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I'm talking about all those feats that grant you a bonus for a specific skill. let's look at Acrobatic for a moment. the rulebook reads:
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Acrobatics and Fly
skill checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these
skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.

the formula repeats itself in all of them, but I find the entire "if you have 10 ranks you get a further +2 bonus". what exactly does this means?
if I have 9 ranks in fly skill, and aqcuire the Acrobatic feat. I should only get a +2 (my rank is lower than 10), but after the +2 is caulculated I have +11, which supposedly gives me acses to the +4 bonus. furthermore, what if I take the feat, and than three levels later my fly rank reaches 10? will I get the extra +2 than? or does this extra bonus is only avilable if you had 10 or more ranks upon choosing the feat?

Scarab Sages

The +2 does not increase your ranks.

If you have 9 ranks in Fly and the +2 from the feat, your final bonus is +11. Your total ranks is still 9.

Ranks are based off your spent skill points and only change when you put more skill points into them (with the maximum based off your level). Other modifiers to these skills do not alter the ranks.

As for whether or not you would get the bonus later, you would. If you take the feat at level 1, you will only get a +2 to each skill. Whenever either of those skills acquires 10 ranks (the earliest this is possible is at level 10) then that skill would get an additional +2.

Your God of Knowledge,

If you have 9 ranks and the feat you have 9 ranks and a +2 bonus on your skill rolls, not 11 ranks.
If your ranks grow to 10 after taking the feat you do receive the greater bonus (+4). It does not say that you must have 10 ranks at the moment of taking the feat to receive that bonus.


Ranks = how many points you're put into a skill, said points being acquired by having racial hit dice or class hit dice. Your total modifier is ranks + ability score modifier + other bonuses.

The increased benefit for Alertness and such happens when your actual ranks in the skill increase; it's not based on your total modifier.

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