Combat Expertise: Effects on CMD??

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The Combat Expertise feat (P119 of the CRB) says that you take a -1 on Melee Attacks AND Combat Maneuvers, to gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC: You can increase your defense at the expense of your accuracy.

What happens to Combat Maneuver DEFENSE?

a) nothing
b) It is also reduced by -1
c) It is increased by +1

It seems to me that (c) should be the logical choice, but the wording seems to indicate (a) ...



Sovereign Court

Dodge bonuses to AC also add to CMD.

Twowlves wrote:

Dodge bonuses to AC also add to CMD.

Ohh right!!!



Personally though, I'd houserule that the penalty to attack rolls in this case doesn't apply to CMD. I don't feel it should be as easy to trip or disarm a person thats trained to fight in a defensive manner as it is to disarm or trip someone fighting normally.

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