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I do not have the core rulebook in front of me so it may be clarified in the spell rule for haste. If you haste a creature with 2 claw attacks, and a bit attack, does he get an extra attack with the claw or either or? Again, I do not have the core book in front of me so it may be clarified in the rules description.

Also, If your base attack bonus is +6, enough for a second attack, can you add the bite attack with your 2 claw attacks. For example, you have the 2 claw attacks and a higher base attack bonus does not increase your amount of claw attacks but adds more natural attacks. So would your attacks be 2 claws +6, and a bite +6. Is the bite considered a primary attack with the 2 claws? I ask because I remember reading that the additional attack (bite in this case) would suffer a -5 to hit giving you 2 claws +6, and a bite at +1. I read something on the forums that said you do not suffer the -5 penalty to the bite attack because it is a primary attack as well but all other natural attacks like hooves are secondary attacks and suffer the penalty.

The last questions, are the claw attacks bonus damage from strength just added from the modifier, and the bite attack is 1.5 str.


Natural attacks work different from regular attacks.

First, they never get iterative attacks for having a high attack bonus. That means on a full attack with just natural attacks, the creature will only get to make its regular attack routine no matter how high its BAB is. For instance, the leopard has a bite and 2 claws and BAB of +2; with a full attack he can make the bite and two claw attacks even though his BAB is below +6. Likewise, the Bebilith has a bite and 2 claws and a BAB of +12; it still only gets those three attacks and doesn't get to make any additional attacks due to his high BAB.

Second, natural attacks depend on whether they are considered 'primary' or 'secondary' attacks. There is a chart on page 302 of the bestiary, which can also be seen here, that shows which attacks are considered primary and which are considered secondary (in addition to the damage type each kind of natural attack does).

Primary natural attacks always use the creatures highest BAB for the attack and use the creature's full Str modifier for damage--even if the creature has multiple primary attack types. If a creature has a secondary attack in addition to a primary attack, all secondary attacks are made at BAB-5 and only get half Str mod for damage. If a creature has only a single attack (such as a Tyrannosaurus), it considers that attack primary no matter its type and gets 1.5 times his Str mod to damage (to compensate for not having multiple attacks). Even creatures with just one attack never get iterative attacks for having a high BAB.

If a creature has natural attacks and is also using a weapon (or unarmed strike), the creature can use its BAB for the weapon and get iterative attacks with the weapon, and can then use one of his natural attacks as a secondary attack (regardless of whether it would normally be a primary attack or not) at a -5 BAB and 1/2 Str to damage.

The Hound Archon entry is a good example of this. The Hound Archon has a natural bite and slam attack (which are both primary attacks), but also can wield a weapon. If he just uses his natural attacks, he can take both a bite and a slam attack and get his full Str mod to both attacks. Or he can use his Greatsword and take two attacks with it due to his high BAB, and then also use one of his natural attacks as a secondary attack at a -5 BAB and 1/2 Str (he typically uses his bite since it does more damage than his slam, but he could choose to do either). Note that when hes using his weapon he gets his full str mod to damage (or in this case since hes wielding the weapon with two hands, 1.5 times his Str mod).

A Hasted creature can take a single extra attack on a full attack action. If the creature has 2 claws and a bite, he could make this extra attack with either a claw or a bite attack..its his choice. Likewise, if our Hound Archon were hasted, he could choose to take the extra attack with either his greatsword or his bite or his slam.

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