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Scenario and Faction Mission Spoilers:

Taldor must free cultists to get the bonus Prestige point and Osirion has a second change for a bonus point by talking to the cultists. Both missions refer to F4 as a possible location, but the only cultist I see in F4 would be Hafshi, and she fights to the death.
Am I missing something?


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Curn_Bounder wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

One table we ran charmed her in combat no less. You could also use non-lethal attacks and take her prisoner.

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Possible Solution:
Our table Failed to kill the Sorc hiding in the room, he managed to run away after casting all of his spells and when we caught up to him he was hastily packing his things. Our vindictive paladin smacked him around a little and then he was more then cooperative. It was more then likely a grand improvisation by our GM as I don't know the scenario's ins and outs. It was humorous and a lot of fun.

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Both Gali and Hafshi are eligible.


Most groups will let Gali go. He's crazy and the least threat.

Just because Hafshi "fights to the death", doesn't mean she dies. When I GMed this, my group took Hafshi into negatives via lethal damage, stabilized her, used smelling salts, and let her go.

That faction mission caused a lot of inter-party strife and faction friction. Good scenario, but lots of party friction in it.

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