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RPG Superstar™ 2010 General Discussion

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Lil' Kid wrote:

Cloak of the River

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 5th
Slot -; Price 30,000 gp; Weight 3lbs.
This brown traveling cloak grants its wearer the ability to walk upon water, and a + 10 to base speed.
Requirements craft wondrous item, expeditious retreat, water walk; Cost 15,000 gp

Clearly misses some key information (cloak, but no slot?), is overpriced and is a SIAC. A neat kind of item someone might make for themselves, but not a solid, bookworthy item.

Having said that, it is great to see people so young trying their hand. Imagine that in a year or two, these young authors can turn a 'meh' item like this into something with some pizazz, or something that we haven't seen before. That's exciting!


Ferryman's Toll:

I liked this item.
Problem: "throat" isn't a magic item slot (check the table at the start of the magic items chapter)
The Pharasma's Blessing item was similar, but better--enough to bump this on out of the top.

Orbs of the Jongleur

Aura faint abjuration; CL 4th

Slot -- Price 7,200 gp; Weight 1.5 lbs.


These three brightly-painted wooden orbs look like typical juggling balls used by entertainers across many lands. After these balls have been set into motion for 1 full round, a DC 15 Perform (Juggling) check is made. If the check is successful the balls will continue to circle around the juggler without assistance, affording a +2 deflection bonus to their armor class. They will remain in orbit around the juggler for one round plus as many rounds as the successful Perform (Juggling) check exceeded 15. At the end of this time, or if the initial Perform (Juggling) check was unsuccessful, the balls fall to the ground and require a round to retrieve and another round to set in motion again.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, shield, levitate; Cost 3,600 gp

Thank you in advance for any criticism you may have for this. :)

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OK guys, you asked... :)

No, seriously. You guys know how this works by now. We've done it before. But a couple things to keep in mind:

1. The average item quality was up this year, so there were a lot of rejects that were "good but not good enough."

2. Some rejects, as you know, got little discussion so I might not have a ton for you.

3. Remember, we are here because your item didnt make the cut. Please keep the spirit of civility that you guys have always shown.

4. Yes, I could be wrong. So could Sean and Wes. Your item might actually deserve to be in the top 32. But that wasnt how we felt at the time.

5. I reserve the right to go in any item order I choose :)

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Azmahel wrote:

Ferryman's Toll

Dont know if I should say, but this one made the keep folder initially (so congrats and really good work!). The slot issue and the fact that a similar item was, in our view, better, was what did you in.


Wolfboy wrote:

Tear me up, Clark.


Aura moderate transmutation; CL 8th
Slot wrists; Price 30,000 gp; Weight --

My issue with this is that it's basically duplicating the Luck domain's good fortune ability. Items shouldn't steal class abilities because they make players of that class feel robbed. Frex, you shouldn't create an item that lets you sneak attack if you're not a rogue.

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Wolfboy wrote:


This one got three straight rejects after my comment that it was a bit too metagame. I'll give you a bit more than we discussed, though. You really have to be careful with metagame elements. They work well in limited places, such as Luck domain and such. But in our view it is not the best design to really open up tinkering with rolls, particularly in such a broad way as your item does. That's what held you back. I did like some of the things you did. I like the discussion that you cant have two of these. :)

Clark Peterson wrote:
Azmahel wrote:

Ferryman's Toll
Dont know if I should say, but this one made the keep folder initially (so congrats and really good work!). The slot issue and the fact that a similar item was, in our view, better, was what did you in.

So the slot DID kill me. Too bad. But the other item indeed was better.

That i was close is all the more motivation to try again until i succeed


Tim Forner wrote:
Cats Eyes

This item is basically a palantir. We actually got several submissions that were "these paired items let you look through them," and this was one of the best... but it's still basically a palantir.

Legendary Games, Necromancer Games

Tim Forner wrote:

Cats Eyes

We got a ton of paired scrying items (I forgot that one on the list of things we saw this year). I noted: "We get a lot of these scrying type paired items. I guess this is probably the best of them. But that's like saying these are the best wooden spoons we've gotten." In the end, we were all lukewarm on them. We needed something more. Plus, linked scrying is kind of a been there done that idea to us.

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Hey Sean!

Sorry I'm posting on top of you :)

I'll let you do some then I can jump in.

Thanks for running this contest, I'm a big fan of it. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Good, bad, or otherwise.

Ardent Binding
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 25,500 gp; Weight 3lbs.
Infused with the substance of an imp this leathery book binding remains dormant until placed onto a spellbook at which time it begins to cackle and writhe about. It then clutches and permanently adheres itself to the spellbook and henceforth it is treated as a tiny animated object capable of flight. The book will follow two word commands from its owner given from a distance of up to 400 feet and will generally carry out orders with traces of its impish quintessence. The book will possess preservation qualities and when not in the possession of its owner will act accordingly in the face of obvious danger always wisely returning to the owner if possible. When any parchment or similar material containing a spell comes into contact with the spellbook it readily gobbles it up becoming integrated. Once the owner has successfully deciphered the new spell it simultaneously transcribes as if written by the owner. The book has a capacity of 1000 pages after which it will not accept more until room is made by tearing out old ones. Unless any of the conditions above are present, the book remains still.
Requirements Craft Construct Feat, secret page, three drops of imp blood Cost 12,750 gp


Amulet of Idios

The PFRPG went to a lot of effort to move all body-boosting items to belts and all mind-boosting items to headbands. Now this item can do ANY of those, and it's neither of those slots.

Also, the name reminds me of "amulet of idiots."

It's basically taking six other existing items and making them one item.

Grand Lodge

Hey Clark, if/when you get to this, thanks again for your time, I had a blast participating for my first year! I would really like to have feedback on my submission, so here goes:

Aura strong enchantment; CL 13th
Slot —; Price 4,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This block of incense smells of fresh grass and blooming flowers. It rests in a tiny green glass bottle decorated with a floral pattern. Creatures who smell the incense feel warm and somewhat distracted.

When the incense of the verdant vale is set on solid ground and the proper command word is spoken, the bottle sprouts roots and the incense inside ignites. A haze of fragrant, sweet smoke immediately spreads from the bottle, filling a twenty-foot high, twenty-foot radius area. The haze spreads for eight rounds, increasing the radius ten feet per round. Creatures encountering the haze must make a Will save (DC 17) or be enchanted by a calming sensation of warm, peaceful fields, left unable to take any violent actions or do anything destructive (although they can defend themselves) for the duration of their exposure. Creatures with the scent ability take a -2 penalty to this Will save.

Any aggressive action against or damage dealt to an affected creature grants that creature another Will save.

The haze remains for five rounds after expanding and is stationary. Expansion ends if the bottle is destroyed. A moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses it in 4 rounds; a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses it in 1 round. When the effect ends, the incense is destroyed.

The haze suppresses (but does not dispel) the spell rage, and also negates a bard’s inspire courage ability and a barbarian’s rage ability. It also suppresses any fear effects. The haze does not significantly hamper vision.

Mindless, nonintelligent creatures are unaffected by the incense of the verdant vale.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, calm emotions, mind fog, creator must have 4 ranks in Profession (herbalist); Cost 2,250 gp

Next time, I'll get you, and your little Orcus miniature, too!

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Luck Domain stuff...
Clark Peterson wrote:


Amusingly, I hadn't read the Pathfinder Cleric domains before writing this. Silly mistake on my part, in retrospect.

Thanks for the compliments, Clark. Objectively, it IS a bit metagame, which necessitates a discussion of how to make it as un-abusable as possible.

Really, I was basing this a little on the Luck Feats from 3.5. Had I known the Luck Domain did this, well... I wouldn't have.

I suppose that's what I get for only making a single entry, and submitting it in the first day or two of the show.

Thanks again.

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Aura moderate divination and illusion; CL 11th
Slot —; Price 84,000 gp; Weight


Fashioned in the shape of a vortex with six spiraling arms, the gyre resembles an unearthly version of a child's spinning top.

When the command word is spoken and the gyre is spun clockwise, it remains perfectly upright and spins unceasingly until it is picked up again. Wisps of light and shadow swirl around the gyre and coalesce into symbols in the air that continually mark the passage of time with exact precision.

When the gyre is spun counterclockwise, it reveals what has happened in its current location over the last 24 hours. Tendrils of light and shadow unwind from the gyre and coalesce into illusory images, accompanied by sounds and smells, that reenact all the activities that occurred within a twenty-five foot radius.

The illusory projection reveals only what could be detected by an observer with normal, mundane senses. Invisible creatures and objects, for example, are not shown. Likewise, any creatures or objects that were warded against scrying do not appear in the portion of the reenactment during which they were warded.

The gyre's owner can command it to hasten or slow the pace of its display, but the gyre cannot reverse or repeat what it has already portrayed once.

The gyre can be spun counterclockwise once per day. It can be spun clockwise as often as its owner wishes.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, legend lore, major image, scrying; Cost 42,000 gp


After submitting this item, I thought I should have gone with "Gyre of the Timely Witness" as the name.

I also deliberated about including some guidelines as to how much time it takes to "skim" through viewing the preceding hours. Realistically, it would take a LONG time to fast-forward through many hours at a rate that would still allow your eyes to detect whether anything had actually happened. But once I had spent awhile contemplating "frames per second" as applied to D&D, I decided it was a matter best decided (or hand-waved) by the DM.

Thank you very much, Clark, and the other judges, and fellow Paizonians, for your time and feedback!

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32 aka Cydeth

I'm sure that this is likely going to hurt, but I want to know anyway, so... *fixes a mistake that was seen far too late*

Teran Crystal
Aura Strong Illusion Conjuration; CL 9th
Slot Neck; Price 162,000 gp; Weight 10 lbs.
A shimmering blue crystal the size of a man's head, the Teran Crystal is paired with an amulet that contains a shard of the original crystal in it. The crystal may be activated with a command word, at which time it levitates three feet in the air. Once activated, the wearer of the amulet may craft a non-existent illusion around the crystal that includes an image of the wearer. No one can see this illusion, save via detection spells as follows. In addition, all divination spells targeting the wearer are redirected to the illusion so long as the wearer is on the same plane as the Teran Crystal, causing any scrying to see the illusion instead. Only magics such as Wish or Miracle can penetrate this redirection. Should the crystal be moved, or the wearer fail to visit and reactivate it once a month, it deactivates the illusion.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, mirage arcana, misdirection; Cost 81,000 gp

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leste wrote:

War Paint of the Totem-Beast

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot -; Price 2,150 gp/dose; Weight -

“Find your beast-brothers”, the shaman had said while he painted the totem sign on Josha's face.

WOW!!! Now THAT"S Weird!!

My #2 item for submission this year was War Paint!! My item worked differently than yours, but we could totally tie them together as cultural or even tribal differences.
Mine could have been from a warrior culture and yours from a beast worship culture. Very American Indian in my mind.
My version:
Grants a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks. This effect lasts for 24 hours or until paint is removed. In addition, once during the 24 hour period War Paint will allow the wearer to use their Intimidate Bonus instead of their Base Attack Bonus when calculating their CMB. This effect lasts for 10 rounds.

Almost creepy. Great minds think alike??

Needless to say, I like the concept of war paint.

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I may have edited this one more time before submitting it (changing or deleting the Craft requirement,) but here is the item I submitted. Please critique it.

Cricket Whistle

Aura moderate abjuration ; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 5000 gp; Weight

This intricately carved darkwood whistle resembles a cricket. When the whistle is blown, the wings of the cricket flutter and the whistle emits a high-pitched chirping sound. It is considered a masterwork wind instrument for the purposes of Perform checks and bardic performance.
As a move action, the possessor may make a Bluff check to send a secret message of up to ten words to one target with a +5 competence bonus on the check using the whistle. The possessor may choose to blow the whistle loudly (base Perception DC -10 to hear), regularly (base Perception DC 0 to hear), or softly (base Perception DC 10 to hear.) The target must succeed on a Perception check with a +5 competence bonus to hear the message, but does not need to be within line of sight or line of effect. Creatures other than the target who hear the whistle may make an opposed Sense Motive check against the Bluff result to understand the message. The possessor chooses a language he knows, and any creature (including the target) must know the language in order to understand the message.
Additionally, once per day, the whistle can be used to disrupt a spell being cast with a verbal component. As an immediate action, the possessor blows the whistle at a target caster within 30’. The target must make a concentration check as if casting defensively or lose the spell.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, message, dispel magic, creator must have 2 ranks in the Craft (sculptures) skill; Cost 2500 gp

I'm pretty sure I know where I went wrong with mine, but I'd like official feedback nonetheless:

Azul Ka's Twenty-Four Stratagems
Aura moderate abjuration and divination; CL 7th
Slot -- Price 20,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This item typically appears as a small, leather bound book with twenty-four pages; each page is covered with a discussion of a different philosophical and martial principle. The principles concentrate on the foundations of strategy: knowing yourself and your enemy, using terrain to your advantage, and seizing the initiative. Any character who spends at least one hour reading the book may use any of the following abilities once during the next 24 hours:

  • Ignore all penalties for moving through difficult terrain for one round. This ability is activated as part of any movement and does not take a separate action.
  • Gain a +4 insight bonus to initiative for one encounter. This effect must be used when initiative is first rolled for the encounter.
  • As a swift action, make a Knowledge skill check with a +5 insight bonus to identify any one person or creature and its abilities and weaknesses, even if you are not trained in the appropriate Knowledge skill.
  • When rolling a Will save, roll twice and take the better result.

    Each ability can only be used once in any 24 hour period regardless of how many characters read the book, but the book does not have to be in the possession of the character who uses the ability at the time of its use. A character must be able to read the language the book is written in to be able to use this item.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, freedom of movement, divination, protection from evil; Cost 10,000 gp

  • Dark Archive

    Okay, I am working from memory, so this may be a little rough but here goes.

    Amulet Of Shadows
    Aura Moderate Necromancy; CL 8th
    Slot Neck; Price 267,000gp; Weight -

    This amulet is carved from a single piece of silver into the shape of a skeletal hand. Clasped in the hand is a piece of rare black marble, streaked with read streaks and the "chain" is a braided strand of human hair.. Three times a day as a standard action, the wearer can grasp the amulet and cast Animate Dead as if they were an 8th level wizard. The undead create by one use of the amulet last until they are destroyed or until the wearer creates a new batch of undead with the amulet.

    Requirements: Craft Wonderous Item, Animate Dead, the maker must place a drop of their own blood on the stone at the center of the amulet. Cost: 107,000 gp

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    leste wrote:

    War Paint of the Totem-Beast

    Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
    Slot -; Price 2,150 gp/dose; Weight -

    “Find your beast-brothers”, the shaman had said while he painted the totem sign on Josha's face. “Learn how they track, how they hide, how they hunt, and share their wisdom with your man-brothers”. Josha found no man-brother alive when he returned, but he tracked and he hid as his beast-brothers would. And now, as only one half-drunken outlander was left to stand watch, he would show him how they pounced.

    Not to speak for the judges, but I think I remember this being a pet peeve of the judges in previous years that you don't find fluff text like the above on any magic item published.

    Clark, please provide feedback for my item below (submitted here sans Codes). I would like it from anyone else as well. Thanks!

    Aura strong transmutation; CL 13th
    Slot —; Price 25,000 gp; Weight —
    The Key of Opportunistic Passage is a deceptively simple, and miniature, silver key, which would appear suitable for unlocking some princess’s diary. However in truth, its original purpose and power was to enable her to slip secretly away from her family’s palace, and rendezvous with a forbidden love.
    When the Key is placed (only) against a natural or creature-made wall, floor, or ceiling, and the command word spoken, it becomes connected to that surface. A Key so placed is removed with a DC 28 Strength check, or by again speaking the command.
    Functionally, the Key is first turned to the right. Each rotation increases the height and width of an eventual passage by one foot. Secondly, the Key is turned leftwards. Each revolution hence enlarges the depth of the passage by two feet in plaster, one foot in wood, six inches in stone, and three inches in metal (with a new rotation needed when entering new material). Lastly, the Key is again spun rightwards. Each turn thusly results in the passageway enduring for one round. Speaking the command word again releases the Key and creates the passage (with the Key’s position the lower left corner).
    As a princess may often be, the Key is likewise fickle and reticent in nature. Each of 6d6+4 turns per day (a number known only by the GM, and renewed at midnight) contribute to a passage. Any turn beyond that number is possible, but unrealized.
    Anything within the corridor at the time of its conclusion is cast out the exit where the passage was created.
    One can reasonably turn the Key three times per round.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, passwall, transmute metal to wood; Cost 12,500 gp

    Grand Lodge

    Reckon I'll leap on in here. Many thanks for doing this.

    Aura faint conjuration; CL 1st
    Slot throat; Price 1,300 gp; Weight -
    A bilegrub appears to be a small maggot made of jet. When placed on the tongue, it animates and crawls to the roof of your mouth, where it burrows into the soft palate. Once the grub is attached, its magic imbues your saliva with acidic properties. You are immune to the acid created in this way. The acidic saliva denatures one round after exiting your mouth, and so cannot be stored.

    While the grub is attached, each successful bite attack you make deals an extra 1 point of acid damage. This does not grant you a bite attack if you do not already possess one. Three times per day as a standard action, you may expectorate into the eyes of a creature within 30 ft. by making a ranged touch attack. If you hit, the spittle does 1d3 acid damage, and the creature must make a Reflex save (DC 10) or be blinded for 1 round. Finally, the acid can eat through objects constructed of rope or wood. Each round spent chewing at an object constructed of these materials does the object 1 point of acid damage, ignoring hardness.

    Despite the unusual method of equipping the grub, you can remove it at any time.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, acid splash; Cost 650 gp

    Now I have some suspicions myself of the weaknesses of this item, so I'll list these and see if I'm anywhere near on them.

    - The name is short and kind of dull.
    - The 'throat' slot isn't a valid slot, as was mentioned up thread a ways.
    - The item itself lacks pizzaz. It's got weak flavour.
    - The item does too many things, while not doing enough with those things.
    - The costing was heavy on the guesstimation, and I don't know how well that holds up.
    - Something else that I haven't noticed which critically fails it at a glance. I kind of hope this one isn't the case, but I can take the hit.

    I admit that even by the standards of RPG Superstar, I was really blown away by the quality of the items that made it through this year. It's an arrogant (and likely incorrect) thing to say, but I thought I might have had a chance of getting into the top 32 compared against last years entries. This year's, The game has been raised.

    Hi Clark - Thank you for all of your hard work. I am looking forward to hearing your opinions on my submission. Please don't pull any punches on my account. If I am to improve I need to hear it!

    I welcome everyone's input, in fact.

    Bracelet of Desperate Measures
    Aura Faint Conjuration and Abjuration; CL 5th
    Slot Arms; Price 2,000 gp; Weight

    This unassuming copper bracelet is set with five crystals of various size. It does not count as an item worn on the arms for the purpose of determining which of a character’s worn magic items is effective. As part of a move action, the wearer (and only the wearer) can remove one of the crystals. As a standard action, the wearer can throw the crystal up to 60 feet at a target creature by making a ranged touch attack. If the ranged touch fails, the crystal falls to the ground harmlessly and loses its enchantment. Upon a successful hit, the target creature is healed for an amount of damage determined by which crystal is thrown. The two small outer crystals each heal 1d8+1 of damage to the target creature, while the two inner crystals each heal 2d8+3 points of damage to the target creature. The larger central crystal will heal 3d8+5 points of damage to the target creature. If a crystal is held in the wearer's hand for a full round, the wearer then becomes the target of the healing. In addition to the healing that occurs, a sanctuary spell is placed on the target creature that lasts for 5 rounds (Will DC 16 half and negates the sanctuary effect).

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, cure serious wounds, sanctuary; Cost 1000 gp

    Scarab Sages Dedicated Voter Season 7

    Congrats first to all who made it. Clark, Sean and everybody else, thanks for your insight in advance. Feel free to have at it below.

    Oberon’s Magnificent Pouch of Wonders
    Aura moderate enchantment and illusion; CL 10th
    Slot -; Price 30,800 gp; Weight -.

    This opulent pouch appears to be composed of richly dyed silk and exotic fur in variegated hues. It is filled with a colorless powder finer than sand, the motes of which scintillate when struck by light. This dust can have a variety of effects, each of which expends a single use from the pouch. If a handful is thrown into the air, it functions as dust of appearance. If it is sprinkled on a willing creature or unattended object, it instead functions as dust of disappearance.

    The bearer of the pouch can also cast a handful of the powder into the face of a single living creature within 10 feet. This requires a ranged touch attack roll to hit. If successful, the creature must succeed on a DC 18 Will save or fall asleep for 5 minutes. Elves and half-elves can be affected, despite their racial immunity. A creature put to sleep in such a fashion can be subjected to memory alteration at the pouch bearer’s whim, as if a modify memory spell had also been cast. The subject can attempt another DC 18 Will save to avoid memory alteration at a -4 penalty.

    So long as the pouch has at least one use left, the owner receives a +2 insight bonus to saves against enchantment spells and effects, and a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks with fey. Once the last use of dust is expended the pouch becomes nonmagical, a drab and faded shade of its former self. A newly created pouch contains seven uses. Pouches found as treasure frequently hold lesser amounts.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous item, glitterdust, greater invisibility, deep slumber, modify memory; Cost 15,400 gp

    @Bats: It is both creepy and somehow comforting to know that someone's on the same brain wave frequency :)

    @Joshua: True, but Clark did mention in a previous post that so long as the flavor was kept separate from the actual description it didn't bother him.

    In hindsight taking the risk was probably a bad call on my part and it is indeed something that you don't normally find in published magic items nowadays.

    Sovereign Court

    I hope mine was rejected because of some technical problem. Finding out I just wasn't good enough would be the worst possible scenario for me:

    Nod’s Grimoire
    Aura Strong Transmutation; CL 16th
    Slot ---; Price 25,000gp; Weight 3lbs;
    The cover of this book bears a strange metallic seal that is both an eye and a fanged mouth. The book is locked tight and there are no obvious keyholes. The only way to open the Grimoire and activate the magic writing is with a drop of blood. It needs to be the reader’s own and it is placed into the ocular mouth. This act opens and animates the seemingly endless pages. The reader need only concentrate and the book's thin pages turn on their own. Unattended it automatically shuts and locks itself. Breaking the seal destroys the magic and permanently removes the writing within. Opening the lock through any other means only reveals a blank book of onionskin paper. As long as it remains enchanted alterations vanish the moment the book seals.

    Nod's Grimoire can be used to recall anything the reader has ever experienced, with perfect clarity, even memories that have been magically removed (provided that the reader knows to search for them). The book will only organize itself to reveal what the reader desires. Without direction the pages aren’t found in chronological order. Randomly flipping through the book will only yield disconcordant snippets of past events. Only when the reader concentrates will Nod’s Grimoire sort itself. Although the book can be used to remember anything, wizards find it especially useful as Nod’s Grimoire can be used to prepare spells, even if a wizard normally needs multiple spellbooks to store those spells.

    1/day a reader can search their memories and take 20 on a Knowledge check. Using the book in this way is mentally fatiguing and always takes a minimum of one hour.
    Requirements Craft wondrous Item, modify memories, secret page; Cost 12,500 gp

    Thanks for the feedback and attention!


    Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th

    Slot Neck; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


    This holy necklace consists of a small sealed sachet hanging from a plain hemp cord. This sachet is generally filled with dried exotic blooms harvested from the Celestial planes. An odour of sanctity imbues its wearer with an incorruptible fragrance, granting her a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma. Because this sacred odour emanates from the wearer's blood, the fragrance intensifies anytime the wearer is injured. Whenever the wearer suffers damage equaling or exceeding 25% of his or her total hit points from a single attack, there is a 25% chance she will receive the benefits of a sanctuary spell. If the wearer suffers damage equaling or exceeding 50% of her total hit points from a single attack, this chance increases to 50%. Finally, if she suffers damage equaling or exceeding 75% of her total hit points, the
    chance increases to 75%.

    If a slain wearer is buried with her necklace, 2d4 Celestial roses will sprout from the grave overnight.. However, this process causes the necklace to deteriorate. The fragrance of these roses has beneficial properties. As a standard action, a character may inhale the scent of a single rose, granting the benefits of a divine power spell. Each rose wilts after being used in this manner.


    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, eagle's splendor, sanctuary, divine power; Cost 4,000

    Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

    Good Bonzai
    Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th
    Slot —; Price 3,500 gp; Weight 3 lb.
    This tiny tree rests inside a shallow porcelain pot. Painted symbols decorate its outside rim. Every morning the miniature tree produces 2d4 goodberries that stay fresh for 24 hours. Upon command the tree grows huge and animates as a treant for 10 rounds. At the end of this time it remains permanently in place where it stood as a full sized tree. The normal tree continues to produce 2d4 juicy pears every morning that act as goodberries for one day.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, goodberry, liveoak; Cost 1,750 gp

    I do admit I already know my item is too much like a spell-in-a-pot. It also doesn't have quite enough spark to really jump out of the pack compared to all of the other excellent items that were submitted. I also was a little worried when I saw some discussion about whether or not a flower could be a wondrous item. But it was the best of what I had when the deadline came, so I went with it. I'm mostly just wanting to make sure my self-analysis is correct so I'll be able to better trust my judgement for next year.

    Diabolic Face of Dispater

    Aura moderate necromancy and illusion (evil); CL 6th
    Slot head; Price 35,200 gp; Weight3 lbs.

    This heavy mask is carved from black onyx and has been polished to a highly reflective mirror finish. A set of thick horns protrudes forward from the mask, which bears the face of an ancient being with an austere expression. When worn, the reflections on this mask seem to morph into obscure shapes of evil creatures, granting the wearer a +5 bonus on Intimidate checks.

    Twice per day with a command word, the wearer can spread the illusion of a hellish landscape across his surroundings. Once activated, hellfire bursts from the top of the mask and condemned souls writhe out from the wearer's location in a radius of 30', stopping only if met by a wall. This illusion lasts for 6 minutes and does not move with the wearer. All foes within or those who enter this area must make a DC 15 Will save or become shaken in addition to taking a -2 penalty on saves versus fear effects. These conditions last until the illusion ends.

    The following round or any round before the hellish landscape ends, the wearer can yell out loud once as a free action. No matter the natural sound of the wearer's voice, the mask bellows out a loud infernal roar shaking the surrounding area with a fear effect. All foes within the illusion that can hear the roar must make a DC 16 Will save or be panicked for 6 rounds.

    Devils and those of LE alignment are immune to the effects of a diabolic face of dispater.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, vision of hell, fear, creator must be a diabolist of evil alignment; Cost 17,600 gp

    Thanks in advance for any comments!

    I'd love to hear any feedback that you can offer on my item. It was great fun to get involved this year and I'd love to know the areas I need to work on for next year. For myself, I was quite happy with the item in general but feel I may have gotten caught somewhat between matching the 'Taniwha' (a creature of Maori legend) flavour I was going for and making an item that was actually useful. The vagueness over the natural feature is something that I'd change if I could edit this item now too...

    Necklace of the Taniwha

    Aura strong conjuration; CL 13th
    Slot neck; Price 90,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


    These necklaces consist of a chain with an intricately carved jade pendant. Each Necklace of the Taniwha is linked to a particular natural feature such as a waterfall, an ancient tree, or something up to the size of a mountain. The necklace needs to be worn for a day to become linked to a character and may only be linked to a single character at any given point in time.

    After concentrating for a minute the wearer of the necklace is able to transfer his consciousness to the linked natural feature. The character is able to look in all directions and sees as if affected by the spell true seeing, this effect continues for as long as concentration is maintained. Additionally the necklace allows scrying to be used as per the spell once per day (Will DC 16 negates). This ability may only be used to observe creatures that are a known threat to the natural feature.

    When physically within 120 feet of the natural feature the character wearing the necklace is treated as if under the effect of the spell true seeing and regenerates damage as if wearing a ring of regeneration. If involved in combat within this area the character is further affected as if by the rage spell.

    If the natural feature linked to a particular Necklace of the Taniwha is somehow destroyed then the wearer of the necklace gains 3 permanent negative levels. Once a character has donned a necklace it remains linked to that character until a remove curse or similar magic is used (DC 23).

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, regeneration, true seeing, scrying, rage; Cost 45,000 gp

    Here is mine...which I think is a nifty cleric item...gotta show the clerics some love!

    Blood-stained War Cassock
    Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th
    Slot body; Price 6,000 gp (+1), 21,000 gp (+2), 46,000 gp (+3), 81,000 gp (+4), 126,000 gp (+5); Weight 1 lb.
    This well worn, ankle length robe is favored by clerics who take up arms along side of their comrades. The blood-stained war cassock grants a sacred bonus to the wearer’s armor class from +1 to +5, depending on the kind of cassock. If the wearer is a divine spellcaster (e.g. cleric, paladin) the holy symbol of the wearer’s deity will appear on the front of the cassock after the first time the divine spellcaster prays for spells, allowing the wearer to also use the cassock as a divine focus. Finally, three times per day the wearer can use his channel energy class ability as a swift action.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, consecrate, cure light wounds, mass; creator must be a divine spellcaster; creator's caster level must be at least three times the cassock’s sacred bonus to armor class; Cost 3,000 gp (+1), 10,500 gp (+2), 23,000 gp (+3), 40,500 gp (+4), 63,000 gp (+5).


    Thoughts any and everyone?!

    Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32 , Dedicated Voter Season 6 aka Eyebite

    Hey Clark (thanks for doing this again this year) - my item was the Stitchskin Suit.

    I'm guessing spells in a can and that it fell into the "spy robot" category might be among the criticisms.

    RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32 , Star Voter Season 6, Star Voter Season 8 aka OgeXam

    Totem of Manipulative Summons
    Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th
    Slot --; Price 7,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
    This two foot long wooden totem has carvings of different creatures covering its entire length. One end the totem is usually adorned with teeth and bone fragments which makes a rattling sound when shaken.
    When casting a Summon Monster or Summon Nature’s Ally spell the caster can use the Totem of Manipulative Summons to modify the strength of the summoned creatures.

    Weaker: Twice as many creatures are summoned but they are less powerful than normal. Apply the Young Template to the summoned creatures; also -2 to all special ability DCs.

    Stronger: The creature(s) summoned are more powerful than normal. Apply the Advanced Creature Template to the summoned creature(s).

    Mishap: If a Totem of Manipulative Summons is used more than once in a given day, there is a 20% cumulative chance with each extra use that the creature(s) summoned appear adjacent to the caster and attack the caster. Creature(s) summoned due to a mishap cannot be controlled or dismissed by the caster.

    Spirit Bound: Creatures that can be summoned can be Spirit Bound to the Totem by performing a ritual that takes 1 hour, a tooth or bone fragment of the creature, and costs 100 gp per hit dice of the creature. Double the cost if no tooth or bone fragment is available. Half the price if the tooth or bone fragment is given willingly.
    Summon spells have no chance of mishap if the creature to be summoned has been Spirit Bound to the totem.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Summon Monster V or Summon Nature’s Ally V, Augment Summoning; Cost 3,500 gp

    Liberty's Edge

    Hi Clark and Sean. Thank's in advance for doing this, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

    So don't hold back, criticism only helps after all :)
    Any criticism from you lovely people on the boards is also welcome.

    The Light of the Living
    Aura faint divination and abjuration; CL 3rd
    Slot --; Price 1400 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.
    When lit, this pale yellow taper produces a bright blue flame that reveals the aura of any undead within a 60-foot radius. To see the location of any undead the user must look into the flame as a standard action. This action provokes attacks of opportunity. Each aura is revealed to the user as a shimmering flame of corresponding color; faint auras are seen as black, moderate as red, strong as purple and overwhelming as dark blue. See the detect undead spell for details on undead HD and auras. This effect penetrates barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.
    These tapers were created for graveyard keepers for protection against the undead that inhabit cemeteries. To that end, when the user is confronted with an undead creatures he may, as a swift action, blow out the candle producing a roiling carpet of smoke in a 30-foot radius, centered on the user. The smoke wards living creatures from any undead creature’s sight, hearing, smell and senses. Extraordinary and supernatural senses, such as blindsense, blindsight, scent and tremorsense cannot penetrate the smoke. Effectively every living creature within the radius becomes wholly invisible to undead creature’s senses (Will DC 14 negates).
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect undead, hide from undead; Cost 700 gp

    Grand Lodge

    Oh great and wise ones, I await your RIGHTEOUS VERDICT!

    Cayden Cailean's Stupendous Stein

    Aura moderate conjuration, divination, and transmutation; CL 9th

    Slot -; Price 37,600 gp; Weight 1 lb.


    Commonly found in the possession of the clergy of Cayden Cailean, this ornately carved lidded stein can be hung from the owners belt. Every day at dawn, the stein magically refills itself with good quality ale, replenishing its charges. The stein will not spill if dropped or inverted. A filled stein has five charges. Drinking from the stein allows the bearer to use a number of charges to produce one of the following spell-like functions.

    • Augury (1 charge)

    • Cure serious (3 charges)

    • Righteous might (5 charges)

    Drinking from the stein to produce a spell-like function is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

    While the stein is held in hand, the wielder receives a +1 morale bonus to charisma based skill checks.


    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, augury, cure serious wounds, righteous might; Cost 18,800 gp

    RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Marathon Voter Season 8, Dedicated Voter Season 9 aka Darkjoy


    Hit me!

    Syringe of Infernal Sight
    Aura moderate evocation and transmutation; CL 6th
    Slot -; Price 42,000 gp; Weight 1 lbs.
    A green hued, metallic syringe holds a dark swirling liquid in a hollow, crystal tube. The syringe’s plunger is oversized, accommodating claws and other inhuman appendages. An extremely sharp and thin hypodermic needle completes the syringe. Succeeding on a DC 15 Heal check or a DC 15 Dexterity check allows the user to inject the dark liquid into an eye. Failing a check deals 1d4 points of damage to the subject, but the liquid is still injected into the eye. When all of the subject’s eyes are treated, the following takes effect: the subject treats an area of darkness, including magical darkness, as an area of bright light. The subject treats an area of dim light as an area of normal light. The subject treats an area of normal light as an area of dim light. The subject treats an area of bright light as an area of darkness. This effect ends after 6 hours. The syringe holds six doses and regenerates 1d3 doses each day. Each eye requires one dose.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, darkvision, daylight; Cost 21,000 gp

    Everyone else, Hit me as well!

    Well, I'm marking my calendar for next year so I really need to know what I did wrong or could have done better. Thanks for doing this, both to Clark and Sean. We learn more from failure and critique than success (thats what I keep telling myself).

    Here's to this years qualifiers! *Glug*

    The Searcher's Song
    Aura moderate transmutaton; CL 7
    Slot eyes; Price 42,000gp; Weight 1lb.

    The black lenses of these goggles are opaque and glistening sparkles of quartz reflect the light. On both sides of the goggles, half a dozen small brass horns sweep back like small wings, framing the wearer's head. Wearing the goggles make it impossible to see normally, however when the harmonic powers of sound are properly applied, the wearer can see the reflections that those sounds make. With a perform skill check (DC10, a free action to maintain) using any audible perform skills, such as singing or playing an instrument, the wielder benefits from echolocation based blindsight. It does not allow the user to see ethereally, or across any planar thresholds. The user may also make sight based perception checks using his perform skill. Any effects that interferes with sonics like silence, a bard's countersong, vacuum environments, etc. essentially blinds the user.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, sculpt sound, Cost 21,000gp

    Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

    Hey Clark, right between the eyes give it to me, and thanks for the feedback!

    Aura faint abjuration, faint enchantment; CL 5th
    Slot neck; Price 21,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
    These wet and sinuous strands tether an ornate reliquary showcasing a meaty tongue. When fastened around the neck, these tangled vocal organs allow the wearer to speak with honeyed words granting a +5 competence bonus on Bluff checks when telling a lie. The wearer’s ability at deception becomes so great they ignore spells and spell-like abilities that detect spoken falsehoods such as zone of truth and discern lies. The wearer may ignore these effects a number of minutes per day equal to 1+ the wearer’s Charisma modifier. The duration need not be consecutive minutes. Activating this effect is an immediate action lasting one minute.

    Finally, once per day, the wearer gains the ability to weave an intricate web of lies placing doubt in the target’s heart causing her to hesitate as she questions the lie’s validity. This effect activates as a swift action providing the wearer tells the lie in a language the target can hear and understand. If these conditions are met, the target is dazed for 1 round as she struggles with crippling doubt (Will DC 15 negates). This effect cannot affect anyone with an obvious lie, such as telling the target her mate is dead when they are standing next to her. Creatures with 7 or more HD are unaffected. This is a mind affecting effect.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, daze monster, dispel magic, eagle’s splendor; Cost 10,500 gp

    Dark Archive Bella Sara Charter Superscriber

    Xaaon of Korvosa wrote:
    Sebastian wrote:

    Thanks for the feedback in advance Clark. Here is my item:

    Mantid Sac
    ** spoiler omitted **

    Oh my gahhhhd....that's exceptionally disturbing...and awesome.

    Thanks. It was actually inspired by the Futurama episode Parasites Lost.

    Star Voter Season 6

    Wow, 90 posts before I even realized the thread was unlocked!
    Thanks in advance Clark, I do not pretend to have a thick skin, (I DO have a hard head!) but I do want to know what I did wrong, (And more importantly, what I did RIGHT!)SO I'll know how to improve for next year!

    Thanks again! You are truly 'The Judgernaut'! ;)

    Scarab of the Sepulcher
    Aura Faint Necromancy, Transmutation; CL 5th
    Slot Neck; Price 10,000 gp; Weight ---

    This golden beetle is inscribed on top and bottom with Osirian hieroglyphics of life and death. It only functions for arcane casters. When placed against the neck of an arcane caster it activates, digging its legs and head into the wearer's flesh. The scarab is powered by feeding off the wearers arcane and life energies, draining him for 1 point of temporary Con damage which will not heal while the scarab is worn. It may be removed safely by a command word, or forcibly, causing 1d6 damage to the wearer. The scarab must be worn for 24 continuous hours to function.

    When the wearer is reduced below 0 hit points, but not killed, the scarab activates as an immediate action. It expends its stolen energy, automatically stabilizing the wearer and entombing him, drawing him underground and leaving only a thin, humanoid-shaped rise in the floor to indicate what happened. The character lies unconscious in a pocket of extradimensional space as the scarab repairs the worst of his wounds. The entombment lasts for one hour, at the end of which the character awakes with 10 hit points, plus 1 hit point per level, plus his Con bonus times his level. It takes a full round action for the character to climb his way out of the extradimensional space, leaving the floor unharmed. Its energy spent, the scarab falls from the character, deactivated. It remains inert for 24 hours, after which it can be used again.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, false life, rope trick; Cost 5,000 gp

    Scarab Sages

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.

    Wassail Cup

    Aura strong transmutation CL 13th
    Slot - Cost 16,000gp Weight 2lbs

    A wassail cup is a large drinking vessel usually carved from and old orchard tree. When filled with any normal liquid, including poisoned or polluted ones, it will transform them into safe, clean cider.

    If the cup is filled with a magical liquid (e.g. a potion) and that liquid is then poured onto the roots of a tree, the tree will animate as though commanded by a treant (Pathfinder Bestiary p.266). The user of the cup can control the tree in the same way a treant would. Only one tree can be so animated at the time and the duration of animation is limited to 10 minutes per level of spell in the potion used. Using the cup this way is a full round action.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, animate plants, purify food and drink Cost 8,000gp

    Pit Gambler's Vest
    Aura Moderate Divination; CL 7th
    Slot Chest; Price 5000 gp; Weight --
    This finely made vest has many slips of paper sticking out of its pockets. The papers seem to have been keeping track of bets placed on pit fights, and most of them are stamped as winners.
    While wearing this item, the vest calculates how many times inflict minor wounds would have to be successfully cast in order to disable any living creatures in view, and the wearer can see this number floating above them in a blood tinted haze.
    Requirements Craft Wonderous Item, inflict minor wounds, divination; Cost 2500 gp

    I thought this was a clean simple useful item, that did something rather unique. I'd like to know what held me back.

    Edit: I hope this wasn't axed as a wearer asking for Hit Points in a metagame manner, I viewed this as somebody deciding that since a successful inflict minor wounds always did the same thing it could be a decent unit of measure for stamina. The immediate use that came to mind was looking at this stamina reading and using it to predict winners in pit fights.

    Star Voter Season 8

    Pathfinder Companion, Maps Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

    I too would appreciate any feedback.

    Sheath of Returning
    Aura faint divination and transmutation; CL 5th
    Slot --; Price 2,000 gp; Weight -- lbs.
    A sheath of returning works with a weapon that has the returning special ability. A returning weapon flies back to the attuned sheath and re-sheathing itself, dispensing with the need for the thrower to catch the weapon. The returning weapon returns to the sheath even if the thrower has moved.
    The weapon must be sheathed a full 24 hours before the sheath is attuned to that weapon. If the weapon is not sheathed for more than 24 hours, the sheath is no longer attuned to that weapon.
    Although it is usually a dagger’s sheath, there are also sheaths in other forms for other types of throwing weapons, such as loops for throwing axes.
    Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Locate Object, Mage Hand; Cost 1,000 gp

    RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16 aka NChance

    HedLeeman wrote:

    Pit Gambler's Vest

    Aura Moderate Divination; CL 7th
    Slot Chest; Price 5000 gp; Weight --
    This finely made vest has many slips of paper sticking out of its pockets. The papers seem to have been keeping track of bets placed on pit fights, and most of them are stamped as winners.
    While wearing this item, the vest calculates how many times inflict minor wounds would have to be successfully cast in order to disable any living creatures in view, and the wearer can see this number floating above them in a blood tinted haze.
    Requirements Craft Wonderous Item, inflict minor wounds, divination; Cost 2500 gp

    I thought this was a clean simple useful item, that did something rather unique. I'd like to know what held me back.

    Edit: I hope this wasn't axed as a wearer asking for Hit Points in a metagame manner, I viewed this as somebody deciding that since a successful inflict minor wounds always did the same thing it could be a decent unit of measure for stamina. The immediate use that came to mind was looking at this stamina reading and using it to predict winners in pit fights.

    If you don't mind a non-judge's opinion; I'm pretty sure the lack of inflict minor wounds would be the major issue here. IMW was replaced with bleed.

    The Exchange

    Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

    Drunkard’s Stein of Battlefield Celebration
    Aura faint illusion, moderate conjuration and evocation; CL 9th
    Slot --; Price 36000 gp; Weight 1/2 lbs.
    Picturesque merriment of drinking warriors in a great hall is burnt into this ash-wood stein. Drinking from the stein activates it, creating strong ale that overflows into the user’s mouth. The user then hears whispering bagpipes, flutes and faint drums complimenting the clamor of drunken cheers. A wall of force surrounds the drinker on all sides, 5 feet in diameter, moving with the user. The continuous use of this item is a standard action, maximum 20 rounds. If the wall of force is destroyed, 20 rounds have passed or the drinking is interrupted, all magical effects cease. The stein then requires 4d6 hours to recharge. The warriors branded on the stein will then appear lying down drunk. They will slowly rise as the stein recharges.

    The drinker will suffer one of the following conditions on the table below for the next 4 hours, determined by a d6 and the following modifiers:

    - Drinker’s Constitution Ability Modifier is added to the roll.
    - For every two rounds of drinking 1 is subtracted from the roll.

    d6 Condition
    1 unconscious
    2 helpless (but awake)
    3 dazed
    4 staggered
    5 sickened
    6 no affect

    These effects can be avoided with a successful DC 23 Fortitude save.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, wall of force, minor creation, minorr image; Cost 18000 gp

    Thank you for taking the time fellas!

    Sovereign Court Dedicated Voter Season 6, Star Voter Season 7

    Blood of the Martyr
    Aura faint necromancy and abjuration; CL 5th
    Slot neck; Price 10400gp; Weight 2 lbs.

    This desiccated heart hangs by a platinum chain around a character’s neck (taking up the space as a magic necklace would). Though dried and leathery, the heart is still warm to the touch and, if held for several minutes, a faint remnant of a pulse can be felt, as if driven by the conviction of the martyr to whom it once belonged.

    The heart grants the wearer a +4 morale bonus against fear effects. Additionally, once per day, the heart will automatically absorb half the damage, up to a total of 30 hit points, from the first attack that would reduce the wearer to zero or fewer hit points. When this power is activated, the heart beats rapidly, spraying blood giving the strike the appearance of a killing blow. If the wearer survives attack, the attacker must make a DC25 sense motive check to realize the wearer is not slain. Failure results in the attacker being flat-footed against the wearer’s next attack.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, remove fear, shield other, animate dead; Cost 5200gp

    Thanks in advance for the feedback y'all.

    EDIT: and by "y'all" I do mean anyone who wants to comment ... though I would, of course, love to see the comments from the judges during the rating process ... I have a feeling the blood spray was an item killer ... ah well, there is always next year ;)

    Shadow Lodge

    Community Haversack
    Aura: Moderate conjuration; CL: 10th
    Slot: ---; Price: 4,350 gp; Weight: 3 lbs
    This small, rugged shoulder pack is as varied as the adventurers that use it. Based upon the handy haversack, community haversacks are normally constructed 4-5 at a time and allow multiple people access to the same extra-dimensional spaces. While the pack looks smaller than the original, it has double the extra-dimensional storage. To top it off, each comes fully loaded with everything an adventurer may need. At any given time, there is an 80% chance that any piece standard adventuring equipment is found inside. There is an additional compartment designed for potions with the same chance of having any 1st level potions or oils inside of it. It functions identically to the standard handy haversack for retrieving items.
    To ensure that the sack never runs out of items due to another party’s greed, each haversack allows only 3 items to be taken out at a time until they are replaced by similar valued equipment. Likewise, only 3 potions can be removed at any given time before being replaced with similar potions. Some adventurers prefer to purchase a set of them and use it to give everyone equal access to party loot rather than equipment. This lowers the cost by 350 each removes the restrictions on the number of items that can be removed. Some organizations sponsor their own community haversacks and equip them with higher quality goods and items.
    Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest, resilient sphere; Cost: 2,000 gp; Cost to fully furnish items and potions: 1,400 gp

    Here's my item, I appreciate the feedback!

    RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Star Voter Season 7 aka Demiurge 1138

    You never made it to my item last year, so hopefully I'll get some feedback this time around. I have a few suspicions as to why it was rejected, but here goes:

    Mindleech Glove
    Aura Moderate divination and enchantment; CL 9th
    Slot hands; Price 50,000 gp; Weight
    This single glove is made of faintly luminescent living fungus that perfectly keeps its shape even when removed. Three times per day, the wearer may make a melee touch attack against a creature and immediately identify what feats that creature has access to (no save). In addition, if the touched creature fails a DC 17 Will save, it loses access to a feat of the wearer’s choice for the next ten minutes, and the wearer gains that feat as a bonus feat for the same duration. The wearer of the mindleech glove is treated as having all prerequisites for a bonus feat gained in this manner, with the exception of class features and spellcasting. A creature whose feat has been stolen may still use other feats that counted their lost feat as a prerequisite. The wearer of the mindleech glove may only have access to one stolen bonus feat at a time. The wearer may release this bonus feat as a swift action, restoring that feat to its original owner. A stolen feat may be kept even if its original owner is slain, but is still lost after ten minutes.
    The first mindleech glove was invented by a powerful derro savant who sought to gain phenomenal power by stealing the experiences of others. Due to the inconsistencies of derro craftsmanship, cursed versions of the mindleech glove are not uncommon.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts and feeblemind or modify memory; Cost 25,000 gp

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