24, Day 8


Season Eight of the Jack Bauer Power Hour. Rumors say it could be the last season. Here's hoping it's a good one.

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Can't wait!

Off to a good start. 4:00 - 5:00 lots of gunfire and even explosions. :-)

So far the season is good. The only thing I don't like is the new york CTU and cast. Chloe is fine, she's the same as always, but Freddy Prince Jr? Starbuck? Blech, I am really not liking their characters so far. That and the CTU offices look like the inside of a spaceship.

Here's hoping they throw a twist in to make them more likeable :)

Chloe always rocks. I'm liking the president more this year than I did last. Of course only two episodes in but... Not to sure about Starbuck. I like her, but the character seems weak. Obviously she has some kind of past, so hopefully that will be interesting. Rene will be back tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing how things have gone for her.

The way they set up Jack being ready to move to LA is a good set up for the end of the series. If that's the way it goes.

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I'm having an awesome time with this season so far (more fun than I've had with it in awhile in fact) and I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

As for Freddie Prinze Jr. though I think he's doing a pretty good job playing the Captain America soldier boy role. That's just me.

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Good season so far. President Hassan has some pretty big hair!

Githzilla wrote:
Good season so far. President Hassan has some pretty big hair!

Gosh, yes. Every time he walks onto the screen, I say, "Look, Poofy-Hair's back!" (Then my husband says, "You really hate his hair, don't you?" to which I respond, "Yes. Yes, I do.") I'm going to venture a hypothesis that his fictional country's nuclear weapons program is actually concealed within his hairdo.

And the whole teary-goodbye to his reporter/mistress scene? I told the screen, "Dude, I hope you realize that if you weren't the president of a fictional country, she would be so totally out of your league."

As for Mr. Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer, I've liked him ever since he refused to cave to the terrorist with the gun to his head and told CTU he was there with him, totally expecting to take the bullet.

You know after a really crappy week like Jack had I think he should move to Barbados.

It's been a good run. Only 4 hours left to the end of the series. :^(

Any speculation on how things will end for Jack?

I was really hoping for the Happy Ending™, but after they killed Rene I pretty much gave up all hope of Jack surviving this season.

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Wolfthulhu wrote:

It's been a good run. Only 4 hours left to the end of the series. :^(

Any speculation on how things will end for Jack?

** spoiler omitted **

I haven't watched this season, but

I'm fairly sure they're going to do a movie after the series ends, so I think it's a safe bet that Jack will survive at least that long.

Well, they played it close. It didn't get the ending I was hoping for at the beginning of the season, but It was a fitting one.

And now, my two favorite shows are gone.

Gonna be a long wait for September and season 3 of Sons of Anarchy.

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I liked it. Jack, of course, always wins... but he never wins much. His victories always come with pain and loss. He never gets the full-on happy ending.

The show stayed true to itself, and the characters stayed true to themselves. It didn't try for some kind of goofy metaphysical climax. For a show ultimately about one bad day, it ended as it should... with the end of THAT day, but the world keeps turning, and there will always be another day down the road.

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Just watched the final two hours. Awesome. Great ending.

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