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Scarab Sages

728. Speak of the Devil: Know who and where when anyone, anywhere, speaks your name.

729. Transform Construct: Turn a construct into a different construct of the same or lesser value.

730. Misteel: Turn cloud into steel-like material you can make walls or built structure on, without causing it to stop floating.

731. No!: Undo everything that happened since your last turn.

732. Plan Z: Pick a target. There is a 40% chance your target is utterly destroyed and can never return in any form, even as an influence on others. If this does not happen to your target, it happens to you. No force can alter or predict this chance.

733. Wut - For the duration of the spell, the target does not know what a specific item of your choosing is and cannot discern its nature. The item becomes utterly inconceivable to the target only and cannot be used by the target except to be held and stared at uselessly.

Scarab Sages

734 - Pierce any shield - the caster gains +20 to their next caster level check to overcome spell resistance. Additionally it makes magic missiles bypass the shield spell.

735 - Unstable Antimagic - target takes damage based on its spell resistance. This spell cannot be countered by spell resistance.

736 - Ignite antimagic - target takes 1d3 points of damage a round for a number of rounds equal to their spell resistance. This spell cannot be countered by spell resistance.

737 - Unbreakable sword - gives a weapon hardness

738 - Lemming instinct - the target must make a will save or jump off the nearest cliff.

739- Blood Burst: Causes every blood vessel to burst.
740-Bipedal Step- Allows a four legged animal to walk on two legs
741-Close Wound- Closes a bleeding wound
742-Speak with frog (lizard/alligator/etc)
743-Form of the Clown.
744-Acme’s Unavoidable Anvil
745-Speed of the Road runner
746- Speak with Tumor
747- Animate Tumor

748. Summon Card: cast before a Summoning, creates a playing card-sized scroll to store the Summon's magical energy. For the spell's duration, anyone can throw the card on the ground, and the Summon will appear at that location.

749. Summon Cards: summon a deck of playing cards.

750. Mix Monsters: cast before two Summons, mix the summoned monsters' appearance and abilities.

751. Enhanced Summoning: cast before a Summon, gives the summoned creature benefits, either in Str or in Dex/Con.

752. Explode Summon: cast upon a summoned creature, deals 1d8 damage per CL. If it's enough to kill the summon, the summon's caster takes the remaining damage.

753. Establish Control: cast upon a creature you summoned, you can order the creature around.

754. Wrestle Control: cast upon a creature someone else summoned, you can order the creature around.

Uh... no, I didn't say I watched Yugioh with my son again ;-)

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755. Shift direction. As an immediate action you can change the direction of target's charge. Target automatically turns in that direction, and on a failed will save must charge their full charge distance, taking damage if they colide with a solid object.

756. Mass Shift direction. As shift direction but caster may use it again on the following turn if he passes a concentration check that gets increasingly difficult.

757. Tweak gravity. Cause an area to seem as though it is steeply tilted in certain direction. On flat ground this causes double movement rates to be required for movement in all but 1 direction and a balance check if moving at more then half speed. On sloped surfaces this can cause them to either behave as vertical surfaces or horizontal surfaces.

758. Mental Purge - Subject has no memory of the last minute/caster level.

759. Mortons Magnificant Palsy. Subject is unable to grip things with hands, teeth(mouth/jaw) or claws. Any carried objects are dropped and cannot be recovered by the subject untill the end of the spell's duration. This does not effect worn items such as armor, or a backpack. (however items attempted to be retrieved from worn items immediately fall to the ground).

760. Hand of truth. Anyone you make physical contact with cannot lie during the duration of that contact.

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761. Forced Dishonesty - Subject is unable to make true statements for the duration of this spell (low dc sense motive allows the subject to realize he is under some sort of compulsion and attempt to avoid literal truths but still make statements).

762. Zone of Lies - As zone of truth but reversed.

763. Causal Mayhem - The target is prevented from acting for 1 round/level prior to the completion of this spell.

The Exchange

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764. Fire Walking -- the target gains Fire Resistance 5 on their feet.

765. Energy column

The spell is cast at a particular square. When it hits a column of energy springs up from the ground as a column 5 feet high. The caster makes a Perform check (DC 10 + character level) in order to cause it to damage each creature in the area with 1d6 points of each of fire, acid, cold and electricity damage (in that order) each round for 1 round/per caster level. The perform check is made each round the spell is in effect. For each 5 points by which the check result exceeds the DC the spell area increases in height and radius by an additional 5 feet and increases the damage by 1d6 for each energy type each round (so beating the DC by 5 will make a 15ft diameter, 10ft high energy column that does 2d6 of each of fire, acid, cold and electricity damage each round to any creatures in the area of effect). The spell appears to be a column of shifting colours, cycling through as the energy type changes: fire appears crimson red, acid bright green, cold pale blue, and electricity navy blue.

766. Little Black Raincloud -- conjures 5' diameter dark raincloud over target at height of 20 feet, continually hovering over him. Besides "marking" him, it drenches him and confers a morale penalty. Lightning not included...but could be. ;)

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767. Markinen's annoying pests - Tiny vermin of the caster's choice appear and crawl/fly on the target and are unable to be shooed away. imposing a -2 penalty to AC, Attack Rolls, Skill Check, and Saves.

768 Rank Percept- Tells what rank target is
769 Ventriloquised Command- your whole army hear your command
770 Obfuscate Command- conceals your general
771 Forced March- army moves faster
772 Triage- medics can heal quicker
773 Force of Arms-army hits harder
774 Aegis of Protection- army ac improves
775 Unshakeable Loyalty- army wins morale checks
776 Missile Aegis- army protection vs normal missiles
777 Earth’s Ally- terrain moves to suit you
778 Guaranteed Victory- You win (all below spells active)

779 Eavesdrop- heighten sense of hearing
780 Audio Shock- sonic damage
781 Resonant Vibration- enhanced vibrate
782 Sonic Blast- lots of sonic damage
783 Audio Severance- target dumb and def
784 Audio Senses- heighten sound and hear from different locations.
785 Unfading Echoes- sound echos for long periods
786 Sonic Wave- sonic damage to everything in area
787 Sound of Silence- permanent silence over a large area.

My Larp System has 880 General spells. Another 44 specific Druid Spells and 110 Psionic Powers for a total of 1034 spells

Liberty's Edge

Malachi Tarchannen wrote:
766. Little Black Raincloud -- conjures 5' diameter dark raincloud over target at height of 20 feet, continually hovering over him. Besides "marking" him, it drenches him and confers a morale penalty. Target has a 50% chance of being struck by lightning each round. Lightning deals 1 point of damage (just enough to be annoying)

Fixed. ;)

788. Little Red Corvette - Conjures a red wagon that does not require horses, driven by an attractive being of your desired gender/race.
789. Discern Lyrics - You understand the words being sung (as well as the meaning) of any song you can hear.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

790. This

791.Spectral Fog: Summon fog cloud with the abilities of a spectre. All within take saves vs. energy drain for the duration of the spell.

792. Master the Blood: Dominate anyone whose blood you have tasted in the last 24 hours. (perfect for vampires, necromancers, clerics of a blood God).

794. March of Maddness: Wave of energy leaves all who fail their saves under the effect of a permanent confusion spell.

795. Primal. Induce the primal template on the target.

796. Goblin Giggle. Targeted creatures cannot stop laughing and compulsively light fires, make traps, or trigger traps.

797. Orc Oratory: Target Creature bellows obscenities at the top of his lungs.

798. Dwarven Disposition: Targeted creatures takes CHA damage.

799. Beloved of the Night: Caster gains DR 10/sunlight in darkness.

800. Call of the Wolf: Howl summons all nearby lycanthropes to the caster. They are not in his control.

801. Citrus conduit - Material component: a slice of lime. Allows the caster to write spells into a spellbook without paying the scribing cost. Each casting has a cumulative percentage chance of drawing the attention of a hostile inevitable.

You may notice a certain theme here...

802. Tusk Enhancement - A male of any tusk-bearing race may cast this spell to increase the size of his tusks. It is true what they say about bigger is better and accordingly he gets a +5 'enhancement' bonus on all Charisma related ability and skills checks made on females of his race.

803. Axe of Orcish Might - This temporarily enchants any axe which channels primal orcish fury into holder and grants a +4 morale bonus to the wielder's strength. The fury also imparts the innate racial hatreds of the orcs, compelling the wielder (high save DC) to kill any elf or dwarf in sight.

804. Tenderization - When cast on any fresh, fleshy corpse, makes the meat more tender and flavorful to any who imbide it within 1 hour. Even elf meat which is typically tough and stringy becomes edible with this spell.

805. Drumming of Glory and Beer - When cast on a war drum and for the duration the drumming continues, a human slave, serving wench will appear with a serving tray, 1 mug per caster level, and an everful jug of orcish ale. The slave believes the drummer is a great hero and will constantly make comments about how fortunate everyone is to be in the drummer's glorious presence. The slave is compelled to serve the ale however she and all the ale instantly vanish upon any type of physical contact with her body. Few orcs have ever had a second mug of ale from this spell.

Lantern Lodge

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TheChozyn wrote:
60. Summon Chinchilla Swarm - cover a number of squares = to cl with chichillas (Hungry monsters may be distracted as a result)

Nice but here,

806. Summon electric chinchillas-covers a number of squares = to cl in small yellow black striped chinchillas that deal electric damage to those in the squares(warning may attract strange fanboys with weird clothing)

Sorry couldn't resist

71: Baleful Reincarnation - Kills and reincarnates the subject

This is actually reminiscent of a spell we actually had available in one of our games(Big bad evil druid loved casting it..)

807. Triggered reincarnation-when cast on a subject has no noticeable effect(ie it is still waiting to take effect), but if subject dies within 1 day per caster level they are reincarnated into any nonhumanoid form...

Needless to say it made for several hilarious roleplaying options, especially since it gave an entirely new penalty to dying then just neededing a new character made up or getting raised.... We were never so scared as we were when facing that boss... esp since we couldn't be sure if it was active on us or not.

Liberty's Edge

joela wrote:
360. Second Life - Opponents struck down by PCs in the first round are returned to life in full health in the next round.

808. Auto-Life. As the Final Fantasy spell of the same name, while under the effects, a character will be automatically brought back to life with a certain percentage of hit points, should that character die.

809. Localized Gravity - Pick a point in 3D space, within line of sight. All objects/characters/monsters within a spherical radius of a given size are physically attracted to that point, as if it were the source of gravity, for the duration of the spell.

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:

You may notice a certain theme here...

I got it: "Wishful thinking"!

810. Cause Flatulence.
811. Burning Oil Onslaught of the Frylord- causes Burning Oil to rain.
812. Blood for nitroglycerin- Causes target to explode (20d8). He may attemp one melee attack before his death that causes +10d8 damage.
813. Th'raglar's Stuffed Demise- enemy is filled with food each turn.
after 8 turns, gory galores.
813. Curse of the haiku
five, seven, then five again
funny, don't you think?
814. Cause Phobia.
815. Summon Robotic Pirate Crew.
816. Ray of Chocolate cravings.
817. Conjure bacon.
818. Phantaruze's flaying towel.

819. Dachshund - On a failed save, target's body doubles in length, and all limbs shrink to 1/2 length. Particularly nasty against winged flyers.

Silver Crusade

820: Andre's Valentine Surprise:

Target's heart explodes from his/her chest and flies to the outstretched hand of the caster

821. Uncanny Alteration - The target's base ability scores (not including bonuses, size modifiers or adjustments) are rearranged. Its strength is swapped with its intelligence, its dexterity is swapped with its charisma and its constitution is swapped with its wisdom.

822. Uncanny Enhancement - The target's ability scores gain enhancement bonuses based on the base modifiers of their other ability scores. Its strength gains an enhancement bonus equal to its base intelligence modifier and vice versa. In the same manner, dexterity and charisma enhance each other and constitution and wisdom enhance each other.

823. Know Thyself - As commune, but contacts the caster instead and will only grant an answer the caster knows.

824. Know Thyself, Greater - As know thyself, but any number of questions may be asked.

825. clone war- summon several clones of yourself to fight for you. If you die, a clone immediately gains your knoweldge and experience.

826. Reverse Hex

827. Reverse Judgement

828. Sever Eidolon- disrupt the summoner's ability to control/summon his eidolon.

829. At one with nature- become aware of everything within a 1 mile radius per level of the spell. Automatic knowledge geography, nature, survival checks, find anyone or anything within your spell range. Automatic animal friendship and can use summon animal V once per spell's duration. Summon animal IV twice, SA III twice, and SA II and I four times each.

830. Negate infusions

831. Permanent Infusion.

832. Madness within- create a micro portal to the Far Realms within your body to gain the aberration template and access to the Madness domain of spells. MAny, many side effects

833. Hide Soul. Caste your soul into a phylactery-like object so that it cannot be possessed, magic jarred, imprisoned etc.

834. Sever Magical ability - any magic character/creature would rather be dead then lose their ability to cast spells/abilities.

835. Dazzling Dark - Cast on an object. All creatures with darkvision within range of the object suffer as a creature with light sensitivity in bright daylight.

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All of us should have many when we started gaming. I remember we created a creature called a Reemer(sp?) after our then principal. He had a psionic whistle.

836. Psionic Whistle.
837. Reemer's Remorse.

838 & 839.Happy & Magic- Target thing becomes happy\sad. can be cast on ANYTHING.
Remember this from elementary school....sure had some fun with it :D

840: Into the Fold: Target temporarily changes type and subtype to match your own.

841: Assimilation: You change to target's type and subtype.

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