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Every Pathfinder has a beginning. Adventurous children with an eye for seeing the world and facing down the terrors that lurk in dark places dream of joining the Pathfinder Society. They study and train their whole lives to travel to Absalom for initiation.
Caison Pariot was no such child. He stumbled into the society. Living on the streets of Oppara’s Narrows might have provided him with the skills needed to hunt down the lost artifacts of Golarian, uncovering historical mysteries along the way, but his life on the streets didn’t provide him the discipline needed to glide through training as a Pathfinder Initiate. However, his questioning of authority, willingness to buck the system, and lack of familial ties may be the combination the Pathfinder Society needs right now as a mystery involving its own begins to unfold.
Follow Caison as he embarks on a dangerous mission to recover some missing Pathfinders and the mysterious scroll that has disappeared with them.
Spit and Polish Part 1 is now available at Pathfinder Chronicler .

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