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I'm thinking of starting a Pathfinder play by post eaither Council of Thieves of society... if anyone has any idea... i'd be greatful

I'd be up for a Council of Thieves.
The one I entered died before getting out of the sewers ;)

This is the character I made for that PF adventure path.

I'll second the interest in a CoT game. If you let me know what you are thinking for character generation and such, I'll start hammering out a character background.

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I'd be interested in joining in.
Do you expect players to have Council of Thieves products or information?

I'll definitely join a CoT campaign! I'll play pretty much anything that's needed, too.


I'd be interested in participating in the Council of Thieves.

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I would also be interested in a CoT game.

Very interested. I have a few character concepts in mind. What are we looking for?

I'm interested, especially in Council of Thieves.

I'm interested. The one I was in died two scenes in.

I'm posting as him.

Adjusts glasses, peers closer...
"I say, if it isn't Mister Grachius! Well met again sir!"

I'd be interested in CoT as well; the game I was going to play in never got beyond character creation.

Prof. Faradir Rokannon wrote:

I'm interested. The one I was in died two scenes in.

I'm posting as him.

Adjusts glasses, peers closer...
"I say, if it isn't Mister Grachius! Well met again sir!"

"Ah ... Dear professor ... Glad you made it out the sewers alive !"

Perhaps he can start where we left ... ?

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ok wow COT it shall be... what i'll need is characters concept, well be using societyrules minius the nation-based factions concept. if you'd like to play a race out the Bestiary let me know. Concepts should include a background and proposed class/race.

you don't need any thing other than the pathfinder hand book to play but you are encounged to download the free guide for COT.

Tadaaa ... Done ;)

It might need some modifications for PFS, but I don't know which/what.

[edit 1]
Ah, just read the PFS document, I only need to change the starting gold :)
That's easily fixed.

[edit 2]
Fixed his starting gold/equipment.
The rest should be ... in order I guess ...
Hope I make it ... again ;)

Cadwyn Tallis, disowned noble and master of the bastard sword! I'll need to rework his stats and such, but he's ready for action!

Or same player as Cadwyn...pick your favorite! we have Jaken Doone, historian, treasure seeker, and purveyor of lost knowledge. Handy with lockpicks too, for the times when the artifacts may not be out in the open for the taking...

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Character for Curn Bounder-above.

Working out all the character--hopefully done in the next 24 hours. Will edit when done.

Her's my concept for a halfling bard.

You can find the info requested in the character profile. Will get the full character sheet finished as soon as possible.

Here's what I came up with, character above.

Grubnugget, banished goblin ranger from beyond the wall in the Rego Cader.

If it'll cause too many issues, I can make something more...normal.

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all i've seen so far look great send me an email.

Movie plot spoiler:

i'll need all info by 14th april and i'll make my choices... i'll use 6 plus 1 extra... the way that i'm playing is going to slow play by post with out a true time unless i find a time when we can meet... this is really my first time here so i'm really sure how it works

Sent submission to your email addy last night :)

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well we've got are first player Pontius Grachius,
were waiting on at least 4 more...

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I'm not sure I understand what email you want?
Character and/or character background?

Just sent mine as well.

Just sent my character submission to you email.

emailed you my character stuff.

Just in case you don't know, you can click on each of our avatars/names and our character info is under our profile.

I didn't figure that out for a bit...

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email sent

Email sent.

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thanks for all the submission i've got 6 right now so if you sent your in... on tuesday i'll send my first post.

Alright .. But it might be good to put down those who made it .. and finish the characters in the discussion section.

So we can meet up and all :)

Knock Knock...has this one died on the vine?

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sorry misplaced my book and been busy looking for it ... characters who made it Zaljan Gahk, Pelidrian Dimstar, Grubnugget , Ferro, and Professor Faradir Rokannon. i might be missing some though.


Looking forwards to meeting you all in the discussion area and then in game!

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found my book.... so here it is!
http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/playByPostDiscussion/ cOTPBP

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