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I've produced a more printer-friendly version of the PFRPG errata. Can someone suggest where I can post this? And (somewhat more importantly), does Paizo object to my distributing this?

Side note: I know some people have spotted more(!) errata in the core book. Any idea when there will be an updated errata file?

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I appreciate the effort to give the errata a little flare, but it's much easier on my printer to have it be plain black text on a plain white background.

New errata is always welcome!

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Do you define 'printer friendly' as "B+W" or "printable in full colour to be able to 'cut & paste' it directly into my book so it looks better than my pen scrawling"?

I guess the first but I can hope........

It is indeed a plain old black & white document.

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I'd be happy to post it on

Email me ( a copy and I'll throw it up there.

Alternatively, if you'd like to just post the info yourself, on a webpage instead of a PDF, I can make you an editor and you can update the site as more errata is released.

Or, even better, you can add it into the FAQ page at Pathfinder FAQ.

Your choice.

I'll add the OGL and send it right along.

Edit: Sent. The OGL makes it a two-page document, but I put it in due to my respecting Paizo's IP rights.

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