I could use a little more Cthulhu


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I read a little Lovecraft when I was young, but recently I've wanted to get back into it, and truly experience the origins of some of my favorite beasties. I've been reading some of the short stories, including rereading The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

My question for the boards is, what are the must-reads?

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Well, if you're so inclined, I have a gaming suggestion for you -

I'm heading up a patron project for Open Design:

The Red Eye of Azathoth

Very inspired by Lovecraft's work, using the traditional Call of Cthulhu rules, for an anthology that promises to be incredible.

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Go here for all his works on line.
Personal favorites
The Colour out of Space
The Dunwich Horror
The Call of Cthulhu *a must!*
Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Whisperer in the Dark
Mountains of Madness

"At the Mountains of Madness" is probably Lovecraft's best work of all time, not coincidentially because it also happens to be his longest. I have also always been partial to "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath". It is very much unlike his other stuff, which invariably has some New Englander protagonist being driven mad by some nameless/shapeless horror. "Dream-Quest" is much more fantasy-like, but the depth and texture of the setting is incomparable. Plus, it sets you up to enjoy the Hero of Dreams series, by Brian Lumley. Of all the authors who belong to the modern narrators of the Lovecraft Mythos, Lumley is, in my opinion, one of the best.

Read everytning of Lovecraft's then switch to August Derleth and Brian Lumly's Cthulhu stories.

Have you seen >THIS< site?

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I like Rats in the Walls and Pickman's Model; might be reading Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath and the dreamstuff; I need to dig it all up again *sic*

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The Music of Erich Zann's cool too.

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The Colour Out Of Space is head and shoulders above most of the rest of HPL's work.
The Lurking Fear might be my favourite story.
Entombed With The Pharaos is great, as is Herbert West: Re-animator and The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward.
Elsewhere, The Rats In The Walls manages to be both awe-inspiringly idiotic and really, really creepy - an impressive two-fer. Pickman's Model is pretty good, as is The Dreams In The Witch-house.

Finally, I belong to the camp that thinks At The Mountains Of Madness is one of his worst stories - because it is far too long. I also don't think The Call Of Cthulhu is all that great. Don't bother reading Dagon, either.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for all the suggestions! Some of the ones that have come up are on my list to be read in the immediate future.

The Outsider is my favorite.

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Xabulba wrote:
Read everytning of Lovecraft's then switch to August Derleth and Brian Lumly's Cthulhu stories.

DON'T read August Derleth. The man, though a good writer, screwed up what Lovecraft was trying to do. I will also give him props for keeping Lovecraft in print.

And if you're going to read Lumley, read his early stuff.

As for others to read, Ramsey Campbell is the first that comes to mind. And not just his Lovecraftian stuff either.

Search out other writers like Robert Bloch, Clask Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, and a lot of the other Weird Tales writers. And if you really get into the Tales, look for all the in jokes.

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