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We had a situation where we had a dryad cast a sleep spell on our barbarian who was at the time raged. An argument started that Sleep is different than unconscious because when a barbarian falls unconscious they lose their rage.

Question: When a barbarian gets put to sleep by a spell or poison, will they lose their rage? Please cite precedent or anything else.

if the barbarian is asleep does it really matter if he is still raging or not?

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cwslyclgh wrote:
if the barbarian is asleep does it really matter if he is still raging or not?

Low hit points are still a problem. But I can't really see a game reason why you'd treat sleep and unconscious differentlky as far as rage goes. Either way, it's hard to channel youre frothing fury.

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Being asleep is the same as being unconscious. A barbarian would lose his rage if he fell asleep unless he had some way to maintain his rage while unconscious.

This is in the same common sense category that you fall prone when you fall asleep or go unconscious. We don't actually SAY in the rules that you fall prone, because it should be obvious. Same goes for sleeping and being unconscious.

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