in because I committed to this game. Another deadline has come and gone with no post about the game or even an "I'm busy with real life". While I hope all is well with you and wish you well, I won't be joining in this game.

Good luck in your future games.

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