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Dagnabbit! Zombeh's gone tharn agin! Someone fetch me some hippeh brains quick!

Silver Crusade


Ah thunk Ah got one.

Eat up, zombeh!

Scarab Sages

Om nom nom om nom.

Ah has dragon breath. Ayup.

Two by two, pigeons of blue

Silver Crusade

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Three by three, tentacles of Cthulhu. Ia! Ia!

Ain't thet how thet song goes?

Gaul Dang Hippies!


Don't bother me while I make moonshine. I av my mouthwash. Nah, where's mah dentures.

Scarab Sages

Goddang hippehs

Silver Crusade

Yeh got that raht, zombeh.


Scarab Sages

Ah shor wish Ol'Grue wuz still round heer. He wuz uh good hippeh huntin dawg.


Where's my pizza?

Silver Crusade

We's only eats wut Mammeh cooks fer us.


Scarab Sages

Yew got thet raht.

Mammehs cookin' sum zombeh pizza girl is what she's thinkin'

Scarab Sages

Thet shor do sownd deelishus, Mammy.

Reckin'. I jess needs sum spices, like Myrrh and Frankincense to cover up the tainted meat stank


Scarab Sages

Reckin so.

Silver Crusade

Mmm mmm. Sounds mahteh fahn, Mammeh.

Ya maight wanna use sum smoked paprika two, Mammeh. Ah'll hep ya chop uhp sum garlik and teh Trinity fuh da gumbo.

Well, yewwins jest take it easy there pizza girl. I made up a nice bath for yeh ovah here in mah cauldron, see? Why don't yeh take a nice bath, and I'll add some of Mammeh's special bath seasonings in for yeh!

Ah ain't had no baf in sew long ah kant a'member win. {climbs into cauldron} Ya dun gots da water awl toasty warm fur meh too.

Scarab Sages


Silver Crusade


Smells lahk aboleth brisket.

Scarab Sages

Ah shor am hungreh.

Soups on! Be a few for the meat softens



Silver Crusade

Thet's mahteh fahn, Mammeh.

Scarab Sages

Ah reckin so.


Rings dinner bell

{fades in} Mmmm, sumpin shur smells gud, Mammeh. Yah stihl teh finest cook ihn dese hear parts.

{hand passes through food} Hay! Ah kaint even tuch da vittehs! Darnit!

Whell shewt thankeesai thar Spookalina! Here use my Ghost touch +3 ladle if'n yew wanna taste the stew..

Silver Crusade

If anyone would have a ghost touch ladle, it would be Mammy.

Mmm. Can't wait ta dig in!


Scarab Sages

Ah shor am hungreh. Bacon sounds reel good bout now.

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I make yeh zombeh stew all special an' yewwins want bacon? Yeh can't et that one thar till I gets my homeowners policy back.

Silver Crusade

The bacon's gotta smoke. Kin it be reddeh bah the end of the week?

Scarab Sages

Ah shor does lahk bacon.


Silver Crusade

Thet pig done look mahteh tasteh.

Squee! {runs}

Scarab Sages


That thar's good eatins!!

*click click*


{dodges buckshot} SQUEEEEE! {squeezes under porch} snort, snort, snort


Scarab Sages

Yew reckin?

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