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In Game preview #8 from Juli 8, you give us an overview of Sajan the Male human monk.
One of his Feat is Greater Disarm

In the new rulebook in Section3 Page 59 under the Bonus Feats there is no such a Feat.
In the Feat discription for Greater Disarm in Section 5 on Page 125 the Prerequisites are :
Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm,base attack bonus +6, Int 13.

In the Game preview Sajan has only Int 10 and no Combat Expertise as Prerequisites.

Here my question
It it intended if you want one of both Greater Feats (Disarm & Feint)or Whirlwind Attack for a Monk you still need to build a monk with Int 13 and the Combat Expertise Feat ?

Thanks in advance
best regards Leathernun

Sovereign Court

Wow good catch man

Note: The same issue is being discussed in this thread: PG/rules/paizoIconicMonkTypo

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