What about a PDF subscription?

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I live in two different countries, neither of which is the United States, so a subscription makes no sense for me and the postage costs are prohibitively expensive.

I buy every product as a PDF even though I play 4E (at the moment...;)) and was wondering if I could subscribe for PDF products only? I'm not so much looking to save money as to have things as they are released (they're good to read on planes!).

Is there enough demand for this? Would you like to start with me as a test customer?

This comes up regularly, so there seems to be some demand for it.

The usual response is that they looked into it, but they decided against it.

I guess it's still the same situation.

That truly sucks- a .pdf subscription is about the only thing I can afford right now.

I hadn't seen it before but, then again, I rarely read these messageboards. Anyway, I hope the Paizo folks change their minds. Again, I'm not so concerned about saving money as not having to wait.

It would be cool, we could have an E-Scriber tag next to our names and stuff!!!!

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