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I'm running a house campaign that is located just North of Wilewood.
I am very interested in these strange outer planar critters, the Gorgas, mentioned in the write up for The Sevenarches. Can anyone shed some light on them? Does a more complete write up exist?

Has anyone used them in a game?

Thanks in advance!


Azmyth, I wrote Sevenarches for the RK book, and I can tell you that I made them up from out of my head! I'm really glad they caught your eye. When writing the PFCS, the Paizo crew encouraged the writers to make up some monsters. Ever since then, I've liked to make up new monsters when I write for Pathfinder.

As far as stats, when MY players get around to running into gorgas creatures, I'll be taking dire animals and dinosaurs and give them various shadow powers.

When I was writing up Sevenarches, I think I made a table of random shadow-y powers to give to creatures for my own amusement. Let me see if I can dig that up and post it here.


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Thanks so much Jeff!

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