Using Game Mastery Critical Fumble Deck for Spell Failures

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Input request. Thinking of using the deck not only for its normal purpose, but apply to spellcasters when they've exhausted their spell slots for the day.

This is how it works. Spellcasters can continue to cast spells as normal after using all their spellslots. However, after the spell has taken effect, the player draws a card from the critical fumble deck and immediately applies the "Magic" critical fumble. The card is then reshuffled back into the deck. I thought of adding the rule that the number of cards drawn is equal to the spell level but that'd be brutal at mid to higher levels.

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My two cents:

Spellcasters are powerful enough already. You don't need to give them the option of having even MORE spells per day, backlash be damned. Granted, some of the backlash effects could very well just kill (or nearly kill) the caster, but the majority of them are minor inconveniences or quirky mishaps at best.

I could see something like this being useful for low-level casters, though, reflecting the fact that they haven't perfected their art yet, but once you got past maybe level 4 or 5, it's just unnecessary and quite possibly overpowered.

I tend to agree with Fatespinner.

However I would suggest if you did do something like this you have them pull one card per spell level then let the GM pick the worst effect to apply.

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