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just a quick question about prestige class. Do you add the BAB of the prestige to highest BAB from the core class, or do you add it to all of the BAB if you have a BAB of +6 or more?

example: Fighter 7 BAB +7/+1 level ups to a Arcane Archer 1 with a BAB of +1. Would his new BAB for Fighter 7/ Arcane Archer 1 +8/+1 or +8/+2?

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The second number (as well as the third and four if you get them) is dependant on the first. No matter where you get the BAB, you subtract 5 to get the second number, 10 to get the third, and 15 to get the fourth. The increment is always 5, no matter what.

So in your example a character with a +8 bonus will always have a second attack at +3. +8/+3

Also the 7th level Fighter would be +7/+2, not +7/+1.

that answers my question. another of my million n00b questions.

We like n00b questions. It means n00bs are playing the game :) n00bs are easy pickings and quite tastey with the proper seasonings.

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