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I threw a few mimics at my PC's tonight and was wondering what the rule for attacks with Natural weapons would be against their adhesive. Would a creature attacking with a bite and 2 claws have to make the Reflex DC 17 save to avoid getting stuck each attack? What happens if it fails, does it gain the grappled condition?

--Vrock of Ages!

Does anyone have the answer to this question? I need to know, too.

I am not sure I see the confusion here.

The first line of the text describing the Mimic's adhesive says

Pathfinder Bestiary, Mimic wrote:
A mimic exudes a thick slime that acts as a powerful adhesive, holding fast any creatures or items that touch it.

Seems pretty straight forward here. "any creature that touches it" doesn't leave much room for doubt: if a creature touches the mimic, it gets stuck.

It also says that a weapon might not stick (Reflex save) by which I assume if you're quick/accurate enough, you can hit the mimic and not stick. It also says that a STR check can be used to pry a stuck weapon off of a mimic.

Note that if a mimic hits you, you're grappled automatically and cannot get free until the mimic is dead. By this I assume the mimic is hitting you with a large surfiace area, so much that you have no chance to pry yourself off of the mimic.

But weapons, with smaller surface areas, can be pried off with the listed STR check.

In all cases, fists (etc.) are are weapons, so they might not stick (REF save) and you can pry them off (STR check) just like any other weapon.

A creature with a hand stuck on the mimic is grappled.

I would suggest, however, that it would be a bad idea for a PC to try to grapple a mimic - trying to put it in a full-body grapple would definitely qualify as getting yourself stuck badly enough that you cannot get away while the mimic lives. No, that's not explicitly stated, but it seems to make sense.

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