Beat a Dead Horse or Slaughter a Sacred Cow

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RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

DoveArrow wrote:
I think my point was more that the amount of money something makes isn't necessarily an indicator of how good it is. For example, I think Firefly is far superior to both Star Trek and Star Wars, yet it will never bring in the kinds of numbers that either of these two franchises have.

True, but I will assert that it is the only "objective" way to compare the two franchises. Anything else gets into arguements of "taste."

Now at the risk of antagonizing all the browncoats out there, I will not agree that Firefly is actually better then "The Original Series" STAR TREK. (And, I really do like Firefly.)

One could even argue that the success of STAR Trek: "The Original Series" was its own undoing. Because that lead to STAR TREK: "The Next Generation" which lead to both the Wesley Crusher character and Rick Berman. Rick Berman leads to both STAR Trek:"Voyager" (which was bad) and STAR Trek:"Enterprise" (which was horrible).

Set wrote:
The One Who Makes You Angry wrote:
The LoTR movies left out all the good parts of the book and Legolas was ALL wrong!!!!1!1!!shift+1!!

I kinda preferred Liv Tyler to Glorfindel, actually.

But don't even get me started on those elves that showed up to Helm's Deep! What's Peter Jackson got against dwarves anyway? Speciest!

Nah, it is simple supply issues. Much easier to find male gay models than midgets.

Scarab Sages

Have the Golarion Ogres have a fight using a Sacred cow and a dead horse, see who wins...

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