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Does the Bite Attack mean the Barbarian now threatens adjacent squares? It would be nice if the rules explicitly said it was a Natural Attack. The group's barbarian uses a glaive.

I think it's safe to assume it's a natural attack with a 5' reach.

I suppose you could get reach with the lunge feat, but that sounds reeeal cheesy to me.

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The power clearly states that the Barbarian gains a bite attack, just like an aminal so as long as your Barbarian is small or medium size you threaten 5'. 10' for a large barbarian, Raging Hook Mountain Ogre anyone?

The power gives you additional benefits in a grapple, I wonder if the Bestiary will have the same benefits for any creature with a bite.

Does anyone have a Pathfinder page reference for being able to move 5' during the attack routine? I would think one could bite and move back 5' to attack with the glaive as a full attack (or move up to bite after).

Found it. Page 187, Full Attack, Paragraph 2.

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