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So I'm looking at the Bard rules and was hoping to get a clarification on the ramifications of performances with audible, visual or both components ...

It was implied in another thread that a performance with an audible component would prevent a bard from casting spells ...

If this is true does that mean a performance with a visual component would prevent attacking with a weapon? with spells with a somatic component?

Is there a place in the rules where this is clarified? They seems to go out of the way to say what performances require what components but not what the ramifications are of those choices.

Thanks for any input ....


BTW ...

I assume Performance skills break down into categories based on Countersong and Distraction (keyboard, percussion, wind, string, sing = audible performance / act ,comedy, dance, oratory = visual performance) ... is this what others have concluded?

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Maybe I'm just reading too much into it ... does performance component effect your other actions at all?

thoughts :)

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So I was doing research and I saw this in the Bard Preview from Jason ...

Jason wrote:
Regardless of the action needed to start a performance, maintaining a performance is a free action, meaning that the bard can keep up a performance and still cast spells, move, and make attacks.

I guess I was just misunderstanding what someone else was saying.

I assume the only significance as to weather or not a performance has an audio or visual is in how it can be countered.

(Just putting this here in case someone else looks for it :P ... now this thread can sink into obscurity! )

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