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Trying to work out a vitality/wounds system for my upcoming campaign. I based it on the Unearthed Arcana variant.

Wound Points (WP)-

Hit points from the first hit die are treated as WP. Once a character takes even a single point of wound damage they are fatigued. Additional wound damage will not cause the character to be exhausted but other effects that cause fatigue will. A short rest or any magical healing will end this effect. I'm tinkering with the idea of Toughness style feats counting as additional WP.

Vitality Points (VP)-

All hit die beyond the first are treated as VP. Once VP reach 0 damage is subtracted from WP. Bonus hit points from favored class and magical effects are treated as VP.

Critical hits -

Critical hits are rolled normally and applied as regular damage. Critical hits also deal 1d6+(Weapon Critical Multiplier) bonus damage which is applied directly to WP. (I'm thinking of making the bonus damage a single die of the same type that the weapon deals or scaling somehow for weapon size.)

Healing -

Any component of magical healing that is a variable effect is applied to VP only. Any static bonus based on caster level can be split between WP and VP.

Natural healing occurs at the rate of 1 WP per full night's rest and 1 VP per character level per full night's rest. This can be doubled with the use of the Heal skill.

Anything not listed will be as the core rules. Please let me know what you think and offer any suggestions.

One good critical, as written, will wipe out a character's WP pretty easily even into higher levels. Certain builds become incredibly deadly as they score many criticals, favoring those who like TWF and rapiers, kukris, scimitars, etc.

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